Britain’s Got Racism (BGT = BGR)!


Simon Cowell gave all the money he earned from his so-called “Britain’s Got Talent (BGT)” T.V. show to his Zionist friends in Israel. Now the show is so scarce of any good deeds, or talent at all – with any “charity” money going to the criminal Zionist Israeli state, that this week the “golden buzzer” act went to some totally unfunny black dude making jokes about poverty in Britain  (see above video) – Simon and his criminal cronies were laughing about how British people should be grateful that they’re not made to work in cheap slave-labour call centres – like people in poorer countries are made to do, or in need of helicopters to “drop fish and chips” in their towns because of starvation – like what usually happens in starving African countries with food-aid packages. The ‘comedy’ act was so elitist and totally unfunny; it was bloody ridiculous with racist undertones! It was obviously just an opportunity to allow the lily-white judges (i.e. Amanda Holden) to feel good about themselves, and to secretly laugh at the so-called sheeple with their mean-spirited psychological operation, which basically said: “Oh look at us, we’re giving a “golden buzzer” to the totally unfunny poor African dude acclimatizing the British public to their poverty-stricken existence. Isn’t it absolutely hilarious that starving people in Britain aren’t as starving as poor black dudes from Africa, or engaging in slave-labour call centre work? They should count themselves lucky! Aren’t we good rich lily-white people to allow a poor black comedian on our BGT show – even though he is so obviously unfunny and an illuminati “house nigger” puppet? This is like comedy for sheeple schmucks!”


Even Dave Chappelle couldn’t make this racist comedy chicken $hit up – about white folk pretending their love for “The Niggar Family”.  Malcolm X must be spinning in his grave with rage about all the “House Niggar” crap going on. Just when you thought BGT couldn’t get any worse, next they’ll be trying to make Donald Trump look good as an anti-Zionist hero – oh wait, they already tried that!

One is not amused! But the reptilian Queen is licking her lizard lips and lovin’ it!

Do you want McFreedom Fries with that racism Ma’am?

Can’t read my, can’t read my reptilian face,

Can’t read my, can’t read-a-ma joker face,

I’m just bluffin’ with ma muffin’!



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