The truth shall set you free (from spook-hood)!

…And the truth shall set you free:
Dear Steve et al,
It is my heartfelt opinion that a measure of a man is determined by the extent he is able to admit his mistakes.  We’re not just talking about the type of howling ‘mistakes’ like 9/11 false-flags, or even if a man has been circumcised or not – because that type of pee-pee size really doesn’t matter!  What matters the most, in the eyes of the genuine truth seeker, is that one may admit when one has been a frickin’ spook! 
Dennis Cimino goes around telling everyone that he was once a spook, but when I publish HIS WORDS on my blog – that he admits he is a spook, then he turns nasty and brainwashes Jim Fetzer to do the same, so they then both falsely accuse me of being an Israeli spook agent.  I had expected Dennis to get down on his knees and beg God for forgiveness for having once done the slimy sneaky job of spook-hood, but instead he goes into passive-aggressive “silent treatment” mode like a spoilt brat.  That’s not how real men should behave.  As Sean Spicey says to critical journalists about his “Muslim ban” words – “They’re your words!  It’s circular use of words!”  And so it’s the same with Dennis and I – when he openly calls himself a “spook” and I repeat HIS words, then it’s circular use of the word SPOOK!  Fortunately for all you spooks, I do not live by the philosophy: “Once a spook always a spook”, as even a spook may be rehabilitated into the world of trutherism – with even an ounce of heartfelt sincerity in their hearts.  How can I ever trust Dennis’s 9/11 truth activism if he and Jim Fetzer are not prepared to admit when they have been driven to the “dark side” with their spook-hood cover-up campaign?  There are many other words for being a spook, such as “shill”, “troll”, “counter-intelligence agent”, “presstitute”, “spy”, “Bob Foote” aka “Gordon Duff” etc. etc,  “spook” is actually the nicer word because it conjures up friendly images of “Casper the friendly ghost” from the movie “Casper”, and not images of scum-sucking pigs, sons of a motherless goat etc.
The very fact that you Stevie Wonder (aka Steve De’ak) are now friends with Dr. Jim Fetzer, now makes me question whether or not you are part of the spook’s in-your-face, ridiculously obvious, life-long cover-up campaign too.  I was very suspicious of your sex-freak truther mate Pablo Novi many years ago, especially when he spoke in the voice of a teenager when on Jim Fetzer’s radio show, even though he is supposed to be an old man.  The very fact that he never showed his face (like the Tavistock sock-puppet Simon Shack) and lives in Mexico made me speculate that he was CIA.  Then your friend Stephen Phillips mysteriously ‘dies’ in a car accident – and I wonder if he was a spook that needed to disappear further out of the public eye and join the Men In Black (MIB – Division 5) or something. And now you are on telephone “speaking terms” with this MSM presstitute collaborator named Paul Salo – even though he has stolen all your ideas for a 9/11 crash test!  I’m sorry, but as Elvis Presley once sang “We can’t go on together with suspicious minds”! 
All I ever wanted was to be part of a frickin’ truther family, with Uncle Fester (aka Dr. Jim Fester) as my truther uncle, and you Steve De’ak as the proverbial ideal truther grandpa, with Dennis C. as Casper the friendly spook, but what do I get instead – nothing but frickin’ slimy spook censorship that’s what!  Censorship is the main tool of the spook gone bad, perhaps with a chip on his shoulder, so which one of you so-called truther spooks are censoring my e-mails?  Can’t I even get one frickin’ email without it being returned to sender as blacklisted, like the e-mail below I recently sent to Steve? I don’t care about your perverted fetish for spook-hood, all I ever wanted was to be part of a freak truther family with some goodness in their hearts like The Addams Family are – hence why the main image on my Truther Musical website features some main truthers as characters from the Addams Family movie. 
I am deeply distressed by all the spook-hood censorship, and don’t think that you can live in cognitive dissonance forever when everyone in the world knows who you really all are – aka – the biggest spooks to ever to have walked the face of the planet – ever since spook-hood was first invented by pathetic childish men with narcissistic personalities – no wonder the spooky FBI Director (James Comey) was recently fired by Trump – because what goes around comes around in your little gangster spook-fuelled world. All that remains hidden will be revealed on Judgement Day – so consider this e-mail as the “mini-me” of God’s final Judgement bringing bullshit to light.   I don’t care if you openly admit to being a spook and then freak out when I openly call you a spook in return, because you’re too ashamed that my spook-free purity is casting light on what you would rather remain hidden, but for heaven’s sake please wake up and smell the bullshit of what you’re doing – ’cause you aint foolin’ nobody!  I only wish the best for you all – that is to die as a Real Man – and not as a frickin’ pathetic “spook who is not a spook” – that’s even worse than dying the death of jahilliya (ignorance), or dying as a Khazer fake “Jew who is not a real Jew”.  Muslims have been warned by our holy hadith books of these “Jews who are not Jews”, but no wise man or woman ever believed that in the End of Days there would arise a group of freaks – who would be infamously known as “spooks who are not spooks” – it’s bloody pathetic if you ask me, nobody, and I mean nobody could ever have prophesised that crap! 
J.T. seeks alliances with real truthers, not with crying pussy covert spooks, – so if you are a spook, as I don’t really know for sure if you really are one, but if you are, then as Trump recently said to his FBI spook/paper-bitch friend, “You’re fired!”  If you can’t get this one little thing right in life, then don’t bother to “return to sender” your blacklisted bullshit e-mails, just to fulfil your covert spooky perverted fetish – ’cause, as M.J. once sang in his “Bad” song: “I know your game and what you’re about!”  Everything has to be a frickin ‘secret’ with you freaky freemasonic brotherhood hoodies doesn’t it – even though everything you do is sooooo bloody obvious to anyone with even half a brain cell!
I know this e-mail may sound a little harsh when you have conditioned yourself to wallow in spook$hit like a pig likes to wallow in mud, but believe me, the harshness is nothing compared to what awaits the sinner in the hereafter because spooks are FALSE TO THEMSELVES – But I can’t be your frickin’ Mary Poppins sending you a “spoonful of reality” in emails to wake you all up from your cognitive dissonance disease any longer.
Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference. If I can’t get you guys together to be real truther family members, then I may be forced to seek (God-forbid) some online “friends” instead, so perhaps there is some truth after all in the saying: “One may choose one’s friends but never their family”- ’cause how in frickin’ hell did I ever manage to frickin’ remain with you guys as my online truther ‘family’ for so many years?   One thing’s for sure, you are only my ‘family’ in this circle of insanity we call life, and not my soul family – because if you really were my soul family then you frickin’ wouldn’t be such frickin’ low-life spooks then, would you!  You’ve totally outted yourselves from this insane freakish truther family ‘circle of trust’!  You should be ashamed of yourselves.  Now I may just consider you all as mere friends or acquaintances, and not as the ideal “family” an orphan truther often dreams about.  As an orphan truther child,  I always liked the movie “Heidi” and I always wished to have a kind truthful grandpa just like in the movie, as I grew older I searched online for that ideal truther grandpa, I even wrote stories about him on my blog: 
But it turns out my grandpa truther hero may be nothin’ more than a spook collaborator with movie tricks, a puppet like Pinocchio, too ashamed to admit it like all the other God-forsaken spooks. Now I know why Tarzan preferred to live in the Jungle with his ape mates rather than live with his real human family.  Some humans are worse than apes!  I pray that my ‘secret’ suspicions are incorrect, but that little voice in my head just won’t stop whispering like a frickin’ drunken Jinni about ya all…
So unless you all outline in a detailed thesis why each and every one of you are now NOT spooks – or at least former spooks now sincerely seeking rehabilitation in reality, anything you say and do from now on will be taken with bucket loads of salt!  Truth and Spook-hood are like Fire and Water, or like fire meets gasoline – never an easy mix – so please fix it!!  I know there is a spooker’s code to never admit that one is a spook on pain of death, but for frickin’ sake you don’t all have to walk around like frickin’ freakish Frankenstein zombies, with your heads up your arse for all of eternity!  That’s even too much for a J.T. Senior Editor to handle, and believe me, I’ve tried to reform the worst of the worst, like the pseudo-Muslim shady sheikhs who clap and shake hands with mass-murdering criminals like George W. Bush, and I don’t even brag about it, or name names, like Sheikh Hamza Yusuf – the proverbial FBI puppet cry baby twat.  Or wannabe Guy Fawkes anti-establishment sheikhs carrying the Winter name, who want the best of both worlds, by pretending to be Muslim but presstituting for the BBC by labelling 9/11 truthers as “conspiracy theorists” moon-landing sceptic nutters!  Talk about having your cake and eating it!
… And that’s all I have to say…It’s your turn to rant!
The spook’s favourite Elvis song:
Return to sender,
Address unknown,
No such number,
E.T. phone home!
We had a quarrel
A spooker’s pact
Alright, I’m sorry, but my e-mails keep coming back..
… and favourite Madonna song:
I know you’re gonna take your spook-hood and run,
I know you think I’m the foolish one
I know you’re gonna turn around and say goodbye
I know it!
But I’m not gonna cry for you,
’cause that’s what you want me to do,
No I’m not gonna cry for you anymore!!!
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: “” <>
Sent: Monday, 8 May 2017, 3:30
Subject: Failure Notice

Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.
Remote host said:
550 Sender IP (***.**.**.**) is blacklisted at
— Below this line is a copy of the message.


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