The Ghosts of “Veterans Today”

The Ghosts of “Veterans Today”


FAO: Gordon Duff, Jim Dean, Ian Greenhalgh


Dear Duffsters,


It was with great distress that “We The People” received your so-called precious little ‘gift’ today – aka your news article dated 19th May 2017 entitled “Ghosts Of The Desert – America’s New Syrian Army”. In reference to this article, Gordon writes:


“… Jim, Ian and the infamous Uncle Gordy leave you this gift, something the BBC or no American network could or would ever publish.”


For your information Uncle Gordy Gorn, that little stinker of a ‘gift’ was a very hard delusional Matrix blue pill to swallow indeed. Fortunately, for every sane person on the planet, we prefer NOT to take that sort of poisoned medicine, in order to remain firmly fixed in reality. It is incumbent upon us never to allow a known spook to lecture us on the do’s and don’ts of spook-hood. How can a spineless yellow-jelly spook ever know a real ghost (or a ‘spook’), if he or she is in denial of their very own identity as an infamous spook? V.T. staff wouldn’t know a “ghost” even if it came and whacked them in their spooky-spineless faces!


We don’t buy your “the BBC did a hit piece on us” phony victimization propaganda. Your V.T. spook$hit makes the BBC bullcrap look like child’s play. In terms of size, your V.T. spook cointelpro so-called news outlet is the presstitute daddy of them all.  Without your mind-control brainwashing propaganda and constant feeding of the War Beast, there might still be some peace in the world. But it’s hard to beat the War Beast when your pay cheque depends on keeping it alive, isn’t it? War is right up your alley, right up your street and right up yours – where the sun don’t shine, isn’t it! Every sane person, who knows anything about V.T. knows to skim-read through all your bull$hit waffle within your so-called news articles, and focus on the sentences that truly show you up for who you truly all are. For example, the highlighted statement in your article:


“…This was called the Middle East Intelligence Project. One of his editors contacted us and said ‘Gordon, I’m a good Muslim, but this guy is asking us to lie’; Duff replied ‘how much are they paying you?’ Farouq answered ‘30,000 dollars’ to which Duff replied ‘take the money, they have decided on their war anyway’…”


That one statement alone proves what a spineless spooky presstitute Gordon Duff (aka Bob Foote) has infamously always been. Although many Hollywood celebrities now make light of “selling their soul” to the devil or for money, there’s no doubt that even the devil himself wouldn’t want to go anywhere near Duff’s ghoulish foul soul. Duff wouldn’t know “moral integrity” even if his very life depended on it – which it does, even though he wouldn’t ever realise it! Moral compasses just end up going bonkers whenever they’re anywhere near Duff, so-much-so that he remains lost in a perpetual state of madness – wandering to and fro – like a delusional Orwellian double-think moron – so E.T. eat your heart out, ‘cause there’s a new total moron in town who sells his soul to pure evil (aka George Soros) for absolutely nothing – never mind ‘30,000 dollars’ – Farouq’s souls may be worth as much, but rest assured Duff’s soul ain’t worth piss on fire.


And the icing on Duff’s crappy cake is that he now wants to be known as our “infamous uncle” – to surpass the phony ‘nice uncle’ image of his newfound nemesis and former employee Uncle Fester – aka Jim Fetzer. It’s absolutely bloody pathetic! This spook-freak lot make “The Addams Family” look positively posh and civilized in comparison. Every sincere orphan truther seeks to find a real truther family – no matter how depraved and freakish they may at first appear – because a real truther knows never to judge a person by appearances alone, or at face value, but rather to seek a person’s true inner beauty instead – ‘cause: “If you don’t know me, don’t judge me” were the wise words of 2Pac and many other hardened musical philosophers. But there’s no-doubt, in any truther’s mind right now, that the Senior Editor freaks at “Veterans Today” have well ‘n’ truly broken the mould with their Frankenstein $hit. Isn’t it any wonder that former V.T. employees (such as Dennis Cimino), with their horror story V.T. insider confessions, are now running out of that spook-house faster than toilet paper runs out of the presstitute V.T. verbal-diarrhea newsroom?  


The moral lesson of this sad ‘n’ sorry story:


If infamous V.T. spook-house Senior Editors try to sell you their propaganda so-called “gift” articles – about spooks, ghosts or the like, then tell them to stick their crappy ‘gift’ and shove it where the sun don’t shine. Otherwise, you could simply take their ‘gift’ from them, then flip it ‘n’ reverse it smack-bang right in the middle of their brainless spooky-spineless faces! Then sing to them the lyrics to the M.J. song “Ghost”: “…who gave you the right to freak my family, who gave you the right to freak my baby, she needs me…who gave you the right to freak-out Dennis Cimino …we’ve had enough of your crap and your stupid V.T. – are you the ghost of jealousy? A frickin’ ghost of jealousy!” – Perhaps in the same way that Professor Jim Al-Khalili once sang this song in his recent rap battle with Dr. David Griscom – when lamenting the destruction of his home country Iraq – aka “The Mother of Civilization” due to George W. Bush’s phony ‘war on terror’ (which was infamously endorsed by one of the greatest so-called ‘Islamic’ scholars of our time – aka Shaky-Sufi-Spook Hamza Yusuf):


But I’d much rather watch wet paint dry than wait for V.T. spooks to grow a bit of a spine with their jelly sea-monkey (or “lowest form of life”) spineless freak-creature mentality. I’m off on holiday now, ‘cause I’ve had enough of these phony-freaky ‘truther’ spooks… So if there’s something strange in your neighbourhood don’t even bother calling the “Ghostbusters” – ‘cause what you really need is the “Spookbusters” – with loads ‘n’ loads of ammunition of toilet roll to clean up the spook’s green ‘n’ slimy verbal-diarrhea – aka V.T. news articles, or to flip their slimy crap back at ‘em – to stick in Duff’s alleged photographic memory never to be forgotten for good!


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