The Anti-Christ Spirit of “Veterans Today”

Dear Gordon Duff,


With reference to the following statement:


“…This was called the Middle East Intelligence Project. One of his editors contacted us and said ‘Gordon, I’m a good Muslim, but this guy is asking us to lie’; Duff replied ‘how much are they paying you?’ Farouq answered ‘30,000 dollars’ to which Duff replied ‘take the money, they have decided on their war anyway’…” – [From “Veterans Today” article dated 19th May 2017 entitled “Ghosts Of The Desert – America’s New Syrian Army”.]


It is humanity’s contention that it is not befitting for hardened military men to sell their souls for exactly 30,000 dollars, or indeed for any other amount. For what benefit is such counterfeit money to a soul, if it should gain the luxury of this fickle Earthly life in exchange for eternal damnation in the afterlife? Many religious leaders proclaim that we are now living in the “age of the anti-Christ”. The antichrist spirit lacks all human compassion and good reason in the pursuit of materialistic gain. Some Christians believe Judas Iscariot embodied such an evil spirit when he allegedly sold the eternal good message of Jesus for 30 measly pieces of silver (Matthew 26:15).


Thirty measly pieces of silver in Jesus’s day was probably the equivalent of 30,000 dollars of today’s money. Many military men and women look up to “Veterans Today” for moral guidance and support in military matters – men such as Farouq (as quoted in the above statement) who are tempted to lie for the military-industrial complex’s war machine’s money, and are thus seeking moral guidance. So why not (instead of condoning the telling of lies – because, in your opinion, “they have decided on their war anyway”), stick to your moral principles and encourage the same firm moral stance in others? Charlie Chaplin once sang in his song “Let Us All Unite”: “…Solders don’t give yourselves to men – machine men with machine hearts. We are not machines, we are men!”


We are assuming that the Senior Editors of “Veterans Today” are all real “flesh and blood” people and not synthetic clones – although some may speculate that a George Soros lover with a photographic memory (such as yours Gordon), is most likely a robotic clone absent of all human compassion. Nevertheless, in order to reawaken the human spirit within you, this song is for you:


Cha-ching, cha-ching,

Goes the money thing

But we don’t need no flashy bling

We’d rather fly to heaven on an angel’s wing

So this song is for you to sing:

With a ding-a-ling-a-ling

Don’t behave like a Gollum with his “precious” ring

Such a love affair is just a passing fling

It’ll never turn a miser into a wise king

So remember who you are with moral zing!



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