Jim Fetzer versus Judy Wood (aka “Wonder Woman”)

Dr. Jim Fetzer versus Dr. Judy Wood (aka “Wonder Woman”)

Ever since Ann Diener published her recent psychic news report on “Veterans Today” – about the Alien Agenda to turn Earthly men gay and against their female counterparts, many in the so-called “9/11 Truth Movement” have been seeking to get to the bottom of this issue (literally!).  In particular, Dr. Jim Fetzer – an alleged ardent supporter of gay rights – at least, if only, just to get on Kevin Barrett’s nerves.  However, Jim Fetzer first came up on the radar of 9/11 truthers as a possible “9/11 insider who has been compromised by the Hollywood Gay Mafia Aliens (HGMA)”, when he infamously went berserk at Kevin on YouTube because of their radically opposing views on sodomy.  Jim was “over-the-top” angry at Kevin on the issue and many surmised that this could only mean one thing – mafia gay aliens infiltrating Jim’s brain!

judy-woodFear not, as Dr. Judy Wood – the “Wonder Woman” of the 9/11 truth movement states: “It is not befitting for Earthly women to just sit around and let our men folk be sodomised by gay aliens from outer space, without a fight!”  Therefore, her main secret covert task has been to route out all gay alien infiltration of the human mind, and point to the real truth of what really happened on 9/11.  That is the reason why she secretly wears the symbol of the sulphur molecule on her “Wonder Woman” costume, and why her favourite song is “To Be Human” by Sia – the theme song of the latest “Wonder Woman” Hollywood movie. The sulphur molecule (aka the brimstone molecule) is symbolic of her womanly fight against the depravity of a Sodom and Gomorrah type alien society.  The Twin Towers were destroyed by male gay aliens on 9/11, so that they could usher in their one gender, one religion and one world government.  The One World Freedom Tower replaced the Twin Towers and is shaped like an antiprism because an antiprism takes separate things and puts them together as one entity.  The alien agenda seeks to merge male and female together, until they represent one big boobie baphomet tranny – The stuff of only Jim Fetzer’s dreams!

Proof that Dr. Judy Wood is the real-life 9/11 truther “Wonder Woman” was inadvertently uncovered by the “Enterthe5t4rz” YouTube channel – video entitled “Wonder Woman busted wide open – logo is sulphur mustard gas molecule” – this video streamed live on 21st June 2017, states the following about 9/11 predictive programming:


The last T.V. episode of Wonder Woman dated 9/11/1979 (22 years before 9/11/2001 – 79 is the 22nd prime number).  This episode was about the use of Tesla Technology to disassociate particles, burn them and turn them into dust. 


The male gay aliens knew all along that this Tesla Technology could only be disclosed to the world by a Wonder Woman – aka Dr. Judy Wood, and so they sought to infiltrate the 9/11 truth movement by brainwashing logical male professors against their female truther rivals with fanciful ideas about sodomy, that only men such as Jim Fetzer would approve of and endorse on YouTube – contrary to all biblical teachings on the matter. Dr. Jim Fetzer now avoids debating 9/11 truth with Dr. Judy Wood, when once-upon-a-time they were close friends – like two peas in a Garden of Eden pod.  Now all Jim Fetzer can do is complain that Dr. Judy Wood smells of sulphur and he dismisses her Tesla “dustification” claims as mere “space beam” science fiction, in favour of his own alleged more “gay-friendly” 9/11 nuke theory instead.  If anyone now questions anything about his 9/11 research, Jim is quick to label them as “arrogant anti-gay bigots who hate sodomy”.  Prior to the aliens infiltration of Jim’s brain, Jim was apparently a die-hard heterosexual with womanizing tendencies, with close Muslim friends such as Kevin Barrett who shun Sodom and Gomorrah type perverse behaviour, but then Jim suddenly and mysteriously changed to what many are now calling “the worst baphomet butt kisser since the founder of freemasonry”.

The “Enterthe5t4rz” YouTube channel creator has done the most research analysis on Wonder Woman, but instead of seeing her as a heroine, he sees her as a tranny tool of the illuminati freemasonic butt-kissing anti-woman agenda.  In his video “Anticube of Evil – the Brimstone Molecule” – published on 20th June 2017, he states that the sulphur molecule worn as a logo by Wonder Woman seeks to mock the sulphur that God once rained down on Sodom and Gomorrah, and that Hollywood’s “Wonder Woman” is a symbol of defiance against God’s Word – to usher in the transgender/transhuman alien agenda, as symbolised by the One World Trade Centre.


Only time will tell if Dr. Judy Wood is a real-life “Wonder Woman” – goddess of the 9/11 truth movement saving us from male-chauvinistic gay aliens, or if she really is just a “tranny tool” against humanity, and against the harmony that used to exist between the genders – before the gay aliens arrived to sodomise Earthly men – in particular Jim Fetzer who Steve De’ak considers to be “No.1” on his list of people to thank – outrageously two steps ahead of yours truly (J.T.) – who knows everything and is Steve’s true teacher.


The “Wonder Woman” comic published on 1st April 1973 was about the destruction of New York City – was this yet more gay alien predictive programming, or was this an April Fools joke by aliens literally laughing their butts off at us?  Perhaps, only Jim Fetzer can help solve this particular puzzle – if only he can stop thinking about the unnatural sex life of male gay aliens from outer space, for at least one minute!



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