We are all Niggars now!

brexitIt seems British people are now going overboard with their Brexit protectionism.  They now seek to keep all Niggars out of the country by scaring the hell out of them – by showing to the world just how brutally they like to treat their “niggar” folk. For example, their recent outrageously evil display of racism and bigotry with their Grenfell Tower pagan ritual sacrifice of so-called “Niggars” – or as what David Icke fans are now describing as a “Tory Niggar Wicker Man” event.  This is in addition to Tory MPs frequent use of the N-word in political conversation – i.e. Anne Marie Morris’s recent open use of the racial slur during a Brexit event when she stated the following:


“… it isn’t all doom and gloom.  Now we get to the real nigger in the woodpile, which is, in two years what happens if there is no deal.”


Wickerman sacrifice


The one ‘good’ thing that can be said about an evil pagan society is that they do not differentiate between age, gender or race – at least not when it comes to burning people alive – “we are all niggars now” is their motto during their annual ritual sacrifice to honour their sun god. The Hollywood producers of the British horror movie “The Wicker Man” would never have envisioned such ‘racial equality’ in burning people alive in the year 2017.  Nor would they ever have imagined that a Tory MP would be on the news today for openly using the N-word in political debate.


Such a Tory MP (no doubt) would just love to have another “Wicker Niggar bonfire” in some rich London borough – with Niggars hiding behind the woodpiles, fanning the flames perhaps?  Not since the covert slayer of all poor sick people (aka Ian Duncan-Smith) sarcastically declared himself to be like the saviour of black slaves (aka William Wilberforce), has there been such blatant outrageous display of hypocrisy.   Will ‘2017’ be the year that “political correctness” officially ends?  Simple satirical blogs (such as this one) may often use non-PC language to mock the bigots of our society, but we never mean to use such language as a serious promotion of prejudicial views – unlike certain Tory MPs for example.  So why do satirical blogs such as this get censored like crazy, but yet evil is frequently allowed a voice in British parliamentary debates?  When Dave Chappelle once joked on T.V. about white middle-class Niggars making fun of real niggers, it was satire for heaven’s sake!  It wasn’t meant to be the rule-book example for British white middle-class MPs to follow, religiously!  In order to try to keep some foreign Niggars happy in commonwealth countries, the British Queen’s PR team are now calling for Prince Harry to “hurry up and marry his half niggar girlfriend Megan Muslim – sorry we mean Markle – we wouldn’t want another Muzzie ‘accident’ in a Paris tunnel now would we?!”. 


british muslimNiggar Muslims must now show their solidarity with British people (in a post-Brexit, non-PC pagan society) by wearing the colours of the British flag at all times, with the motto “we are all Niggars now” fully displayed for all to see – in order to reduce hate-crime against them, or the pagan post-Brexit British Tory need for them to be burnt alive in tower blocks as so-called “Wicker Muzzies”!




Dave Chappelle’s Niggars: 




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