Parasite Busters!

When there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, who ya gonna call?

Parasite Busters!   


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….The secret is a fluke, the human fluke and the parasitic behavior modification of mankind.  The human fluke has been our constant companion, always reducing the human narrative.  Nearly everyone has been infected at one point or another and somewhere in the neighborhood of eighty-five percent of people are hosts at any given time.  The parasitic predicament influences individuals and collectives since the beginning.  Practically all children are exposed to it and many never rid themselves of the affliction, some live their entire life knowing nothing but a steady stream of unconsciousness, hosts acting out parasitic impulses.  Mankind’s subjection to parasitic behavior modification has shaped the world.


    There are numerous human flukes resulting in infections of varying severity.  Yet all the human flukes live in one of two ways, resulting in one of two extremes of modified behavior.  The slightly more common type is the bacterial dependent fluke.  The other is the fungal dependent fluke.  They cocoon themselves within bacterial or fungal clusters and attach to the human nervous system to obtain nutrients and modify our behavior.  The bacterial dependent infestations result in tolerant, passive behavior, like sheep.  The fungal infections result in scheming, aggressive behavior, like coyotes.


    This parasitic predicament, like everything in nature, becomes balanced, and in this case in an eloquent dis-symbiosis.  The different parasites develop interdependent balance with the bacterial and fungal clusters as well as their hosts, and more complexly, they relate to each other through modifying the behavior of the host.  The parasitically guided interaction between the sheepish and coyote-like is traditionally viewed as some sort of right wing/left wing political constant, but is actually the result of biological duress.  The flukes result in evil or total toleration of outright evil.  The behavior of about eighty-five percent of us originates not from normal processes, but is a fluke.


    The flukes are frequently mistaken for tumors or cysts by both ignorant and insistent physicians.  They normally attach themselves to the spinal cord around the neck and through the bacterial or fungal clusters leech sustenance and eventually basically control their human hosts through insistent primordial parasitic impulses.


    The tolerant, passive and bullied, those who seek to be controlled in order to survive are host to bacterial dependent flukes.  The authoritarian and selfish, those who place themselves above all else with reckless abandon, those who seek to control in order to survive, are host to fungal dependent flukes.  The flukes, despite being among the lowest life forms in the universe, simply seek to survive and control their hosts simply as a means to do so, but in the process degrade the human condition.


Being severely skinny is indicative of fungal dependent flukes.  Hosts to bacterial dependent flukes tend to bloat.  Otherwise there are no immediate discernible physical symptoms.  There are many alchemical antidotes however the diagnoses and treatments are unnecessarily risky.  Alchemical cures involve calculations of quantity, potency and frequency of dose pertaining to the particular individual and the particular fluke.  Mercury, cyanide and large quantities of gold are active ingredients in these remedies.  In appropriate dilution the concoctions kill the parasites and leave the host unharmed.  If the dilutions are miscalculated the host can be killed.


manuka honey


Alternatively try: Organic honey, garlic, cloves to kill gut parasites!


    There are holistic cures too, secretively exchanged among nomads and monks for millennia.  The parasites cannot thrive or long survive in a host with a vegan diet.  Massive amounts of almonds and apricots eaten in combination will eventually kill the flukes.  In stomach acid they produce therapeutic cyanide which kills parasites.  Certain extracts of wormwood, tobacco and cloves can kill the flukes too, however we are unsure of the exact quantities, modes of delivery and time periods required for effectiveness.  Practicing yoga or tai chi hasten the results of these holistic cures, but even still the apricots and almonds cure requires up to three months of eating as much as you can stand along with vegan diet.


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