Spiderman versus Wonder Woman

nephila clavipes - Golden Silk orb-weaverNEWS ALERT:  Possible showdown between Spiderman (aka Steve De’ak) and Wonder Woman (aka Dr. Judy Wood)!


Ever since Professor Doom’s YouTube channel revealed to the world the conflict between two competing factions: The illuminati Owls versus The Spiders, there has been growing interest within the truth community to see a final showdown between Spiderman (aka Steve De’ak) and Wonder Woman (aka Judy Wood).




steve-deakSteve De’ak has long been recognised as the “Spiderman” of the 9/11 truth movement – ever since he was mysteriously bitten by a Black Widow spider many years ago.  He has increasingly gained extraordinary powers.  For example, he can single-handily make with his bare hands any human habitation, and has built his very own home from the ground up whilst simultaneously researching 9/11 for his 9/11 Crash Test project.  Unfortunately,  it seems his home is as fragile as that of an “ankabutt” (this is the Arabic word for “spider”), because of his alleged atheism, and he can sometimes be heard reciting this poem to himself:


My home is as fragile as that of an ankabutt,

Bohemians can’t wait to see my butt

‘cause they’re doing like the people of Lut

And behaving like a New World Order slut

These clowns ought to be shut ‘n’ cut

They’re behaving like a nut in a rut –

Like Bob Foote



Steve’s nemesis is Judy Wood as she is obviously on the illuminati’s Owl side.  She has been featured in many Wonder Woman T.V. episodes promoting her Tesla Technology theory of 9/11 as predictive programming.  Like a night owl in the woods, she is hardly ever seen, especially in day light, but she allegedly recently sent the following letter to Steve:


Dear Steve,

You think you’re so hot with your tight pants on, kneeling down in your garden promoting your 9/11 Crash Test on YouTube, well I’ve got news for you! It does not befit the Illuminati Owls of this world to debate with a D.O.G. (Denier of God) like you!  Be ye in spider costume or not, I’ll grind your bones to make my bread. I’m a giant of 9/11 truth but you’re just a springy little Spiderman. I worship a God.  My God is the illuminati God and stands 70 foot high in Bohemian Grove as a stone owl.  We bohemians hate spiders and that’s why we’ve got a sign outside Bohemian Grove that says: “Weaving spiders keep your busted-ass bug vehicles outta our property, and come no-where near us!” As many already know Wonder Woman (aka Yours Truly) is an Israeli agent and I’ve got Israeli friends doing many scientific experiments with Golden Orb-web Spiders and bovine stem cells and stuff – so that we can clone engineer a superhuman Israeli race and a Jewish Messiah.  Dr. Robert Lanza knows all about this and we have hinted about it with our Sandy Hook psycho-op – as Professor Doom has cleverly uncovered.  Nothing can stop us now!  Ha, ha, haaaaah!  Not even you Spiderman!  So go debate my ass, ‘cause I ain’t ever goin’ to debate no-body.  All you DOGs can just kiss my ass and purchase my book: “Where Did The Towers Go”!  That’s all I gotta say!



owlBets are that Steve the Spider will win any showdown with Judy the Owl.  This is because; even if Steve’s foundations of faith in Almighty God are as weak as a spider, at least he doesn’t friggin’ worship a frickin’ 70 foot stone owl for Israel as his God – like Judy allegedly does! So-called “Wonder Woman” has no chance beating him. Besides, she’s a luciferian tranny promoting a Sodom and Gomorrah lifestyle with her sulphur molecule logo mockery – enough said!


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