Dr. Judy Wood and the ADL


Dr. Judy Wood and the ADL


According to Dr. Jim Fetzer – in his recent interview with Michael Decon, Dr. Judy Wood is a keen Jewish supporter of the ADL.  In his interview with Michael Decon, Jim reviews the history of the 9/11 Truth movement.  He says:  “I was there. I lived through it–and the fact that A&E911 and Judy will not talk about who was responsible and why is a tell that they are limited hangouts.”


In his book, “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”, Gary Allen states,


“One major reason for the historical blackout on the role of the international bankers in political history is the Rothschilds were Jewish .The Jewish members of the conspiracy have used an organisation called The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as an instrument to try and convince everyone that any mention of the Rothschilds and their allies is an attack on all Jews.

In this way they have stifled almost all honest scholarship on international bankers and made the subject taboo within universities. Any individual or book exploring this subject is immediately attacked by hundreds of ADL communities all over the country. The ADL has never let the truth or logic interfere with its highly professional smear jobs. Actually, nobody has a right to be more angry at the Rothschild clique than their fellow Jews. The Rothschild empire helped finance Adolf Hitler.”


sheepleThere seems to be a great enigma with Jim Fetzer’s view that Judy Wood is a supporter of the ADL – as described above –  as why does a so-called “professor of logic” think that a prominent 9/11 truther (such as Judy Wood) would willingly have anything to do with such an infamous organization as the ADL?   Surely, being a so-called “9/11 truther” is better than not being one at all – as being a “limited hangout” is infinitely better than being an apathetic complicit moron – like the majority of sheeple obviously are – with or without their ADL!  One of the ‘great’ things about being a “truther” is that you can look mass-murdering war criminals straight in the eye and sing Michael Jackson’s “Bad” song lyrics to their evil faces:  “…I know your game and what you’re about… and the whole world has to answer right now as I tell you once again, who’s bad?!”  Contrast this to the pathetic kiss-ass sheeple approach of alleged world religious leaders – like when they clapped and applauded George W. Bush’s criminal phony “war on terror” State of the Union speech.  Then ask yourself; who would you rather be stuck in an elevator with: Judy Wood’s alleged truther “limited hangout”, or a George W. Bush butt kisser – aka (sheikh Hamza Yusuf), or with a posh English Oxford and Cambridge educated Sheikh (Tim Winter) – who obviously likes to slander 9/11 truthers as being like “crazy conspiracy theorist moon-landing deniers”, just so that he can stay on the ‘good’ side of the BBC?  It’s a no brainer!  Judy Wood of course!  And she can even bring an army of ADL minions along with her too if she likes, ‘cause she’d still be better than a George Bush butt kisser any day, by far!  As pop star Prince once sang: “Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down?  Oh no, let’s go crazy – with Judy Wood and her ADL gang of merry men!”  ‘cause we’re still waiting for Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad and Sheikh Hamza Yusuf to even once mention 9/11 truth during their annual RIHLA events, but we’re not holding our breath.  Tim Winter is more likely to sing his version of Sia’s “Chandelier” song on BBC radio, than utter even one brave word of 9/11 truth, singing:  “…if Twin Towers are blowing up, don’t ring my door bell…I feel the love, I feel the love…One-two-three, think, One-two-three think, Throw ‘em back ‘till I knows God… I’m gonna swing from the chandelier… I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist, like it doesn’t exist…” 


elephant 911Friggin’ hell, talk about cognitive dissonance on steroids!  No wonder their RIHLA event has become synonymous for “Religious Indoctrination Heralding Lasting Apathy”!  This year the RIHLA event was held in Malaysia – the only Muslim country with the guts to condemn George W. Bush as a war criminal in its international Court tribunals against war criminals.  Does anyone know if 9/11 truth was ever mentioned in any of the sheikh’s speeches during this year’s RIHLA event? 



Dr Umar F. Abd-Allah, Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad, Shaykh Muhammad al-Ninowy, Shaykh Amin Kholwadia, Ustadh Omar Qureshi, Ustadha Sara Sabbagh, Shaykh Walead Mosaad, Ustadh Feraidoon Mojadedi, Ustadh As’ad Tarsin

For over 15 years, the Rihla programs have been refined to provide the optimum student experience. Students today will benefit, God-willing, from a program that balances classroom education, group study, devotional practices and focused site visitations. Our goal is to deliver a holistic experience to all participants where they each return home with a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

The Rihla Experience:

The main objective of the Rihla curriculum is to provide students with knowledge that is both a religious duty for each Muslim to learn (fard ‘ayn) and immediately applicable in life. Along with the obligatory sciences, students will also be given the foundations of spiritual excellence, so they may direct themselves towards God more completely through developing the internal states leading to sincerity.

Will the real Islamic scholars please stand up?


We have repeatedly requested that Deen Intensive put 9/11 truth as a topic of discussion on their RIHLA agenda, but to date there has been no reply from them.  Due to such mindless apathy and complacency with war criminals by leading Islamic scholars, we are left with no choice but to crown Dr. Judy Wood as the greatest defender of Arabs the world has ever known – purely for speaking 9/11 truth when it mattered the most to avoid the ongoing unjust wars against the Ummah – by demolishing the official government 9/11 fairy-tale – just like how our very own amigo Jewish Sheikh Steve De’ak has done singlehandedly – whilst building magnificent homes with his other free hand!  When Prophet Abraham (PBUH) first birthed the two races: Arabs and Jews, little did he know that they could actually become 9/11 truther friends and defend one another now and then, instead of always scratching each others eyes out.  Perhaps “ADL” really stand for “Arabic Defense League – by Jews!”  As the Wicked Witch of the West might say: “…What a world, what a world … who would’ve thought that a good little Judy Wood Jew, could destroy George W. Bush’s ‘beautiful’ wickedness…I’m melting, I’m melting…I won’t freeze you out Judy like Jim Fetzer does, I won’t freeze you out ‘cause my heart is melting…”


AllahSo eat your heart out Sheikh Hamza Yusuf ‘cause there’s a new Arabic Defender in town – the name’s Wood – Judy Wood.  Not only is she a keen member of the ADL – which can only logically stand for “The Arabic Defence League”, but she also wants to reduce your energy bills too – with free Tesla Technology, forever!  Now that can’t be bad now can it – even for an obviously mind-controlled tranny Israeli “Wonder Woman” minion – who allegedly mocks God’s wrath on Sodom and Gomorrah with her sulphur molecule symbol – damn it!  Is Dr. Judy Wood good?  Most likely not, but it’s obviously a case of “better the devil you know” – rather than one you don’t know, or your leading Western Muslim scholar, with their 9/11 truth denial apathy and cowardly silence for decades – who falsely teach their students to hide during the time of The Dajjal (anti-Christ), when in reality they should be following the example of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) who fought for justice at all times and never gave up hope – ever! Believing in “Al-Haqq Fouqa Kull Shay” – “Truth Above Everything” – one of the most beautiful names of Allah.



13 thoughts on “Dr. Judy Wood and the ADL

  1. Listen to the interview, which provides an incisive history of the 9/11 Truth movement. I not only featured Judy Wood 15 times on my radio shows between late 2006 and mid 2008, but gave her an unprecedented 3 hours to speak during the Madison Conference in 2007 on “The Science and Politics of 9/11”. Judy cut off contact with me when, during her final appearance on one of my shows (where she had John Hutchison with her), I asked John about his background and training, to which he replied saying he had “Flunked crayons and coloring books!”, which Judy thought hilarious. I even invited her to speak at The Vancouver Hearings in 2012, even though she would no longer respond to my emails.

    The point about the ADL was this. I was the recipient of several forceful attacks from Thomas Potter, defending Judy and attacking me. I composed a length response to one of those and did a “Reply All”. One of those bounced and it came from the ADL. What struck me at the time was how odd that seemed. But today I think I understand why Judy won’t talk about who was responsible and why, because 9/11 was brought to us by the CIA, the Neocons in the DOD and the Mossad. That Thomas Potter had the ADL on his email list for this attack on me spoke volumes. Whether she is a supporter of the ADL is another matter, but it seems that the ADL is a supporter of Judy Wood. For what it’s worth.

    On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 7:48 PM, Truther Musical wrote:

    > Truther Musical posted: ” Dr. Judy Wood and the ADL According to Dr. Jim > Fetzer – in his recent interview with Michael Decon, Dr. Judy Wood is a > keen Jewish supporter of the ADL. In his interview with Michael Decon, Jim > reviews the history of the 9/11 Truth movement. ” >

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    • This accusation against Dr. Wood is simply much to do about nothing designed to divert the attention of others away from the evidence contained in WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO? It is well known who Dr. Fetzer works for and why he is involved in covering up the evidence. 😉 ♥ Dr. Fetzer’s faux altruism will catch up to him and he will meet his fate. كَمَا تَدِينُ تُدَانُ‏‎


    • Hi Jim, I did listen to your radio show with Michael Decon but I was half asleep at the time. I remember you mentioned on the show that Judy Wood once made your wife look after her dogs when she needed to go to a 9/11 conference with you when you were friends. Please would you tell us this story in full because it obviously upset you that Judy was acting like a diva. I bet it’s a funny story 🙂


  2. https://books.google.com/books?id=q4BdCAAAQBAJ&q=Fetzer#v=snippet&q=Fetzer&f=false

    Why it is so important for Dr. Fetzer to re-write history…. and why is Dr. Wood so important to him – after knowing Dr. Wood for just over a year nearly 10 years ago?

    BTW- Mr. Hutchison was on Dr.Fetzer’s show in February 2008. That is not “half way into 2008.” And that was the only time in six months. 😉 ♥



    • It wasn’t dogs and it wasn’t Cockatoos, which Judy and her henchmen know perfectly well. It was her two cats. My point in mentioning it is that it’s indicative of the kindness and generosity I have shown to her over the years, which included featuring her 15 times on my radio shows and giving her an unprecedented three (3) hours to speak during the Madison 9/11 Conference (2007) on “The Science and Politics of 9/11”. Judy and her clique, which has all of the characteristics of a cult (with a sacred text, a mystical leader, and a praetorian guard) on display here. She and her minions turn out to be as morally impoverished as they are intellectually deficient, having abandoned science for the sake of the DEW ILLUSION, which has been decisively refuted by the USGS dust sample evidence.


    • TO: Gordon Duff

      It is obvious that you and your minions wrote this comment on my website. Only you are obsessed with calling everyone an Israeli troll – just to make yourself look good and hide your own infamous luciferian satanic criminal activity. But nobody believes your V.T bullshit anymore – so give it up already ’cause you suck big-time!

      This is your Duffster song:

      My patience has reached its peak
      Twoofers see me as a hero instead of a freak
      ‘Cause I don’t put my trust in God, but rather in some pussy wiki leak
      I think the mighty should oppress the weak
      With every Israeli hiding behind every nuke and creek
      With my Kevin Barrett I play hide ‘n’ seek
      Our satanic luciferianism is hidden behind Orwellian news-speak
      We’re like the all-seeing illuminati eye on the pyramid’s peak
      And our V.T bullshit is really starting to reek
      White-washing is therefore hopeless as a tweak
      So don’t bother to make my inflated evil ego meek
      ‘Cause my future looks hellishly bleak
      And this poem isn’t even tongue ‘n’ cheek
      Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a self-hating Israeli Jew but rather an Iranian, or Greek
      But I is nothing but a frickin’ freak!
      Truth is self-evident but dare you take a peek?
      ‘Cause I’ll turn you into a V.T thorn bird with a twisted beak!


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