Dr Evil and Planet X!



A letter from Dr. Evil:


Congratulations J.T.,


You and I are not so different after all:  The very things which you consider as being noble and pure – like telling the truth and nothing but the truth, are, in this Orwellian age, considered “evil”.  It seems you have uncovered our latest illuminati psy-op – with your pathetic attempt at a criminal investigation into Stephen Phillips alleged “accident”.  Of course the car crash scene was faked!  That was obvious, but you really “got me” when you did some mental calculation to discover our secret illuminati ‘911’ coding in that false-flag psyop.   Stephen Phillips was really a CIA agent working for me as an undercover 9/11 “truther” musician in Queensland.  He was not really an accomplished violinist, as his only expertise in music was his unusual talent in fixing broken pianos.  He is, however, a CIA trained agent through and through – like most other so-called “truthers” on your mailing list, especially our Edward Snowdon CIA puppet minions: Gordon Duff, Ian Greenhalgh, Don Fox, Jim Fetzer etc.   That’s why their 9/11 “nuke” theory doesn’t make any sense at all, and why most “truthers” are part of a CIA “limited hangout” operation – just like how Jim Fetzer openly admits they are.  This may come as a shock to you, but even your long-term pen-pal Steve De’ak is one of us too! Yes, I’m sorry to inform you about that, but why else would he be the first one to inform you of Stephen Phillips’s alleged “car crash”?  You’d think that a “9/11 Crash Test” expert like Steve De’ak would be able to easily recognise a phony car crash scene when he sees one, wouldn’t you?  Don’t expect him, or anyone else on your mailing list to reply to your e-mail to them.  They’re very much under our control!   You see, J.T., right now, as I am e-mailing this too you, a giant ‘dark star’ rogue planet is zooming right towards us, at speeds unimaginable.  Why do you think Tavistock Institute controlled singers like David Bowie tried to warn the world about a “dark star” heading towards us, before they faked their very own so-called ‘deaths’?  Even Princess Diana tried to let the secret out of the bag before making her sudden disappearance – why else do you think her faked ‘death’ car crash was enacted in the movie “2012”?  Yes, even princess Diana didn’t really die.  She and David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Prince,  and your ‘good’ truther friend Stephen Phillips etc,  have all just disappeared to our underground DUMBs – Deep Underground Military Bases – to help us prepare for the incoming impact of the Death Star – aka Planet X.  




You may have noticed that many world leaders and famous people have been making mysterious visits to Antarctica  recently, even NASA’s Buzz Aldrin – that’s because that’s the best place right now to see a clear view of the approaching Death Star in the night’s sky.  It has got nothing to do with them allegedly seeking to meet “fallen angels”  – as some “conspiracy theorists” are now claiming.  Why do you think there’s so much “austerity” happening now in many countries – as your élite governments sidetrack all tax payers money from social services and good causes – into helping us build giant motherships instead – just like how they did in the movie 2012! 


I’m sorry if this is all news to you J.T., but let’s face it, you simply are just one of the surfs, the “useless eaters”, the common folk who don’t deserve a “golden ticket” to board our mothership when Planet X. finally hits us.  It’s going to be the greatest “evil” show on Earth – hopefully with much volcanic liquid hot magma, and friggin’ sharks with friggin’ lasers on their heads too!


Goodbye J.T., until next time – whoahahahaaaaaa!!



3 thoughts on “Dr Evil and Planet X!

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