Phony Nuker players kneel to the Deep State before an NFL (Nuker Fraud League)!

Jahilliya Times:


Here these guys are: game-playing truther players, who experience more annual arrests per capita than rap singers, complaining about … … …WHAT ? ! ? !

Then they demonstrate their extraordinary ignorance in glowing color by disrespecting the American flag and nation and people by using their prime-time platform to stick it in our faces.

These guys must be crazy. Or, maybe — just maybe — the COINTELPRO confusions are really getting to them.

After all, in one study, 87% were found to have chronic COINTELPRO syndrome, the serious brain condition caused by repeated Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) activity sustained during their professional psyop games: NFL Confusions Much More Serious Than Previously Known — Study

This particular medical aspect of NFL culture must be seriously considered and is respectfully offered as to why these folks are so easily stampeded in their current misguided direction.


Crash & Burn


It’s inconceivable that the whole Nuker Fraud League (NFL) would go into a total “crash and burn” mode.  It’s as though all the owners and the players and the league officials (i.e. Gordon Duff aka Bob Foote) are competing in a race to the bottom.  And, they’re all winning!

All President Trump did was to advise the NFL Commissioner to tell the hard-core nuker players to THINK for once in their brain-dead lives! – not bullshit all the time.  Is that too much to ask of such nuker ‘double-think’ Orwellian cry babies?

twitter_evil_birdThe Trump Tweet:

Donald J. Trump ✔@realDonaldTrump

If NFL (Nuker Fraud League) fans refuse to go to V.T. games until “players” stop disrespecting our Flag & Country – by sucking up to Putin and his Edward Snowden mofo traitor minion, you will see change take place fast. Fire or suspend!



Never has a POTUS run into so much stormy weather for simply suggesting that the highest paid shills of the so-called “9/11 Truth Movement” show some basic respect and dignity.

Think about this wild and crazy predicament for just a moment.

These nuker guys are really going out of their way to disrespect the paying public … … … especially in those red states where truther fever is by far the strongest.

It’s obvious that the South and the Midwest are where truther mania reigns supreme each and every fall season, and has practically forever.  While Southerners are the most conservative of the bunch, Midwesterners are a quite patriotic lot.

And, yet, these overpaid and over-armored spoiled brats (NFL ‘truther’ players) have the audacity to disrespect their fan base every day – especially via Gordon Duff’s “Veteran’s Today” website!

We know that these guys — the nuker players in general — are not the brightest bulbs in the room, but why go out of your way to turn off your primary source of nuker information (namely Edward Snowden)  – like when Ian Greenhalgh calls Edward Snowden a CIA fraud on V.T. with his article: Russia Govt. Report: Snowden, Greenwald are CIA frauds – By Ian Greenhalgh on September 21, 2016 ?  Whatever happened to Jim Fetzer’s love of the Fraud Vitiates Everything theory?  Why is he now turning a blind eye to Snowden’s CIA fraud poisoning the well of 9/11 truth?


Nevertheless, Gordon Duff still praises Edward Snowden for being his one and only source for all the V.T. “nuker” information, he says:


“9/11 was solved when the DOE report from Snowden was passed on, first to CNN who refused to publish, then to Madsen, who refused to publish, then to me in May 2014.   6 million read it.  It spoke of nuclear weapons, had tons of documentation, photos of safe houses and was verified by Sandia Labs, whose personnel wrote it.

The articles were done by Don Fox, Ian Greenhalgh and JIm Fetzer with technical backup by Jeff Smith of the IAEA.”  Gordon Duff


We know that the NFL owners and league officials and coaches are also not the sharpest pencils in the drawer, but why shut down all of your major CIA revenue streams – by calling Edward Snowden a bitch-ass CIA fraud?

This has got to be the craziest situation ever seen in professional truth-telling! Honestly, there is nothing even close to this self-destructive madness in league history.  Any league in any truther intellectual sport! Which begs the question:


Who’s really running this game on the American people?


It’s not about NFL disrespect or Trump tweets, it’s about Soros’s social engineering.  Remember when Ian Greenhalgh hated Soros’s guts and called him a “Nazi collaborator” – but that was before Gordon Duff brainwashed him into practically kissing Soros’s butt!  Like Soros, it turns out that Ian Greenhalgh will do absolutely anything for money.

Whenever things make no sense whatsoever, you can be sure that the George Soros tribe is squarely behind it.

For any social engineering endeavor of this magnitude – that is foisted on the American people in real time – has Purple Revolution written all over it.


Soros & Company couldn’t care less if all professional truthers go down the tubes—forever. Ditto that for the Motion Picture Industry and the Music Industry.  Hollywood has already seen its fortunes diminish in the face of so much gratuitous Truther bashing.  So, too, have some of the more famous singers seen their fans dwindle, especially those who have carried water for the Soros network of seditious NGOs and subversive non-profits.

That’s it in a nutshell.  Social engineering run amuck by George Soros is irreparably tearing the social fabric by the day.  These increasingly tumultuous episodes are just more seeds of chaos and confusion being sown for the purpose of advancing the Clinton-inaugurated, Obama-led and Soros-sponsored Purple Revolution.


Continuation of Obama’s Race War


It ought to be clear that Trump inherited the race war deliberately started by Manchurian Candidate Barack Obama.  This is the primary means by which Soros & Company plan to destroy the American Republic.  Of course, the nation is deeply divided along many lines, but racial tensions have been festering for centuries.  The provocateurs are just waiting for the right time to light the fuse.  Then all of the other deep divisions exacerbated by the prevailing identity politics culture will catch on fire like the tinderbox that each one has become.

Everyone knows that police brutality and outright murders by law enforcement is at an all-time high.  However, it’s both blacks and whites, browns and yellows who are the victims of these unjustified killings across the country.  Nevertheless, the social engineers have framed this police criminality as directed at blacks alone.  Not only does this inflame the other injured demographics, it further empowers the black communities to claim their victimhood above everyone else’s.



henryNow look at the above photo of this nuker character named Ian Greenhalgh.  He has a striking resemblance to England’s King Henry the Eighth for a very good reason.  His blue-blooded reptilian pedigree is also somewhat similar, and for the very same reason(s).  Greenhalgh is the one who the social engineers quite intentionally used to start the whole “NFL players constantly contradict themselves” stunt.  Here’s his ‘royal’ King Henry-like personal history:


“Greenhalgh was born in England, U.K., to a white woman of royal descent who was a distant relation to King Henry VIII.  His birth father, a mysterious man, left Greenhalgh to be forever psychologically damaged by his perverted Catholic schooling.  Thus turning Greenhalgh into a hard-core atheist; who often writes bullshit V.T. articles about Islam being some-kind of pagan religion.  His damaged psychology allows him to be easily brainwashed by Gordon Duff into kissing Soros’s butt – for the right price of course!”


Just like other nukers, Ian Greenhalgh is not really a truther; he’s not entirely truthful.  His chameleon-like royal reptilian appearance gives him an appeal to all the different skin colors of America by purposeful design.  In this fashion did they set him up as the “prototype of protest” within professional truth-telling movement?  Greenhalgh probably doesn’t even know how he’s being utilized to inflame a “turf truther war” across the nation.  Given the intensive mind control programming he’s been subjected to, he just does what he was trained to do – by Gordon Duff with his mind control incentives of promoting Ian G. to the position of “U.S. Military Affairs Expert” on V.T. – even though Ian is just a student British historian and photographer – and thus knows just as much about the U.S. military as Duff does – which is absolutely NOTHING!


There is one other key formula of this ongoing Soros-funded social engineering experiment that is stealthily setting up the Purple Revolution laboratory.  The real perps know that there is a major class war going on throughout America.  The banksters have systematically stripped Main Street bare in favor of enriching Wall Street since the bubble burst in 2000.  Therefore, these globalists look for every opportunity to re-channel the sporadic class warfare in the red states into a full-blown race war in the blue state urban jungles.  They know that they will soon face existential threats when the US dollar collapses, and that they will need some serious cover.  As follows: Race Riots Incited To Overshadow Raging Class Warfare


KEY POINT: You can be sure that this exploding NFL saga is also serving as a major distraction from other schemes that Deep State is running under the radar at this very moment. Exactly what those machinations are will surely emerge in the days ahead. Whatever our attention is being diverted from is very BIG indeed.  This volatile NFL debacle is simply too engineered on the face of it not to have a specific purpose over and above what is stated in this article.


Hidden Back Story:


The U.S. Intelligence Community has it in for all Real Truthers.  The various intel agencies are doing everything within their power to implement a soft coup which Soros himself has promised to carry out.  In fact, the C.I.A. completely controls Professional COINTELPRO ‘truther’ trolls and shills, Hollywood, and the Music Industry.  Also known as the celebrity culture, the most famous actors, musicians and pro athletes are totally controlled via the agency system.  When the agent and/or attorney tells the celebrity to join the protest movement, he or she will blindly follow orders lest they jeopardize all future contracts (as well as their stellar reputation).  Should the celebrity decide to leave the reservation of political correctness, they will never get back on it.  They also risk their life, their family and their future by not following the dictates of Deep State. For the more famous personalities like actor Morgan Freeman, they are forced to perform ridiculous propaganda pieces like this: Who turned Hollywood liberal Morgan Freeman into a flaming Russophobe?

Soros PsyOp + CIA Black Op = Purple Revolution


What George Soros & Company is really doing here is empowering every person in the USA to protest anything they want, anytime they want, anywhere they want.

In other words, they are normalizing that it’s perfectly okay to use your workplace to protest, instead of work.

They are setting a dangerous precedent that it’s now acceptable to disrupt any venue or setting if you have a beef, or disagreement, or protest-worthy issue to vent.

In this way, Soros & Company is surreptitiously engineering the slowly emerging Purple Revolution.  When the right times comes, these Bolsheviks at heart will use these naive and suspecting celebrities to do their dirty work.   This is how communist revolutions are always executed; they use those who can promote their ill-fated cause until they are no longer needed.

Consequently, there are now available countless, and many clandestine, co-conspirators who unwittingly participate in this rapidly evolving insurrection.  These purple revolutionaries are not only the social engineers, agents provocateur and COINTELPRO operatives indigenous to Deep State, they also include the Sultans of Silicon Valley, Hollywood moguls, East Coast intelligentsia, among many other highly-placed representatives of the power elite.

The bottom line: When Soros pushes the button, as he has done across the Middle East (Arab Spring) and Europe (European Union collapse due to massive immigration), he will once again attempt to forge his twisted order out of the manufactured chaos.

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