The REAL Truther Three Amigos!

A recent letter to Jahilliya Times (J.T.) from Tony Rooke:


Dear J.T.

You’re just a weirdo!  And you ain’t no friend of mine!  My bestest buddies in the whole-wide world are my two truther amigos named Richard and Gordon.

Richard Gage is a personal friend, and Gordon Duff someone I greatly admire as is Richard, as is Gordon as is Richard … 

Richard, more than anything in the whole-wide world, because he has lots of ‘truthers’ money which he spends mainly on wild groupie sex parties – like how they did in the illuminati movie “Eyes Wide Shut” – doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel – hee, hee 🙂  I think Richard is a Freemason who worships the sun, but because I’m supposed to be a Christian I can’t really say that.  As a Brit, I sometimes imagine him as being like Shakespeare’s historical King Richard, saying: “…A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse…”  I would be his horse any day of the week, ‘cause I really truly love him THAT much – really I do!  We are like best friends forever and ever!  I particularly love the way Richard Gage never e-mails low-life ordinary people like you, and spends all the A&E donated money for 9/11 truth seeking on sex toys instead.  As for Gordon Duff, well I think he’s a bit of a “badie” because he used to e-mail tragic little arsewipes like you, but now he has learned how to press the “block this” button on his e-mail system.  I don’t care if he’s a notorious Nuker Fraud League (NFL) player, ‘cause he’s just my bestest friend in the whole-wide world, and that’s that!  So don’t you ever say anything bad about him ever again, or I’m going to tell daddy George Soros on you!  Richard, Gordon and I are like “The Three Amigos” who wear fire-fighter-type tight pants on all day long – to contain our fiery wee ‘truther’ balls.  Every time I see a 9/11 phony plane – that looks a bit like one of Steve De’ak’s missles, I say: “Is that a male plane up there?”  – ’cause I can see its wee balls – hee, hee…

We’ve got “testicular fortitude” like you wont believe! Not like all the other cry baby so-called truthers like puppets Punch ‘n’ Judy. I find most desktop ‘truther’ warriors a waste of space, as I’ve yet to see the vast majority of those names vaguely connected to a court case – like how I did at a British Court to bring 9/11 truth to the sleeping masses.  It’s time to draw the line: Men or mice – now what will it be?  Most so-called truthers don’t make any serious efforts to bring 9/11 into the light. For the record, I don’t believe the ‘no planes’ crap, nor Judy Woods but am happy for others to do so providing they keep it away from me!  Stay away from me all you layabout paper-bitches, ‘cause I’m an active activist court room truther warrior, with fiery balls in my tight pants – just like a heroic fire-fighter amigo! Let’s ride!!



You scum sucking pigs, you sons of a motherless goat! ‘cause we – Richard, Gordon and I – are The REAL Three Amigos!!  We could beat Michael Jackson in a ghostly spook “dance off” any day of the week!

Every night I sing the The Three Amigos’s “My Little Butter Cup” song, but my version goes something like this:


“My Little Gordon Duff”

 My little Gordon Duff has the sweetest smile

 Dear little Gordon Duff, won’t you stay awhile

 Come with me where moonbeams paint the sky

 And you and I might linger in the sweet by and by, oh…

 Dear little Gordon Duff, with your eyes so blue

 Oh little Gordon Duff, you’ re a dream come true

 You and I will settle down in a cottage built for two

 Oh, dear little Gordon Duff, I love you…

 Everybody !

 My little Gordon Duff, has the sweetest smile

 Dear little Gordon Duff won’t you stay awhile

 You and I will settle down in a cottage built for two, oh

 Dear little Gordon Duff

 Sweet little Gordon Duff,

 My little Gordon Duff

 I love you!!!


8 thoughts on “The REAL Truther Three Amigos!

  1. Without belaboring the obvious, A&E911, which is run by Richard Gage, remains hung up on nanothermite, which cannot have blown the Twin Towers apart (though it could have been used along the way) and refuses to talk about WHO was responsible and WHY 9/11 occurred. So Gage cannot explain the WHO, the HOW or the WHY. That Tony Rooke declared Gage to be an “amigo” is baffling. Similarly for Duff, who runs (what appears to be) a psyop designed to manage the attitudes of veterans. But VT, which he runs, has done excellent work on the use of nukes on 9/11. It might be a good idea to bring the amigos together where Gage has a lot to learn from Duff about how it was done! See “On C-SPAN, Richard Gage leaves 9/11 Truth in a time warp”,


    • Thanks for your comment Jim – have never heard from Richard Gage as (much like Judy Wood) he likes to sit in his ivory tower and ignore the Average Joe. I don’t know anything about him, other than I once watched a news interview he did in a studio that seemed to glorify the sun symbol because it had giant suns all over the place . I imagined he must be a freemason because most A&Es are. They like to build building with hidden secrets you know. When I wrote the satirical blog post below, I had in mind what Dennis Cimino wrote to me in 2014 – when he said that Gage was involved in sex “groupies”. He said this (excuse his trucker x rated language):

      “…if Don writes one about Gage he gets my vote for ‘taking the fxxcking Jxxxx Bxxxxxx GATEKEEPER ON FINALLY!!!”

      nobody but me seems to think this is important but GAGE MUST BE CALLED OUT.

      and nobody touches him. Did you know the son of a bitch went to Vancouver and tried to convince the local people to BOYCOTT US when we went in 2012 to hold our hearings there? yeah. and nobody exposed him. and the fact he is notorious a whore monger who fXXcks groupies at these meetings, because he cannot keep his fXXcking zioturd burrito in his fxxxcking pants ever….sad sack of $hit that he is…totally a zioturd opportunist and fraud.”

      Please would you ask Tony Rooke (the true amigo friend of Richard Gage) if he knows if the above statement is true or not? If it is, then we need to get rid of the sex sleaze perversion in the ‘9/11 truth movement’ before we can even begin to discuss 9/11.

      I would e-mail Tony about it myself but I think he may have blocked my e-mails now sadly. He doesn’t understand me at all. You are right Jim, everyone needs to now confess their sins out in the open in a public meeting. The truth shall set us ALL free!
      Kind regards,


    • Hi Jim,

      Other than the nuke information you got from Edward Snowden – who Ian Greenhalgh claims to be a CIA fraud, and because you rightfully state “Fraud Vitiates Everything”, can you briefly state how was the nuke radiation objectively measured in New York on 9/11, and why, if the radiation was as high as you claim, were people told the air was safe to breath only a few days after the event? Considering the following information:

      Nukes are purposely designed to destroy human life and leave buildings in tact – but the opposite was seen on 9/11 when the buildings were pulverised. A brief exposure to 530 sieverts of radiation would kill a person. Exposure to only one sievert is enough to result in infertility, loss of hair and cataracts. According to the National Institute of Radiological Sciences, exposure to a mere four sieverts of radiation would typically be lethal for one out of every two people. The highest level of radiation detected at the Fukushima reactor was 73 sieverts per hour.

      Thank you!


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