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Are you married to a heartless lawyer who never takes the time to speak to you?  Does he or she often spend most of their time seeking to extort ridiculous amounts of money from the monstrous (like The Addams Family), whilst forgetting YOUR needs?  Then fear not, because Itt Consultancy is here to help!


We have helped many people survive the nightmare of living with unscrupulous immoral people, although obviously lawyers are the worst of the lot.  People don’t often use the slur; “you’ve got the heart of a lawyer!” without good reason you know.  Lawyers are the type of people that run to hide in the toilet as soon as SHTF, and they neglect the most vulnerable people they’re supposed to be helping – much like that cowardly lawyer who runs to hide in the toilet when the T-Rex is after the children in the movie “Jurassic Park” – Luckily the lawyer gets eaten first! 

Itt Consultancy can help you deal with difficult people no matter who they are – and believe me, we’ve worked with the worst of the worst.  We have helped many clients both famous and infamous to cope with living with bad characters, or with people who pretend to be their friends but who really aren’t.  Here are some of the success stories from people who “Itt Consultancy” has helped:


tontrookeTony Rooke’s Testimony:

Tony Rooke recently turned to Itt Consultancy when he thought the sky had fallen down – for real this time! He had lost all faith in humanity until he’d turned to Itt. 

Tony’s life spiralled into despair the very day he found out that all those stories that his daddy once told him (about heroic cops) were, indeed, all totally false!  In his heart he knew that cops were not the angelic beings his papa had made them out to be.  Perhaps that’s why he chose a different career path to that of being a cop (unlike his old man and sister who were cops).   He instead chose to live the hard life of a ‘truther’, much to the stern disproval of many (not least his next-of-kin coppers). 

One day he just totally snapped – whilst filming for YouTube he told a group of truthers that they should all just “forget about trying to awaken the public” – because he stated that they should all just go to their local police station to awaken ‘officers of the law’ instead.  Everyone in the audience felt he had totally lost his mind by saying that, and one person even jumped up to tell him: “But we [i.e. We the People] are ALREADY awake!” – He was openly stating what everyone in the world already knew to be true (other than Tony Rooke of course) – that We the People were already awake (and had been for a VERY long time), but those in law enforcement were still very much sound asleep – like a new born baby.

Nevertheless, Tony Rooke still refused to believe the cold hard truth.  From then on, he could no longer live with himself, knowing that all those fairy-tales he was once told as a child – about heroic cops versus robbers – were all just bullcrap.  The cognitive dissonance was just too much for him to endure.  The only way he could live with himself was to turn his attention to fire-fighters as being his heroes instead of coppers: “Only they can save us now”, he bemoaned.  But, unfortunately, they let him down too – when they refused to strike in protest against the recent Grenfell Tower horrors like he’d asked them to.  Tony was thus at his wits end when he turned to Itt Consultancy, and was thus able to gain the psychological therapy he needed to be able to live with himself – and with the notion that cops, or even fire-fighters aren’t really the saviour hero figures he has been conditioned (since childhood) to believe in.

Tony now remarks enthusiastically: 

“I recommend “Itt Consultancy” to any disillusioned cop, former cop or fire-fighter, or, indeed, to anyone in law enforcement.  Itt has helped me to understand who my true friends really are – they’re certainly not gangstas like Gordon Duff or Richard Gage (like I mistakenly once believed), but rather they’re the Average Joe people.  I’m sorry I ever lost all faith in We the People.  I shall never doubt their moral integrity ever again!  You people really ARE awake – more awake than I could ever have imagined!  I’m sorry I ever doubted you all.   Now I listen to 2Pac when he raps: “You ain’t never had a friend like me!”  I know who my real friends are now: It’s average everyday people like you, and 2Pac and that genie guy from Aladdin, singin’ “you ain’t never had a friend like me”, and most of all Itt!  Itt and I will now be best friends forever.  I know now why Michael Jackson sang the song “This is Itt”, because after my therapeutic consultation with Itt, I feel like the light of the world and mighty grand too!  When Sony made M.J.’s life a living hell, he should’ve turned to Itt Consultancy; I am in no doubt that had he have done so, then he’d still be alive today.  So please, don’t delay, turn to Itt today!” – T.R.


Jim Fetzer’s Testimony:

“When no-one understands me, when everything I do is wrong, Itt brings me hope and consultation, Itt gives me hope to carry on. And Itt’s always there, to land a hand, with everything I do, that’s the wonder, the wonder of Itt…

I turned to “Itt Consultancy” when Gordon Duff was being an absolute total bitch to me  – a bitch I tell you – to me!!!  How dare he!!  I stood by all his paper-bitching for many years and years, and how does he repay my mindless obedient loyalty?  He fires me THAT’S WHAT!!!  I still can’t believe it! Being fired from V.T. was worse than finding out that Gordon’s real name was actually Bob Foote (You think you know a guy!).  Next he’ll be telling me that his 9/11 nuke theory is all based on Edward Snowden’s CIA bullcrap – oh wait, he already has – via Ian Greenhalgh – so what’s one to do now, eh!?  I feel like I’ve wasted my entire life supporting a total nutter!!  Had I have turned to “Itt Consultancy” much earlier in my life, I wouldn’t have to live with the deep regret I now feel – having made such ridiculous bad choice of friends.   My only consolation now is in knowing that Tony Rooke was bamboozled into Duff’s phony friendship more than I.   

I am a man of a few words: so turn to “Itt Consultancy” today – it’s the most logical and sane thing to do right now – so do it now; before it’s too late!!  I know now that the needs of the many don’t always outweigh the needs of the few – because Itt came back for me!   I am, and forever will be, Itt’s friend.  Live long and prosperous Itt! That’s what my logical mind tells me now.”   – Jim Fetzer


Dennis Cimino’s Testimony:

“I was one of the first few spooks to first realise the saving grace of “Itt Consultancy”.   I tried to hide my spookhood from many people, but I was just awful at it!  I know that as a spook you’re not allowed to tell everybody that you’re a spook (otherwise it’s Game Over), but I really couldn’t help myself!   I blame all those James Bond movies that made spookhood look cool ‘n’ sexy.   I’ve always wanted to be sexy and cool – that’s why I only distribute picture of me wearing cool dark sunglasses in my cool aeroplane.  Itt Consultancy allowed me to put aside my ego, and to learn that the career of a spook is not that great after-all, and so there is absolutely no need to boast about it to practically everyone you meet – even to unknown strange e-mail entities!

I echo the sentiment of my good friend Jim Fetzer: If I’d have known before what a great big spookhouse Duff’s “Veterans Today” really was, I would never (not in a million years) have worked there!  Not for sexy-coolness, or even for a million billion trillion dollars!

Thank you Itt!  I am forever in your debt.” – D.C.


steve-deakSteve De’ak’s Testimony:

“I turned to Itt Consultancy when no-one (and I mean no-one else) would listen to me!! I tried everything to get people to listen – I even sat down in my garden with my tight pants on making YouTube videos to promote 9/11 truth – all to no avail!  You’d think that my lookalike 007 Sean Connery good looks would at least have the ladies flocking to my good cause, but oh no! That’s not what happens in the REAL world.  In the real world, you literally have to get down on your friggin’ hands and knees and beg for attention!  In your own friggin’ back yard – on YouTube!!!

…When I was bitten by a demonic Black Widow spider, I changed my identity to that of the fictional heroic Spiderman.  I needed motivation to continue the good fight – and not just because I like wearing tight pants!  I actually don’t wear the tight Spiderman costume, as I think it’s just a bit too flamboyant and gay.  Have you even seen the latest “Spiderman” Hollywood movie starring the Iron Man?  That Iron Man was so gay in that movie – he was like all over Spiderman in it – it was so friggin’ embarrassing to behold.  It almost made me want to change my superhero identity.   But I can’t do that now – as I’ve already been bitten, and you know what they say: once bitten; twice shy.  I really am a shy and retiring person. 

All I really ever wanted to do was is build more houses.  Build and build like Bob the Builder, but people just don’t let me do what I only ever want to do.  They expect me to save the world and solve 9/11 and stuff like that, but all I ever friggin’ wanna do is friggin’ build houses!!  I actually hate criminal investigative research.  I only came up with the idea for the “9/11 Crash Test” project after watching “Mythbusters” on T.V.  It was a freak idea! ‘Twas only to divert me away from my building duties for a short while, but now I seem to be stuck with it.  Thank goodness I have Itt to turn to whenever I’m called upon to continue with such a crazy 9/11 ‘truther’ project.  Just as one cannot live by bread alone; one cannot live by building alone! I recommend Itt to any builder (even a hopeless/good-for-nothing A&E one like Richard Gage) – anytime of the year.  Go for Itt!!” – S.D.


Gordon Duff’s Testimony:

“If it hadn’t been for Itt, I would’ve married George Soros a long time ago.  Where did Itt come from, where did Itt go…  I don’t know,  I don’t know… If you stick around Itt may show…

I first came across Itt purely by accident.  Like many others who turn to Itt, I was at my wits end.  I succumbed to searching for Maryland spankers on Craigslist to ease my troubled mind, but even they were sick of me and wanted nothing more to do with me.  I was at my very lowest – what can I say – if you want proof of how low I was at the time, then consider this:  I employed a yellow snotty-nosed Brit student as my “U.S. Military Affairs Expert” Senior V.T. Editor – you can’t get much lower than that!   

Like Steve De’ak, I wished to be a comic-book superhero.  I wanted to be Flash Gordon, but that was before I lost all faith in humanity – even more so than Tony Rooke believe it or not!  That’s why I write endless V.T. articles about how much “We the Sheeple” are just “too stupid to live”, and why they should all just drop down dead!  But lately, with the help of “Itt Consultancy”, I’ve been able to see the error of my ways.  I now see “Ignorance” itself as being my greatest enemy (rather than mere ignorant people), and so my latest article was all about how I truly wished (from the bottom of my stone-cold heart) for ignorance to just die!  That article was a hit on V.T. for the first time in like forever – V.T. commentators were finally applauding my intellect rather than my Duffsterism.  I was no longer the Duffster gangster they all knew me to be.  I was a hero against the infamous ignoramus.  For once in my life I felt cared for and appreciated by the Average Joe.  I no longer moan about them not being able to handle the truth.  As of from today, I shall endeavour to reveal to them more than my usual 60% bullshit ‘truth’ news, because I know now that they really CAN handle it.  I was thinking I might change the name of “Veterans Today” to perhaps “Jahilliya Times” – Jahilliya means ‘ignorance’ in Arabic you know.  I was even contemplating reverting to Islam (like Kevin Barrett), but then I thought maybe that really would be too much for my V.T. readership to handle – being the islamophobic military twats they all are – duh!  Too stupid to live, indeed!

Do you have a problem that no-one else can handle, then maybe you should call Itt – forget calling the ‘A’ Team, the Ghostbusters, Maryland Spankers, or whoever else you think may be of help – because, dare I say, you’ve truly got a friend in Itt!

Itt Consultancy has helped me to realise that I don’t have to spend my entire life acting as a paper-bitch “Lord of War” for George Soros, but that I really do have the inner strength to do what I truly am destined to do – that is to groom my pet guinea pigs on YouTube – like I always love to do – if only Soros would let me! –  G.D.

Red IttThat’s all folks!

Contact Itt Consultancy today! Don’t delay!

This is Itt,

Here I stand,

I’m the light of the world

I feel grand…

And what’s more:

Sia Itt

Sia-Itt will help solve ANY problem when SHTF big time!

So get your bonus FREE Sia-Itt consultation today!!

Forget your usual mouldy Agony Aunt – and try Cool Cousin Itt now instead!

Michael Jackson – This Is It (Official Video) – YouTube:


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