Hurry!! Get Your Planet X Shelter Golden Tickets Today!!

state-secrets-privilege-2-300x225Dear friends, comrades, countrymen and truthers,


Rejoice!  For today we have some good news to share with you. The reason Steve De’ak is currently not staying “on the scene like a truther machine”, is because he is busy working on building exclusive shelters for the 9/11 truther community for when Planet X finally hits Earth.  We all know that the elite are robbing the people blind in order to build their DUMB shelters, but all the money in the world does not produce the type of shelter our Spiderman Steve can produce.  He uses the finest spider silk material, mixed with Iron and other sturdy secret stuff to make the shelter totally shockproof and completely safe!  Whereas the elite are selling their DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) tickets for eye-watering amounts – ranging from billions to trillions of dollars each, Steve is ( for a limited time only) now selling his shelter tickets for the humble meagre price of only $500 dollars each.    Hurry and get your Planet X tickets today, before they sell out and it becomes far too late!!   You’ve all seen what happens to the Average Joe in the “2012” Hollywood movie, so please stay safe and don’t be left behind!


For the small total price of $500 dollars only, you’ll get:


  • A “Shelter Golden Ticket” to guarantee your place in one of Steve’s Shelters,


  • Free first-class transportation to the shelter facility once the Planet X arrival date is confirmed – this will most likely be via a Big Russian Jet Plane – because only Russia can build big enough jet planes with fancy fast cars inside to withstand apocalyptic Earth-shattering events in any escape plan.


  • Priority food and drink for being a “9/11 Truther” benefactor – as a small percentage of the total price of $500 will go towards solving 9/11 in a Myth busters-type “9/11 Crash Test” project experiment – before SHTF!.


  • A chance to witness firsthand some of Steve’s superfast Spiderman building skills – using the finest Golden-orb spider (nephila) web silk reverse engineered from the Nephilim ET’s UFO spaceships, as well as secrets derivednephila clavipes - Golden Silk orb-weaver from top scientist’s cloning methods – such as that of Dr. Robert Lanza – as “bovine stem cells mixed with nephila spider juice” is just one the secret ingredients used in the building process, because, let’s just say as an understatement; Steve has mastered the very fabric of the String Theory known Universe, and is thus building the finest luxuriously silky shelters you could ever imagine for your personal safety and comfort – for only a cool $500!!!

Hurry as offer ends this December 2017!!

Please don’t delay; apply today!


[NOTE: Weaving Bohemian Grove Owl-worshipping Elitist scum-bags need not apply! ‘cause Spiders Rule this club!  So stick your little Bohemian Grove “weaving spiders come not here” warning sign where the sun don’t shine – and it most certainly will NOT shine once Planet X finally arrives and sends your wee Bohemian Butt to everlasting hell where it belongs!]



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