Rap The News!

lion roar

The ‘freestyle’ rap song below is dedicated to the “Rap The News” YouTube Channel – a channel produced by a homie bro’ who likes to tell it how it really is: Email: rap@bizguy.info





Rap Da News!!

We’re gonna rap da news
Even when we’re losin’ You Tube views
‘cause it’s controlled by Zionist Jews
Who censor and abuse
All the truther clues
Of people of different colour ‘n’ hues
Who got the blues
So let’s rap da news
‘cause I ain’t here just to amuse
Planet X is comin’ to bruise
Watch it as it nears Earth in a cruise
Before it crashes and starts to defuse
All ye ignorant sinners who mock ‘n’ bemuse
Your ruse stinks like stinkin’ shoes
The same old crap you constantly use and reuse
But guess what?
You lose!
‘cause I is here to Rap Da News!!

My rap’s better than Eminem
Rappin’ with his phlegm
He best stop rappin’ and fight wid da pen
Instead of actin’ like a mother hen
‘cause chicks are comin’ home to roost,
Or should I say roast
His white ass into toast
But I ain’t here just to boast
‘cause our fight ain’t about colour
You can be white, or as dark as ma brother
It don’t matter
So stop your stupid voodoo hex

Malcolm X named Planet X
‘cause it didn’t just land on Plymouth Rock
It landed right on top of us!
Yeah, that’s right!
Right on top of your ignorant stupid head
‘cause it’s the truth that you dread
So stop just pointin’ the finger at The FED
Yeah, they’re our enemy but why is you in their bed?!
Now you’re fearin’ ISIS about to behead
But what about that talkin’ head named TED
Talkin’ crap instead
So I is gonna Rap Da News
Before turnin’ Planet X red, or we’re all dead
When fake news is finally fled
‘cause falsehood’s what it’s wed
But I hear Jerusalem bells ring-a-dingin’
So listen to the rap song that I’m singin’
‘cause when I rule da world
With its Muslims, Christians or Jews
I’m a gonna Rap Da News!



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