Court Trial: The British Revolution versus Tony Rooke

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The British revolutionary spirit has often been undermined by those who don’t understand it at all.  For example, Tony Rooke’s recent statement uttered against real U.K. Freedom Fighters – who he labels as being mere “desk bound weirdos”.  He states:

“For the record, I find most desktop warriors a waste of space and that would probably extend to many of the recipients on his emails, as I’ve yet to see the vast majority of those names vaguely connected to a court case…

And yes, I do find MOST of the UK public about as revolutionary as a tablecloth.” – Tony Rooke


What Tony Rooke doesn’t realise is that the British public have a covert hardcore revolutionary spirit – and yes, it does indeed, involve the use of so-called “tablecloths”– otherwise known as the Arab headgear – much to Tony’s utter distain.


arab headdressThe Arab headgear is a famous symbol of resistance against tyranny.  Many real British revolutionaries wear it in solidarity with the Freedom Fighters of the Middle East, such as their oppressed Palestinian human family – even though it may indeed look like just an ordinary tea-towel, or may be used as a tablecloth.  Tony Rooke should therefore think twice before comparing the British Revolution to a tablecloth, because he clearly doesn’t know the true hidden power of the ‘tablecloth’.


Tony Rooke has been sucking up to illuminati game card  “agents in place” (such as the infamous Gordon Duff and Richard Gage) for far too long, that he has even forgotten what the very word “revolution” means – never mind knowing what it’s all about – with or without it’s fearless Arabian-looking ‘tablecloths’.  Even an old-aged British granny desktop warrior can kick-ass more than Tony Rooke can.  Tony often behaves like the classic paper-bitch bully who emails derogatory statements against the U.K. public – based on zero fact or evidence – and then doesn’t even have the balls to read the reply rebukes. He just blocks all incoming e-mail replies and goes to hide in his mamma’s basement to cry all by himself, or otherwise he hides behind some tight-pants wearing cop or fire-fighter and encourages them to beat people up for no good reason whatsoever.  He wants the critical discerning U.K. public – who hold their law enforcement officials accountable for their actions, to be treated in a ruthless manner – so much so that they have to – according to Tony: “extract their upper torso from their alimentary canal” anytime they utter a critical word against them.   Tony Rooke clearly is NOT a proponent of free-speech, let alone 9/11 truth or the true peaceful British revolutionary spirit.


The very first British royal who ever wore the so-called “tablecloth” – as a symbol of the British revolutionary spirit, was none other than Princess Diana.  Not many people know this, but Princess Diana became an unlikely hero for the revolutionary people’s resistance movement.   She was far from being the “blonde-bimbo, fickle, candle-in-the-wind, English rose” that the media falsely portrayed her to be.  Diana British Queenjpgwas a clever and tough warrior of the people’s resistance.  She was destined to revolt against the shape-shifting reptilian royal mindset, because ( just like Count Dracula’s Islamic brother) she knew her enemy very well – a bit “too well” some may say, but nevertheless, very well indeed – enough to bring them down for good – had she been given half the chance.   That’s why the reptilian overlords did all they could to bring her down – they chose to get rid of her in Paris, France – the birthplace of all things reptilian and false – like the reptilian inspired bloody phony French Revolution.


crazy-love-imageDiana first openly spread the message of true British revolutionary resistance when she was filmed with a Pakistani heart surgeon.  The British mainstream media falsely portrayed her as being just some dizzy love-struck bimbo who was after “untouchable” Muslim men, but those in the underground resistance knew that this was a strategic covert military psyop move by her.  That was the first time she publicly planted the seeds of her revolutionary spirit into the hearts and minds of the British public. Diana proclaimed that she cared not for fortune or fame, but rather she wished to be the “Queen of People’s Hearts”. Her subliminal message was clear:  If you want to get rid of British tyrannical reptilian rule, then you need to turn to the heart-centred peace of Islam – as often personified in your everyday London Muslim heart surgeon – as what could be more heart-centred than a Muslim heart surgeon, duh!


Diana travelled to Pakistan to meet with their famous Muslim cricketer with his Jewish wife. She intended to learn more about how to teach Islam to the British public – but they gave her some really bad advice, perhaps because they were influenced by MI5/6 into doing so.  They encouraged her to marry a pseudo-Muslim playboy Egyptian named Dodi – as only an extinct Dodo Dodi could be brainwashed into parting with his riches to support an undercover British Revolution.  Diana was encouraged to use him to raise enough money for her underground Islamic revolutionary resistance movement, but this was, unfortunately, the beginning of her downfall, as it was clearly a trap set by the reptilian intelligence agencies.  Some “conspiracy theorists” claimed Diana was killed by ‘the powers that be’ because she was pregnant with Dodi’s Muslim child, but that was just wild speculation, as anyone who knows anything about anything at all, knows that it was because she was secretly preparing to become the Mother of All Revolutionaries – rather than being just the mother of one dark-skinned Muslim child – which really wouldn’t have had that much influence on a mindless apathetic Islamophobic society.


Prince HarryPrincess Diana’s legacy lives on now with her children – because nothing can take away the true love of a mother.  Although Prince Harry was mind-controlled by the military-industrial complex to fight against innocent Muslims in weak Muslim countries like Afghanistan (and other impoverished countries that never posed any real threat to anybody), he has nevertheless retained some of the real revolutionary spirit instilled in him by his mother Diana.  He now intends to marry a black lady with African- American DNA, much to the stern disproval of the monarchy.   Harry secretly wishes to become a Muslim with many black African children. 


prince harry babyPrince Harry intends to name his first born child “Ubuntu” – meaning “humanity” – as a symbol of what it truly means to be human – that is to love thy self as you would another person – because we are all members of one big human family – regardless of race, religion, social status or any other factors that seek to divide and conquer our true human oneness:

Ubuntu is a Nguni Bantu term meaning “humanity”.  It is often translated as “humanity towards others”, but is often used in a more philosophical sense to mean ‘the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity”.


Prince Charles has also fought against his Count Dracula DNA to show some appreciation of Islam, but he is yet to join the people’s resistance movement – because he was warned by the shadow government that they’d “do a Dianna on him” if he even thought about it.  Prince Charles is therefore doomed to remain married to “The Rottweiler” for all of eternity, when all he ever secretly wanted to do was to marry some rich Muslim Dodo-like princess.  Charles deeply regrets divorcing Diana – and says he truly “misunderestimated” her and took her for granted – even more so than President George Bush ever did when he “misundererstimated” absolutely everything he ever saw – like that little thing called a friggin’ English dictionary!


When Princess Diana died, the underground British revolutionary spirit did not die along with her – but it lived on, in some unlikely places with some unlikely heroes.  Namely, Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad (aka Tim Winter) who re-ignited his Winter family’s Guy Fawkes-type revolutionary spirit.  Over the many, many years, the Winter family have perfected the art of British Revolution.  They no longer seek to fight with primitive gunpowder but with the mighty-enlightened Islamic pen instead.  Tim Winter is currently “writing like the wind” with his mighty pen at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and within the Cambridge Muslim mosque and college – not so much so as to win a “paper-bitch” competition, but rather to spark the flames of a British Islamic Revolution for good!!


the quranAny intelligent enlightened individual knows deep down inside that the only way to real revolutionary peace, is to contemplate the truthful message of the Holy Quran, and to live by it – both in word and deed.  This is the unspoken truth that is instilled within the fabric of our very being, and so can never be erased by phony revolutionary wannabes – those who often pretend to be “for the people”, but who are anything but that.  Isn’t it about time that you turned to Allah Almighty and asked for forgiveness so that you too may progress to higher stages of enlightenment – it can’t be THAT much fun dwelling in the mindset of “the lowest of the low”, so please look within you, search your heart, your conscience, and leave apathy and complacency behind. For once in your life really look at the “man in the mirror” and MAKE THAT CHANGE!



The British Revolution will finish (via Islam) what the French Revolution first began:

“The French Revolution began because the people of France wanted to end the monarchy and aristocracy…The people signed the Declaration of the Rights of Man, which declared that all estates are equal…all men are born equal under the law…the Revolution cherished the genuine aspirations of people such as liberty, equality and justice, which became the inspiration of people not only in France, but also in Europe and from there to the whole world.”


mothershipNow please show your support for the British Revolution by now marching on November 5th – or Bonfire Night – towards Parliament (preferably wearing any table-tea cloth/ Arab headgear you can find), so we can all now proclaim – as the triumphant Muslims once did when they re-entered Mecca with the Prophet Mohammed saying: “Finally falsehood has vanished, and such falsehood is destined to perish with the triumph of Islam”


Falsehood perishes even, would you believe, in totally hopeless places – right in the middle of the belly of the reptilian beast – like in the U.K.   In conclusion, in can be said with the utmost certainty, that after reading this story, never again will Tony Rooke arrogantly mock towel-head wearing British revolutionaries ever again!  He truly has no idea what he’s talking about when he says: “MOST of the UK public are about as revolutionary as a tablecloth” – because even a friggin’ tablecloth has more backbone than he does!


We, the British Public’s Revolution, have perfected the art of military psyop infiltration.  At this very moment in time, our brave Islamic-British warrior named Ian Greenhalgh has infiltrated Gordon Duff’s U.S. military psyops division.  He poses as an undercover dumb/fickle/ George Soros loving/ cowardly British nerd just to get on the ‘good’ side of Duff.  Ian has successfully managed to gain Duff’s trust to become his “U.S. Military Affairs Expert”.  Ian recently wrote a bullshit V.T. article about Islamic links to paganism but that was only a cover story to hide his true jihadi intentions. Ian intends to write more pro-Islamic articles once more of the staff at V.T. finally revert to Islam.  New Muslim V.T. writers (such as Sajjad Shaukat) are clearly sucking up to Gordon Duff in much the same way as Ian is still doing now – just so that they can begin to eventually plant the real seeds of Islamic knowledge in the brains of the ignorant masses.  Sajjad Shaukat writes sarcastically:

“At the Syrian Conference on Combating Terrorism and Religious Extremism December 1, 2014—in his Keynote address, Veterans Today Senor Editor and Director Gordon Duff disclosed publicly for the first time ever that World Terrorism is actually due to a large International Organized Crime Syndicate associated with Israel…And the shock-waves from his historic speech in Damascus continue to reverberate around the world even to this very day. And now Gordon Duff has asked President Putin to release Russian Intel which will expose about 300 traitors in Congress for their serious serial felonies and statutory espionage on behalf of the Khazarian Mafia (KM) against America and many Middle East nations.” –  Sajjad Shaukat



Only a gullible stupid American public (or a clueless/odd Duff-loving Duff-loving Brit like Tony Rooke) would ever take seriously such a bullshit statement and article about Gordon Duff.  That’s why a British Revolution is far superior to any revolution any American can ever come up with.  Gordon Duff is as much “on the people’s side” as the Orwellian named Emmanuel Goldstein is on steroids.  David Duke states this:

“…I have come to believe that the Khazar theory is one more piece of controlled opposition as illustrated in Orwell’s 1984 where Emmanuel Goldstein is supposedly Big Brother’s opposition, but in fact he is part of the Big Brother apparatus.”


Anyone who knows anything about Gordon Duff knows that he is not just part of the Big Brother apparatus, but that he practically IS the apparatus – with his infamous psyop military V.T. freak show!

But “We the People” will have the last laugh – first when the British Islamic Revolution turns Buckingham Palace and Parliament into a mosque, and then when all V.T. writers finally become reverts to Islam.

Only then will Tony Rooke truly understand the mighty power of the U.K. public – who he often derides as being just “about as revolutionary as a tablecloth”, as he sucks up to the illuminati game card “agents-in-place” – such as the pseudo-truthers Gordon Duff and Richard Gage, and perhaps also – God forbid – that “Father of all Agents In Place” named Alex Jones!!   Tony should know not to go Full Stupid – never go Full Stupid – especially when talking trash about harmless tablecloths – just because you’re a big bully and tablecloths can’t talk back at you!  It’s now well past time for Tony Rooke to surrender to the real British Revolution.


Sia Lyrics:

“Black & Blue”

Break down, tears fall to the ground
Tell myself, “Do it. Nothing can be found.”
When you’re a fighter
You’re a fighter
You’re a fighter, fight on baby

Some days I’m sure I’ve lost the faith
Some days I cannot find my faith
But I just fight on
I just fight on
I just fight on baby, baby

And I am a wounded warrior
And now that the enemy is closing in
I am a wounded warrior
Looking for someone to let me in

Black and blue, I’m begging you
Take me in, I’m surrendering
Black and blue, but if I’m with you
If I’m with you, I’ll live to fight on through

I’ll let go, walking into the unknown
If I surrender, if I lay my arms down
Am I a fighter?
Am I a fighter?
‘Cause I’ve been fighting so long baby

And I am a wounded warrior
And now that the enemy is closing in
I am a wounded warrior
Looking for someone to let me in

Black and blue, I’m begging you
Take me in, I’m surrendering
Black and blue, but if I’m with you
If I’m with you, I’ll live to fight on through

I am a wounded warrior
Now that the enemy is closing in
I am a wounded warrior
Looking for someone to let me in

I am wounded warrior
Now that the enemy is closing in
Closing in
Looking for someone to let me in, oh!

Black and blue, I’m begging you
Take me in, I’m surrendering
Black and blue, but if I’m with you
If I’m with you, I’ll live to fight on through

Black and blue, I’m begging you
Take me in, I’m surrendering
Black and blue, but if I’m with you
If I’m with you, I’ll live to fight on through



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