Gordon Duff writes to Brian S. Staveley


Dear Brian S. Staveley,


This is Gordon Duff aka Bob Foote.  First of all, I’d just like to say that you’ve got me!  You’ve well and truly got me this time.  You’ve exposed me as a prominent gatekeeper in the so-called “truth movement”.   But you really didn’t need to you know.  Over the many, many years, I’ve tried to come out and ‘expose’ myself numerous times – but no matter how hard I try to advertise my evilness, people still ignore it.  Like the time I told the world that I enjoyed shooting innocent Vietnamese during the Vietnam war, but V.T. readers still thought nothing of it.  It was meant to be my “confession” so that I could purify myself somewhat of my many sins – A miniature “revelation of the method” if you will, but all to no avail as nobody cares!  All people ever want to do is idolise me as some-kind  of “Wizard of Oz” hero –  just because I had a few brain cells to create the “Veterans Today” website – even though the real ‘brains’ behind that psy-op presstitution spook house is none other than George Soros.  I’ve openly confessed such sins as: working for evil corporations such as Dupont, Monsanto and the notorious military-industrial complex, and working as an international “Lord of War” openly selling guns and promoting at least 60% V.T. disinformation. Despite this, I’m still considered a people’s saviour for some odd reason – it’s really, really baffling and annoying to say the least!


king with no clothesI actually hate people who admire me because I know who I really am.  My pet guinea pigs keep me grounded in reality whenever all the public adulation makes me pig-headed.  Although I fired Jim Fetzer from V.T., I actually admire him for finally calling me out as a phony, rotten, good-for-nothing disinformation agent.  I know how hard it must’ve been for him to do so because he was once a close friend.  But rats jumping ship are still rats are they not?  Same goes for Dennis Cimino. I only wish people would have the guts to criticise me to my face instead of all the backbiting that goes on.  Even though all the horrible things people say about me are most likely all true, it still hurts to know that people don’t see me as a real human being.  I’ve always followed the motto “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.  That’s why I now keep Ian G. firmly in line by brainwashing him to love George Soros as much as he does me.  If Dennis C. didn’t go AWOL on me, I’d encourage him to sit on my lap and play “happy truther families” all day long, forever and ever.


You say in your recent article entitled “The Real Truth Behind the Greatest Illusion of All Time 9/11”:

“Jim Fetzer’s name came up as someone who supported Wood and this is key… Jim Fetzer like myself is obviously a serious 9/11 investigator.”



smoke%20mirrorsSorry, but I don’t share your view that Jim Fetzer is an innocent real researcher, as he’s been supporting my CIA-sponsored “nuke theory”, whilst at the same time trying to jump into bed with Dr. Judy Wood’s theory. Where’s the integrity in that?! At least Ian G. still has the balls to call Edward Snowden out as a CIA COINTELPRO fraud – even though Snowden’s the main source behind our nuke theory’s ‘evidence’.  People should’ve realised the ‘nuke theory’ was fake when they saw it being featured within one of the infamous illuminati game cards – just like how the illuminati game cards show up Alex Jones for who he really is – just a pig-headed “agent in place” cheap sell-out.  My nuke theory is so flimsy; I even now have to try to jump into bed with Dr. Judy Wood’s D.E.W. theory – just to retain some credibility as a ‘truther’.  Not that her ‘theory’ or evidence is any stronger than mine.  It’s an open secret that her Wonder Woman psy-op persona was televised many years ago – as laughable “predictive programming” for Israeli tranny wannabes.  Now do you understand why I have to write endless V.T. articles about how “We the People” are just too stupid to live? 


I hate this psyop phony ‘truther’ game. I never wanted to be a gatekeeper for the evil elite, but life has pulled me in that wrong direction against my true wishes. Have you watched the movie entitled “Lord of War” starring Nicholas Cage?   I really identify with the ending scene when the “Lord of War” is confessing all his sins in prison – knowing that he will still be set free by the ‘powers that be’ – because he is their mindless drone doing all their dirty work.  I wish someone would set me free from such “Lord of War” slavery, hence this confession to you.  I admire you Brian because your name could almost read ‘brain’, and I do so wish to interact with someone with brains – even one brain cell would do!  You’re unlike most people I know, especially unlike Tony Rooke who constantly wishes to befriend me – as his amigo alongside his friend Dr. Richard Gage – thus keeping me locked in this Matrix gate-keeping prison – just to maintain a gate-keeping ‘truther’ illusion which no-body with even half a brain-cell would believe in anyway.

Sometimes I just wish I could sing the following lyrics to people like Tony Rooke – like right up close and personal to their faces:  “…set me free why don’t you babe, get out ma life why don’t ya babe, ‘cause ya don’t really love me, you just keep me handing on…” I can’t remember the title of that song, but the lyrics ring true in terms of my interaction with various ‘truthers’ who follow me around obsessively just to steal my thunder:  Thunder V.T. thorn birds are, “Go, go, go!” I always say.


ignorance ischoiceAt the end of the day, does it really matter how the Crime of the Millennium was carried out?  The real crime was actually the extent of apathy and complacency amongst the so-called “We the People”.  They only ever realise the error of their ways when chickens come home to roost.  Jim Fetzer isn’t the hero he likes to make himself out to be.  At least I openly tell people that I’m evil.  He doesn’t even bother. He just walks around with a pretend halo on his fairy-yellow hair – when everyone knows he’s been in bed with my nuke theory psy-op this whole time.  How can he bring down his master without expecting some retribution too – as my partner in psy-op ‘nuke theory’ crime?


The ‘magic’ we see on 9/11 can all be explained by modern technology.  Do you know we now have the technology to manipulate and disappear objects from live camera filming in real-time?  It’s amazing what can be done with movie tricks.  Your mumbo-jumbo theory on 9/11 is nothing new.  The elite always knew that they’d be some people with a few brain cells who would “think beyond the box”.  That’s where you come in as “Mumbo-jumbo Number 5” gatekeeper – giving them your little bit of Fezter in the sun, a little bit of Judy here I come, a little bit of Richard ‘n’ Chris just for fun, and a bit of Simon Shack makes me your man!  Mumbo-jumbo Number 5!”   Seriously, it’s pathetic! Even more pathetic than I am and that’s saying something – considering I’ve got as much backbone as a jellyfish.  I hate it when people dream up stories of me being somekind of “Wizard of Oz” – I’ve always hated that film – it gives me the creeps with all it’s sun worship illuminati symbolism.  I’d really like to communicate with more freethinkers, but my bosses compel me into blocking them and slandering their good name instead.  But at least I know who I am: I is a gate-keeper, paper-bitch-ass-shill, Lord of War traitor playing a ‘truther’, you is a truther who doesn’t know who he is! Peddling your unoriginal “Hollow Towers” theory – like a friggin’ hollow man.  I don’t know who you think you is, but you ain’t it!  You’re like a scum-sucking pig, sucking bits of scum from each and every infamous ‘truther’ pig and then outrageously calling it your own.  Seriously, are people actually buying this bullshit onion – with layers upon layers of bullshit within bullshit?  It wouldn’t surprise me!  After all, they still read V.T. articles don’t they – even though I’ve told them, time and time again, that the articles contain at least 60% bullshit. 

I fear for the human race I really do.  That’s why I’ve instructed my masters to freeze my body and bring me back to life as a cute furry guinea pig – sometime in the distant future.  It’s the least they can do for all the paper-bitching I’ve been doing for them over the years.  At least when I finally meet my maker on the Day of Judgement, I can boast about having spent some time on Earth as a friggin’ guinea pig!  The only thing I truly enjoy doing on this insane planet, is making YouTube videos about my caged pet guinea pigs – and then comparing them to humans. Sometimes when I’m all alone at home, me and ma guinea pigs have a tea party and we get all spiritual and stuff singing the holy song: “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” – you wouldn’t understand this type of deep spiritual connection, as you’re obviously still operating in reptilian-brain mode.


You say in your article:

“I was invited onto James H. Fetzer’s show The Real Deal to discuss my views on 9/11. Fetzer and myself don’t agree on the fakery aspect at all as he pushes a new theory every few months. From thermite, to holograms, and now mini nukes he flip flops a lot.”


The reason Jim Fetzer flip flops is because he is a friggin’ fish – yes a friggin’ flip-floppin’ fishy merman in Deep State murky scum water, that’s what he is!  I really hate this fishy ‘truther’ family – it’s like the recent ruthless Saudi version of “Game of Thrones”.  Jim Dean says that the Saudi princes are playing a game of musical chairs on a sinking Titanic.  It’s the same with the truth movement – it don’t matter who gets to the top, the ships still going down: Down, down, down, ‘truthers’ going down!  You definitely can’t make this bullshit up.  Well, just for the record, I’m the first big fat furry guinea-pig-rat that’s jumping ship.  All you other miserable hungry rats are just Slim Shady pale imitators.  I’m such an immoral rat that whenever I get any critical feedback from V.T. readers (who I assume are female), I immediately label them as being “turd girls” – especially if they’re Muslim. My critics fall into two categories only:  They are either “turd girl” Maryland Spankers, or “too stupid to live” morons – I love to slander truthers especially “grandpa truthers” like Steve De’ak, who I hate even though they are often very polite to me.  I simply hate old people.  V.T. isn’t a “help the aged” charity you know.  I will never age because I’ve got a ticket to become a transhuman android.  It was a birthday gift from my rich lover and sponsor – George Soros, who else!  As a presstitute, I’m fulfilling the prophesy of Malcolm X when he says presstitutes will have you hating the victim rather than the oppressor.  “Victims” are such cry babies I hate them as well!


wantedposter111I don’t see why you understate the criminality of prominent ‘truthers’ in the so-called “truth movement” by stating:


“First I want to tell you that even though most of the “truth” groups have been infiltrated I am not saying they are all bad or totally comprised of bad people, BUT most of the key figures at the top have some very bad intentions that I will bring into the light today after revealing to you what transpired on the day itself.”



Bad intentions my ass! We’re like  Snoop Dogg and 2Pac’s mofo gangsta party – nothing but a mofo gangsta party!  So bring out the Champaign glasses and let’s celebrate before someone in the “We the People” movement actually starts to ‘think’ for a change!   I’m so scared of free-thinkers – I even instruct my paper-bitch spooks to block all their emails and censor their blogs.  Soon V.T. will be the only thing the “too stupid to live” public will be allowed to read – that’s if, by then, they’re still able to read.  Otherwise I’d have to open up a Zoolander inspired “School For People Who Don’t Read Good”.  But at least for now, to paraphrase Mugatu from the “Zoolander” movie: “I invented “Veterans Today”, what did you do ‘truthers’?!  You did nothing! NOTHING!!!


malcolm x


malcomn X awakening


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    • Well, if it’s that old why don’t you come up with some new stuff, instead of acting like a flat-brained dumb flat-earther all the time – when you’re not trying to mindlessly suck up to the Duffster.


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