Real NASA versus Dr. David Griscom!


A letter to Dr. David Criscom from NASA:


Yo, grizzly bear Griscom,

You ain’t so fierce ‘n’ grizzly! We here is top Negro physicists from NASA – aka Negroes Against Snake Assholes, aka The Old Negro Space Program.  We is wanting to take you on in your little debate challenge – to win back all ‘em bitcoins and hard cash you got from Kevin Barrett – at the time when you won by default twice – just ‘cause you didn’t have nobody to debate you.  Well we here is the real “Coalition of the Willing” and we WILL kick your ass in ANY debate – we got guts to debate ya all.  Not like all ‘em pussified top professors at top universities like Harvard, Yale, Oxford and Cambridge and $hit.  Or like all ‘em tight pants wearing firefighters Tony Rooke now looks up to – even though they all chickened-out of any kind of industrial strike action he was calling for.  We is here to restore some law ‘n’ order for good now, so listen up!  You think you is “wise”, well you don’t know the meaning of the word homie. We is so wise bro’, we make the proverbial ‘wise owl’ look like just another friggin’ dumb dodo bird. Yeah, that’s right – like just some bitch-ass 70 foot stone owl all ‘em mofo elitist scumbags be worshippin’ at Bohemian Grove.

Fake NASA elitist Nazi snakes can just kiss our big fat butts, ‘cause we sure know who we is: We is black NASA dudes acting like white fake moon-landing NASA dudes, to prove to ‘em Nazi dudes who we really is.  You is a white fake-NASA delusional moon-landing wannabe who doesn’t know who he is!  We now hearin’ from your former white fake-NASA homies pretending they is now black – ‘cause once you go black you never go back.  Yeah right! They is just wanting to act all black friendly now ‘cause a half black white clone is marryin’ a British royal ginger nut.  But you know what they say: once you go white NASA reptilian snake, you never, ever become human again. 


We is gonna debunk your little 9/11 shockwave theory in under 1 minute tops, so listen up:


First we apply the scientific principle of Occum’s Razor – meaning that when confronted by conflicting theories for an unexplained phenomena one should prefer the simpler explanation, or, in other words, you best start thinkin’ like a Simple Jack, or you is gonna get your butt kicked. Think, damn it!:  Why have expensive reinforced shockwave planes when you can have cheap fake plane holograms? Why have fake plane holograms when you can have CGI? Why even bother with CGI when there’s an American zombie apocalypse going on?  Therefore, the simplest logical possibility, according to Occum’s Razor, is that there wouldn’t be any need for your highly elaborate Dr. Evil shockwave plane plot – when there are far more cost-effective ways of fooling a brainless zombie nation.


That’s our debunking of your 9/11 shockwave theory in a nutshell.


We is now gonna debunk all the other 9/11 theories:  Why have an expensive shockwave theory when you can have free energy DEWs instead?  Why have free DEWs when you can have none existent nukes, why have nonexistent nukes when you can have virtual reality CGI, why have CGI when you can have Occums Razor, why have a friggin’ razor blade when you can be a hairless tranny with zero testicular fortitude?  Why have zero testicular fortitude when you can have a zombie apocalypse?


So where’s our money!  We want ‘em bitcoins Griscom!  Give us our money now paper-bitch!!  We won the debate fair ‘n’ square, there’s no denying it.  Oh yeah, that little “Crash Test” video footage you showed in your last ‘debate’ with Kevin Barrett – to prove that a fighter jet can melt like butter into a brick wall when travelling at approximately 600 mph, was fake!  Steve De’ak can easily prove it with a real Crash Test.  That fake NASA fighterjet crash test bullcrap didn’t show all ‘em little gremlins hiding in the wall – taking it apart molecule by molecule – just to make it look like there was some kind of plane impact – just like how ‘em Gremlins did on 9/11 when they cut out a Roadrunner cartoon-like plane shape in ‘em towers.  So what’s it gonna be Professor Griscom: a neat roadrunner cartoon plane impact, or a big-ass explosion like was shown on your fighter jet Crash Test video footage?  You can’t have it both ways.  You can’t have a big-ass explosion with dustified steel, concrete, metal and stuff all exploding everywhere, in all directions, upon immediate impact in red hot flames, and then a cool neat plane cartoon-like shape cut-out in the building too – so cool and neat that even a lady ‘survivor’ is soon pictured standing near the plane impact hole?  Why didn’t your fighter jet plane make a jet plane silhouette in the wall during the crash test video footage you showed?  You debunked your own shockwave theory when you showed that fighter jet crash test footage, because it proved how impossible such a cartoon plane cut out shape really is.  So our contention is that Steve De’ak’s view – that the plane shaped holes were man-made via removal of certain steel frames/floors etc. prior to any kind of ‘plane’ impact, is most likely true.  Your shockwave theory just wouldn’t be cost effective for the evil doers who carried out the crime, and so doesn’t pass the occum’s razor test.


So hand over our kick-ass debate winning money now!  Actually, we would like you to donate the money to Steve De’ak’s Crash Test project so he can kick your little paper-bitch-ass shockwave theory to kingdom come, once and for all – with some hard-core irrefutable practical evidence.  Don’t go all chicken $hit Scrooge now on us.  We the “coalition of the kick-ass willing” now challenge you to a debate. Are you gonna hide behind your pale-faced black wannabe fake NASA friends, or are you gonna grow a pair and respond to our real NASA (Negroes Against Snake Assholes) challenge?  Think carefully now, ‘cause you know what they say: once you go black, you never go back!   And once you go ‘real truther’ you can never be a fake delusional cognitive dissonance Kevin Barrett puppet, ever again!  Do you really wanna chicken-out and remain dealing with a ‘scientific’ establishment that ridicules its own members, and refuses to look at the results of its own principles if the results don’t confirm the favourite views of the reigning orthodoxy? We hope not – so join us now, our Negroes Against Snake Assholes (NASA) coalition, because, as Michael Jackson once sang, “It don’t matter if you’re black, or white”, and because humanity needs you!


9/11 Physics Debate 2015 – Dr. David Griscom wins again


28 top universities (including Harvard and Cal Tech) were invited to participate, and 2 Physics societies.

An honorarium of .911 Bitcoin was offered to a charity of the winner’s choice.


Ph.D. in Physics from an accredited university

Hirsch Index of at least 40 (a measurement of a scientist’s references in scientific community)

Please apply at

No physicists applied to support the U.S. Government’s official conspiracy theory (OCT) – the Bush Science of 9/11 (BS911). There should be 100’s of physicists clamoring to defend the U.S. Government story. It would show patriotism, and might help them get Government research grants.

But where are they?

Dr. Griscom is a PhD in Physics from Brown University. He has published over 190 studies in peer reviewed independent scientific journals. He worked at the Naval Research Laboratory for over 30 years, and was selected by NASA as a Principal Investigator of the Moon rocks, a very competitive position.

See also: – Collected Articles

http://JournalOf911Studies.org – co-founded by Dr. John Wyndham (PhD, Physics, Cambridge University), Dr. Steven Jones (PhD, Physics, Vanderbilt University), and Dr. Frank Legge (PhD, Chemistry, University of Western Australia)

9/11 Physics Debate Intro, Host Kevin Barrett with Dr. David Griscom:

The Old Negro Space Program

A parody in the style of Ken Burns documentaries – ‘retired’ black astronauts recall the feats and derring dos of the do it yourself ..


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