Game Show: “Dark Truther Jeopardy”


We all love the “Black Jeopardy” game shows on Saturday Night Live (as in above video), but how much better would a “Truther Jeopardy” game show be with similar dark humour?

Who wants to play “Dark Truther Jeopardy”?  The aim of the game is for each ‘truther’ contestant to prove to the world just how dark, dangerous and crazy being a ‘truther’ often is.  Contestants must answer clues about ‘truther’ culture and jargon.  The current game subject/clue categories are as follows:


Sock Puppet

I’m not suicidal so…

Conspiracy Theory

Rotten Spook




‘Truther’ Game Show Contestants:


Ian Greenhalgh says:


“I’ll choose the “Spook” category for $400:  ‘cause Edward Snowden may be a rotten CIA spook but at least he provided all the ‘classified’ data for Gordon’s nuke theory.  Where would 9/11 truth be if it weren’t for totally unreliable, snake-spook-morons like Snowden for us “nukers” to rely on – 110% of the time for all of our information?”


Simon Shack says:


“I’ll go for the “Sock Puppet” category:  ‘cause I may be a Tavistock Institute Sock Puppet, but at least I get to borrow some of David Bowie’s tunes for my own music like: “Cha-cha-cha-changes… there’s been in a change in the weather, not a change for the better…”  Also, I get to say that everything in the world is just as unreal, with puppet strings attached, as I am. And nobody at all died on 9/11, so ain’t nothing to see hear, so move along…”


Ace Baker says:


“I’ll choose the “I’m not suicidal so…”  Like when I go on Jim Fetzer’s radio show and put a gun to my head, and I’m like; “no bro’ Jim don’t go friggin’ well callin’ the police on me… have ya never heard of “showmanship”.  I’m not suicidal so don’t go bat $hit crazy on me now bro’.”  I’m just tryin’ to bring some attention to the 9/11 truth movement that’s all!  So don’t go calling no paper-bitch police on me now – I’m not an obsessive police lover like Tony Rooke is you know!”


Dr. Jim Fetzer says:


I’ll choose the “Conspiracy Theory” category for One Trillion Dollars (woahahaaaah! – does Dr. Evil’s laugh) ‘cause that’s how much money I’m gonna get for exposing the Sandy Hook false-flag event.  So the CIA had better just go and invent another term to defame my truth research, because ALL “conspiracy theory” has just become “conspiracy fact” under my watch!


Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad (aka Tim Winter):


I’ll also choose the “Conspiracy Theory” category.  I think everything the BBC does is just fantastic – even when they made the ‘mistake’ of reporting the so-called ‘live’ collapse of Building ‘7’ on 9/11 –  at least 20 minutes before they should have done.  I love the BBC so much so that I’m prepared to label all 9/11 truthers as nutty moon-landing “conspiracy theory” morons – in all of my BBC articles!



Game Show Host says: 


bbc disinfo“Yes, that’s it Abdal-Hakim!  That’s the darkest “dark truther” statement of them all!  So the winner is Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad – as what can be more “dark truther” than a prominent Western Muslim sheikh endorsing fake BBC news against the entire Muslim world?! Our show “Dark Truther Jeopardy” finally has a winner!! Congratulations!


BBC building 7


Stay tuned for the next Game Show: This time it’s “World War 3 Jeopardy” and the subject categories this time will be:

Jerusalem’s mine!

Albert Pike’s WW3

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS)

Mission Accomplished!



The contestants will be:  Zombie Albert Pike, Donald Trump, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and they will be competing to utter the most outrageous war-mongering statements of all time!




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