Dr. Judy Wood’s “Fetzer the Clown”

Evil McDonalds

Dr. Judy Wood’s “Fetzer the Clown”

On a recent radio interview, Dr. Jim Fetzer mentioned that he was very good to Dr. Judy Wood in the past, because he had once allowed her to speak for at least 3 hours at one of his 9/11 Truth conferences.  Therefore, he is still dumbfounded as to why she has portrayed him as a “clown” in response to his kindness.  Jim says that he is not perfect and makes mistakes like any other person, because he is “only human”.  Therefore, we as ‘truthers’ must now analyse the extent to which Dr. Jim Fetzer is more ‘human’, than he is Dr. Judy Wood’s “creepy clown”.


Unfortunately, despite the fact that Jim has done some tremendous good work for 9/11 truth, there have indeed been times when he has acted the clown.  Here are just a few obvious examples of this clowning-around behaviour of his:


  • Worked for “Veterans Today” – despite knowing that Gordon Duff openly only allows about 40% disinformation ‘truth’ – to be published at any one given time at his infamous “spook house” – according to the dictates of one of the greatest criminal masterminds of all time – aka George Soros.
  • Unlike Ian Greenhalgh, Jim failed to research the dodgy CIA links of Edward Snowden – before determining the validity of all the “9/11 nuke” information coming from Snowden, and before selling his nuke research as “undisputed fact” to the public via V.T.
  • Endorsed the perversion of “sodomy” on YouTube and voted for hardcore Zionist Donald Trump – perhaps just to get on Kevin Barrett’s nerves –when he had yet another “fall-out” with him.
  • Failed to understand the satanic influence of The Beatles music band before promoting their music on his ‘Real Deal’ radio shows.
  • Flip-flopped constantly – like a fish out of hot water – when endorsing Judy Wood’s work and other 9/11 theories.
  • Denied the Almighty Creator by declaring himself to be “agnostic” – against all logic and reason!


BeetlejuiceSo will the real Dr. Jim Fetzer please stand up? How will he now plead to the above charges made against him: Guilty or Not Guilty? Dr. Judy Wood’s clown, or “only human” fickle-snowflake-human being? 

Please reply Dr. Jim Fetzer – ASAP – so that we may help you to determine your New Year’s resolutions. 

Jim must now listen to Dr. Judy Wood’s favourite Wonder Woman tranny song (by Sia) entitled “To Be Human” – so that he may learn to distinguish the difference between what it truly means “to be human”, versus what it means to be a friggin’ “creepy clown” fickle snowflake!  There’s just no use singing [like Lady Gaga]: “…can’t read my, can’t read my Joker Face…I’m just bluffin’ with ma muffin’… ” – ’cause we’re onto you!


Song Lyrics: To be human is to love / Even when it gets too much / I’m not ready to give up / To be human is to love…


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