The Myth of the Muslim “Red Line”


There are some so-called ‘Muslim’ leaders – like the current Turkish president – who seek to promote the idea that Muslims have some sort of a “red line” that can’t ever be crossed.  But anyone, with even an ounce of integrity, or honesty, knows that this belief is just exaggerated wishful thinking – a fairytale myth at most – that has no basis whatsoever in reality.



mystical_forest_by_arabiian-d3ilyfsThere is no real Muslim “red line”, any more than there are any “real Muslims” left in the world – it’s a bit like looking for a fairytale mythical white unicorn, or hoping for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle!  To be able to have any kind of “red line” not to be crossed, you first need to have at least a friggin’ backbone – never mind other noble qualities such as ‘faith’, ‘integrity’ and ‘stamina’!  If ever there was a need for a “red line” for Muslims, it should have been after 9/11 – when Muslims were falsely accused of one of the greatest in-your-face criminal mastermind False Flags of all time.  Instead of uniting together as Muslims and defending their countries, Muslims instead endorsed such blatant crimes against humanity, and silently stood by (with apathy and complacency) as millions of their fellow innocent Muslims were sent to slaughter – in the name of phony “freedom” by the United Snakes of America.  Some so-called leading Muslim scholars (i.e. Sheikh Hamza Yusuf) even shook hands with the Skull ‘n’ Bones, soon-to-be-jailed, treasonous traitor George W. Bush, and clapped to his phony “war on terror” State of the Union speeches. 


When leading Western Muslim scholars were called to unite to speak up for 9/11 truth, they instead sucked up to BBC presstitutes and quickly labelled 9/11 truthers as “conspiracy theorists” – just as their FBI/CIA handlers encouraged them to do.  Thus leaving Christopher Bollyn’s poor ole Jewish Grandpa Steve De’ak to defend the entire Muslim Ummah all by his little lonesome – standing all alone by his home fire-place and in his garden making YouTube videos to expose the 9/11 Big Lie – all by himself! 



super-zionist-trump-640x360Now, it seems, the Father of all Snakes Donald Trump wants to build a U.S. Embassy to the “Synagogue of Satanic Snakes” in Jerusalem, and Muslims are supposed to be moved to action by some sort of a “red line”.  Yeah right, like that’s ever gonna happen!  If the corrupt Saudi-Zionist regime can build the infamous “Dajjal’s Palace” overlooking the Holy Kabba in Mecca, then it’s hardly likely that Muslims are going to get annoyed enough to get off their big fat butts to defend Jerusalem now.  The Israeli-Zionists have been using the so-called Muslim “red line” as a friggin’ skipping rope for centuries – to get what they want, and no Muslim leader has ever bothered to even bat an eyelid!

One ‘Red Line’ to Unite them all!

one red line



Long-gone are the days of heroic warriors with the moral-testicular fortitude of balls of steel (such as the heroic Saladin) to defend the weak and defenceless from murderous warmongers. The Synagogue of Snakes can now rest assured that the only thing standing in the way of Donald Trump’s Jerusalem U.S. Embassy, is NOT hoards of Muslim, Jewish or Christian protesters, or courageous 9/11 Truthers, ready to defend the Holy Land from yet another godless pagan Rothschild’s sponsored political institution, but simply the bland realisation that no-one in their right mind would ever apply to work there.  Donald Trump’s wet dream of igniting an Albert Pike inspired WW3 will just have to wait for a few more centuries – at least until Muslims can finally get their $hit together. In the meantime, Trump will just have to send Hillary Clinton (by herself) to do all of his U.S. Embassy dirty-work in Jerusalem – just to teach her a lesson for the disastrous cock-up she made of defending the U.S. Embassy in Libya.  However, Super Zionist Trump would be better off just doing a U-Turn, and saving face now, by telling his Zionist handlers that he actually meant the Jerusalem, or Salem towns based in America (not in Palestine!), or the mythical “Jerusalem” based in the middle of some green English field somewhere (at least then his London-based Rothschild Banksters would still be proud of him):


And did those feet in ancient time / Walk upon England’s  mountains green? / And was the holy Lamb of God / On England’s pleasant pastures seen? / And did the countenance divine… [The words of “Jerusalem”, from “Milton” by William Blake (1757 – 1827)].



The Legend of The Red Line


In the End of Time,

A Zionist ruled the day

But no-one seemed to understand

In their heart they knew;

A Muslim must be true

As the “Legend of the Red Line”

Ain’t for skipping too!

‘cause you ain’t hard core,

Unless you live hard core…

But the “Legend of the Red Line” was WAY HARDCORE!!


Jerusalem song:


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