An urgent message to Tony Rooke!

Tony R

Dear Tony Rooke,

With every New Year comes the opportunity to right any perceived wrongs.  I believe I may have inadvertently “wronged you”, and so wish to apologise.  There was a time last year, when all the so-called ‘truthers’ decided to sever internet/e-mail relations – perhaps because of all the “paper-bitching” going on.  And I was basically left communicating to no-one but myself via e-mail.  Even my side-kick Steve De’ak decided to leave me in the lurch – to fight the good fight all by myself!  It was then that I sent out a distress call to him in an email, rebuking him for treating me “worse than a sea-monkey”.  I expected Steve to immediately reply back with a thousand apologies, but instead he just ignored my distress call and carried on building his friggin’ house!  Like what’s more important: building a friggin’ mansion or 9/11 truth to save humanity? Get your priorities right De’ak! Lost your priorities have you De’ak?!! You think you know a guy! Anyway, out of all the ‘truthers’ on my mailing list, you Tony Rooke were the only one to reply like a gallant white knight in shining armour.  Somehow, I must have sparked a bit of empathy in you, because you replied to little ole insignificant me – when you could have been doing a million ‘n’ one other more important stuff – like kicking BBC butt in court. 

I was so delighted to receive an email from you Tony, that I immediately forwarded it to all the people on my mailing list.  I just wanted to show off to them that I had received an e-mail from your esteemed famous self.  However, in my haste to show off your e-mail, I may have added some of my own words in the text you’d sent me, and I know that this annoyed you because you had to then e-mail to tell everyone that you’d never in a million years use such words as “paper-bitch”. Perhaps, I then scared you away because you may have thought that I was just trying to be a disinformation agent.  But that was certainly not the case.


stony pathI know it is very important to build bridges between rival factions within the truth-movement, and I seek to be less childish in my ways of communication from now on. 

I hope that we can all now start afresh and let bygones be bygones.  Not least because there is now a matter of utmost importance for you to help resolve.   David Griscom urgently needs your help Tony Rooke!   I don’t know if you have been following his e-mails lately – about the David Griscom versus Steve De’ak case.  Well, to cut a long story short, it seems that David’s “shockwave theory” depends entirely on the eyewitness testimony of some British Naval officer who allegedly says he saw the plane fly into the tower on 9/11.  Without this British eyewitness testimony, it seems David’s shockwave theory is as about as reliable as a fish on a hot tin roof.  It is therefore imperative that you now find out who this British Naval officer is, and let us know how we may be able to get in touch with him.  I am now judging the Griscom vs. De’ak case, because it seems that Judge Judy and the Supremes are “all just a bunch of Illuminati Trannies” – as proclaimed on the “Mr. E.” Transvestigation YouTube channel.  The British Naval officer needs to be cross-examined in a court of law because Steve De’ak doubts his integrity.  De’ak says to Griscom: “British Naval officers can’t be mistaken, then?  They don’t lie or spread disinformation?  Why do you never consider the “corruption” angle, Dave?”


Tony, this is now your chance to reignite the renowned “special relationship” between British people and Americans.  It is now your chance to prove to the world that such a “special relationship” doesn’t just mean kissing Bush’s big fat butt – like Tony Blair often did.   I know that you often say that British people “are as about as revolutionary as a table-cloth”, but I know deep in your heart you are fiercely patriotic and willing to lead any revolutionary force against evil – even more so than our famous Muslim hero Tim Winter.  Therefore, you must do your utmost to tell us all that you know of the British Naval officer that first spotted the plane travelling to hit the twin tower.   Was it indeed “a plane” or white sharkwas it something perhaps more “exotic” – a weapon that only someone like Dr. Judy Wood would be able to identify?  What if her Hurricane Erin had whipped up a “Sharknado”, and the British Naval officer was like “we’re gonna need a bigger boat!”  – ‘cause it was Dr. Evil’s friggin’ sharks with friggin’ lasers on their heads that hit ‘em towers!  Then the Naval officer went AWOL singin’: “…Show me the way to go home, I’m tired and a wanna go to bed. I had a little drink about an hour ago and it’s got right to my head, wherever Rooke may roam, be it land or sea or foam, he will always hear me singing ma song Show Me The Way To Go Home…Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves, Britain never, never, never shall be slaves – unlike the friggin’ French with their friggin’ frogs legs ‘n’ French fries!!”   


66_RoadrunnerBut seriously, how are we ever going to know what really made those Roadrunner cartoon-like plane-shaped “gashes” that Steve De’ak keeps moaning about, if no-one is prepared to seriously consider the EVIDENCE?  David Griscom has much faith in the testimony of the British Naval officer but, unfortunately, nobody else seems to have ever heard of him.  David says:


“There was a British Naval officer who tracked the plane attacking the South Tower to be moving at 575 mph near the ground, proving that it must have had steel reinforcement in order to fly that fast without disintegrating.  Moreover, it was found that the plane entered the building with the parts still outside not slowing down one iota …which is expected for anything moving slower than the speed of sound when hitting an immovable object.  (Shock Waves that could destroy a plane on contact would require the plane to be moving ~6000 miles per second.)”


Tony Rooke, the fate of American freedom now rests entirely in your hands.  You may choose to ignore this e-mail and not seek out our British Naval officer eyewitness, but it may come at great cost to the British-American renowned “special relationship” (and don’t think Meghan Markle marrying Prince Harry is gonna fix it all!) Right now French intelligence services are working closely with American intelligence to send some elitist scumbags to Gitmo.  It’s all over “Before its News” that the rats are all starting to jump ship now and are “singing like canaries” – i.e. see here: Subject Matter : Big News: John Kerry, H.W. Bush, George Soros, George W. Bush and Peter Munk Indicted for TREASON concerning 9/11 Attack. – Source:


If patriotic British people (such as yourself and the mysterious 9/11 British Naval officer) don’t act heroically now to speak out for 9/11 truth, then the French will henceforth be able to claim the rights to the song “Rule Britannia”.  They will be able to change the lyrics to “Rule France, French rule the waves… French will never, never be slaves – unlike cowardly British Naval officers who (evidently) run and hide, and never speak out when it matters the most – like on 9/11!”  

When the truth of 9/11 finally comes out, and Bush, Soros and all the other war criminals are finally locked-up in Gitmo, then Americans may wonder why the British people never responded to David Griscom’s call – his humble call for help from a British Naval officer 9/11 ‘plane’ eyewitness to support his “shockwave theory”, and from Tony Rooke – the master of the British court justice system.  If the British seek to ignore this cry for help now, then Americans will never trade with Britain ever again, and the French will eventually not only just “rule the waves”, but the queen’s fat ass too!   You remember that movie starring Mr. Bean when the French tried to make British land into the largest prison island on Earth, we’ll that was “predictive programming” cooked-up by French intelligence to warn Brits of things to come if they failed to speak up for 9/11 truth.

I hate to leave the fate of American freedom resting entirely on your shoulders Tony, but let’s face it, if you have the “testicular-moral fortitude” to fight against BBC propaganda, then you sure-in-hell have got what it takes to stand up for the British-American “special relationship”.  America is counting on you.  David Griscom is counting on you, Britain is counting on you, and above all else, the British revolutionary spirit is counting on you too!  Please don’t let us down.  If you don’t reply within 10 days time, then the French will rightly assume that you (and all other Brits) are indeed, as you say: “…as about as revolutionary as a table-cloth”.   They will then be legally entitled to invade Britain and have you wait on tables like a table-cloth wearing “paper-bitch”.  The brave ball with massive testicular fortitude is now in your court – it sure would be a shame if you just kicked it around like a sissy-boy weakling, or worse still, remained shamefully silent in Britain and America’s greatest hour of need – can you say this tongue-twister: “friggin’ French frogs feeding French fries forever!” 

Please don’t let us down now Tony Rooke – the very fate of Freedom on Earth now depends entirely on you!  American “Freedom Fries” depend on you. Your country Britain depends on you!  Don’t let us down.  We’re all counting on you – only you!

Yours truly,


never forget


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