The Amazing Cure For E-Reptile Dysfunction!

Are you Tired of War Without End?  Do you wish to see your children and grandchildren grow up in a peaceful world?  Then join Steve De’ak with his amazing scientific 9/11 Crash Test project idea.  For a limited period only – to promote Steve’s Crash Test idea, “Truther Musical” is giving away special Matrix busting Viabra Red Pills – to help you overcome any cognitive dissonance you might still be experiencing in a post 9/11 world. 



willful-ignorance-solves-nothingCognitive Dissonance, as well as Wilful Ignorance, Apathy and Complacency, are now considered, by leading health professionals, to be the leading cause of “E-Reptile Dysfunction” – a serious growing medical problem in today’s reptilian dominated world.  E-Reptile Dysfunction cannot be cured by Big Pharma alone – with their pseudo Viagra blue pills to lull you back to sleep. 





viabraThat’s why you need our magical red pill “Viabra” – with a magic touch of “abracadabra” it can magically make all your problems go away.  Here are some testimonials from some very satisfied Viabra customers:



British Queenjpg“When I started to shape-shift in public, I knew mainstream medicine had seriously let me down. A reptilian shape-shifter (such as I) needs all the Viabra one can get – to disguise the draconian royal reptilian E-Reptile Dysfunction.  Thank goodness for Viabra!  Now my eyes look less crocodile-like, and, one hopes, I may live for a few centuries more, and President Putin may be less scared of me.  Unlike Tony Rooke – who believes that British people “are as about as revolutionary as a table-cloth”, I am very proud of the British revolutionary spirit – such as the revolutionary lucky charms of our truther King Henry VIII lookalike named Ian Greenhalgh. I don’t feel threatened by his defeatist spirit when he writes in his V.T. news article “A Call To Arms”, that “all the big guns are on the side of evil”.  One day he may even be my Groom of the Stool.  Ian admires George S. Patton and says he wishes to have balls just like him, because he says Patton had “balls the size of Texas”.  One hopes, that with Viabra, Ian may grow such testicular fortitude. I highly recommend Viabra for all British citizens, but not for Russell Brand – who, I believe, is a pseudo revolutionary vagabond – branded by the illuminati to destroy my royal reign.  Nor do I wish for the good Viabra health benefits to be experienced by David Icke – who somehow manages to recognise my reptilian shape-shifting no matter what I do.  It’s awfully annoying!  One cannot successfully rule as a humanoid Queen if one is constantly being compared to a reptile.  That’s why I always take extra doses of Viabra with my morning tea.” –  HRH The Reptilian Queen



viabra“When I heard about Steve De’ak’s Crash Test Project, I was keen to learn all about the science behind projectiles penetrating the Twin Towers on 9/11.  I searched Amazon for some books on the subject, and that’s when I first came across the Viabra pill advert.  The Viabra product has done wonders for my soul, and I’m now able to see things more clearly.  Now I have the “testicular fortitude” to be an enthusiastic Crash Test participant for 9/11 truth – for good!”Mark Hightower.



“I have been a pilot for 9/11 truth for many years.  I tried to find a cure for E-Reptile Dysfunction through story-telling.  But I now realise that Viabra is the only real cure, rather than my rather silly stories, such as follows:


StarTrek-Gorn“…actually I am more in the David Icke’s column on the draco-luciferian reptillian ‘V’ (an old series about reptiles who ate big rats) beings (jooz) who time traveled from a planet called; “DUXANUZ”, next door to ‘Planet X’, whom Flexi Jourkov used to talk about in a poorly done space parody about ‘reptillian dysfunction’ Flesh Gordon, not a relative of Gordon Duff.

in our last episode, the curved alien spaceship was re-entering (oohhhhh!!!) Earth’s tender moist atmosphere, when it encountered the ghost of Hyman (RICKOVER) at the entrance portal of the pearly gates of the K-Torus Radiation belts.  At that time, Jourkov put the ship into ‘rabbit drive’ and pushed thru the barrier in time to make it back for another episode of “Dancing With the Transgender Fags”, a prominent future Talmud Vision show that has guys like re-animated from the dead and buried, “Rock Hudson” only without Doris Day as his co-star.  Of course, Jourkov confides in Wayne Newton, who though rumored to be ‘dead’ actually looks more like Greta Van Susterin with all that second hand botox injected into his face making him look more like a resurrected David Carradine.  Anyway, in this episode, the planet VeeAgra teleports into this part of the known universe and makes things very hard (again no pun intended) for the invading aliens from DUXANUZ to leave earth with all that German Gold they stole from the NY FED VAULTS.  In next episode, see Angela Merkel, (cameo appearance) appealing to Flexi for a one way ticket to ‘Para-dyze’ a known lebanese planet that was extensively mapped by Benny Hill in another lifetime.  Stay tuned!

…and remember, may the GEFILTEFISH BE WID YA!! 🙂  Oy Vey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

– Dennis Cimino – pilot for 9/11 truth.




judy-wood“Like Dennis Cimino, I tried to recover from my reptilian brain “E-Reptile Dysfunction” through story-telling.  I wrote a story about a Roadrunner having a car crash to highlight the absurdity of the 9/11 official government propaganda fairy-tale.  Although I believe that such story-telling is useful to awaken the sleepless apathetic minds of the masses, nothing beats taking an instant Viabra red pill cure – alongside participating in Steve De’ak’s Crash Test Project of course, to truly awaken the mind to true reality.”  Dr. Morgan Reynolds



U.S. Navy dick“We have known about E-Reptile Dysfunction, and the crimes of the Deep State, for many, many years now.  Our recent message (written in the sky with our fighter jets) to alert people of its dangers, unfortunately didn’t seem to work, but ever since we tried Viabra, we’ve noticed an improved level of “testicular fortitude” towards truth-telling amongst our fighters.  We highly recommend Viabra to all U.S. Military personnel.”  – U.S. Air Force.





“I first tried Viabra due to my guilt at having slandered my life-long friend Dr. Jim Fetzer on radio.  I said to David Griscom that I thought Jim was crazy to believe hologram planes hit the Twin Towers, but now I’m not so sure about David’s shockwave theory. David didn’t defend himself very well in the De’ak vs. Griscom court case, and I now don’t think he should’ve won the “physicist 9/11 debate challenge” by default – for simply appearing on my radio show! Taking the Viabra magical red pill means that I can now find the courage to join Steve De’ak’s Crash Test Project – without fear of my boss Gordon Duff – who mistakenly believes Grandpa Steve is an Israeli terrorist.  So Viva Viabra!!  It’s mind-blowing magic via “abracadabra” and so much more!”Dr. Kevin Barett



“I once ridiculed Steve De’ak’s Crash Test project as an expensive waste of time. But Viabra has made me see the truth of Steve’s message.  I now no longer think that throwing an aluminium can of coke at a concrete-reinforced steel wall, is just as good a scientific experiment as De’ak’s crash test project. Viabra red pills have allowed me to free myself from the delusion of The Matrix, and for that I shall be forever grateful.  Now I have telepathic powers in addition to my faultless logical mind. So take Viabra and live long and prosperous!” – Dr. Jim Fetzer



viabraIsn’t it now time that YOU took the Viabra red pill to cure your E-Reptile Dysfunction?  Why remain operating purely from your lowly reptilian brain, when you can discover the true wonder of our magnificent reality?  So leave those fake Viagra blue pills behind, and take the true Viabra magic red pill to discover your true inner ‘self’ – via abracadabra! 



red blue pillsYou take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.



pill red blue

pills blue red


Order now!!! For a limited period only, Viabra is on special offer for only $9!!  First time “Virgin Viabra” customers will also receive a free Abracadabra album of amazing songs – including Steve De’ak’s hit Viabra-promoting song “Abracadabra”:



Song lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Plane heats up, It can’t cool down
You got me testin’
Plane versus Steel
Speed and force and how it goes
Where it stops nobody knows

[Verse 2]
Every time I Crash Test a plane
It heats up like a burnin’ flame
Burnin’ flame full of jet-fuel fire
Crashing steel, let the fire get higher

I wanna take some Viabra

[Verse 3]
Plane may get hot, it may even fly
You may laugh, you may even cry
Keep me testin’ for scientific stuff
‘cause “We the People” say “Enough is Enough!”

I wanna take some Viabra

[Verse 4]
I feel the magic in your psyop press
I feel magic when I test your mess
Roadrunner magic, gashes outta place
Black ops with a devil’s face

I see magic in your T.V. guise
I hear the magic in all your lies
Just when I think I should hide away
I hear those words that you always say

I wanna take some Viabra

[Verse 2]
Every time I crash test a plane
It heats up like a burnin’ flame
Burnin’ flame full of jet-fuel fire
Join me truthers, let the truth soar higher!




Steve De’ak Band’s New Album

Featuring Hit Songs:

  1. 9/11 Keeps Me Wondering Why
  2. Abracadabra – Viabra Magic!
  3. Something Special About A Crash Test
  4. War – Give It Up!
  5. Never Say No To A Crash Test
  6. Things I Told You To Do – In A Crash Test!
  7. Wooden Heart
  8. Goodbye Love
  9. Cool Magic





Steve Miller Band Abracadabra – YouTube:



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