Dolores O’Riordan – RIP

In Paris Live – Song list:

01. Promises 00:55
02. Animal Instinct 05:06
03. Loud and Clear 08:40
04. Ode to My Family 11:11
05. The Icicle Melts 15:45
06. Linger 18:38
07. Wanted 23:05
08. Salvation 24:49
09. Desperate Andy 27:19
10. Go Your Own Way 31:03
11. Pretty 35:07
12. When You´re Gone 38:18
13. I Can´t Be With You 43:06
14. Waltzing Back 46:14
15. Free to Decide 50:03
16. Zombie 53:13
17. Ridiculous Thoughts 58:35
18. Dying in the Sun 1:03:56
19. You and Me 1:07:07
20. Just My Imagination 1:10:43
21. Delilah 1:13:59
22. Dreams 1:17:06

Performs by: Dolores O’riordan (Rest In Peace)


Studio albums Dolores O’Riordan Her first solo album
Are You Listening? (2007)
No Baggage (2009)

Studio albums The Cranberries
Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? (1993)
No Need to Argue (1994)
To the Faithful Departed (1996)
Bury the Hatchet (1999)
Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (2001)
Roses (2012)
and a greatest-hits compilation entitled Stars – The Best of 1992 – 2002

Members of the band

Michael (Mike) Hogan (born 29 April 1973) is the bassist.
Noel Anthony Hogan (born 25 December 1971), brother Mike, is the guitarist.
Fergal Patrick Lawler was born in Parteen, Ireland (near Limerick), on March 4, 1971. Since April 16, 1997 is married to Laurie Guerin. He is the drummer.
Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan Burton (born September 6, 1971) is the lead singer, keyboardist and guitarist secondary banda. She is married to Don Burton and has three children: Taylor, Molly and Dakota Rain.

Salvation – in colors more vivid, upload this to watch in your mobile in high quality 😉

Note: The Cranberries album “Roses” released in January 2012./The Cranberries live performance in Paris, France on December 9th 1999. – Setlist:
Live In London Full:…
MTV Unplugged Full:…
Dolores O´Riordan:…
Ridiculous Thou.-Credits:…

The Cranberries all musics:

Ode To My Family
Kiss Me
Animal Instinct
Just My Imagination
When You’re Gone
A Fast One
Dreaming My Dreams
You And Me
Free To Decide
No Need To Argue
Ridiculous Thoughts
Twenty One
I Can’t Be With You
Close To You
The Rebels
Angels Go To Heaven
Miss You
This Is The Day
Carry On
Raining In My Heart
Apple Of My Eye
Never Grow Old
Everything I Said
Daffodil Lament
I Still Do
Not Sorry
Time Is Ticking Out
I Love You
One Of Us
I Can´t Be With You
Losing My Mind
Dying In The Sun
Wake Up And Smell The Coffee
I’m Still Remembering
Nothing Left At All
Loud And Clear
Put Me Down
Ave Maria
Astral Projection
So Good
Chocolate Brown
Show Me The Way
I Will Always
Do You Know
Fire And Soul
Still Can’t
Baby Blues
Fee Fi Fo
God Be With You
Go Your Own Way
Will You Remember?
Waltzing Back
Desperate Andy
I Just Shot John Lennon
So Cold In Ireland
Such a Shame
Perfect World
Pretty Eyes
In The Ghetto
I Really Hope
Saving Grace
Sorry Son
I Don’t Need
New New York
Yeat’s Grave
The Concept
What’s On My Mind
Yesterday’s Gone
Schizophrenic Playboy
Electric Blue
The Icicle Melts
Dying Inside
Every Morning
Like You Used To
Cape Town
Black Widow
Waiting In Walthamstow
In It Together
Stop Me
War Child
Forever Yellow Skies
What You Were
Really Hope
Many Days
There she goes
Woman without pride
The Sweetest Thing
Letting Go
Paparazzi On Mopeds
Pathetic Senses
Take My Soul Away
Sweetest Thing
The Sun Does Rise
The Pictures I View
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
Such A Waste


Thanks for the memories!


Tis the last Irish Rose of Summer


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