Richard Gage’s “egg-cutter theory” for the Next Generation!

9/11 Truth – The Next Generation:

28 Jun 2017 – 18 min – Uploaded by World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson sits down with Richard Gage AIA of Architects & Engineers For 9/ 11 Truth



SE eggTranscript of conversation between Josh Sigurdson and Richard Gage – from above video:


From the 12 minute mark onwards in above video:


Josh says:


“We don’t really have time to go into it entirely because, of course, you’ve got a lot of work to do. But I just wanted to mention that so many people saw planes that day. There were planes. I know that as a fact because I know that the countless people I’ve talked to – the thousands of witnesses that stood on the ground that day and watched the plane hit the tower aren’t lying to people. It’s just absurd to think otherwise. I understand where the theory comes from. I understand the scepticism. I see the explosion happen before the plane hits – but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a force of nature at work there, when a plane comes towards a building at that speed, or a missile or whatever you want to call the plane. When it comes towards the building at that speed and it comes this close, and it ends up causing, you know, a minor explosion before it hits a millisecond beforehand, but with that said, what is Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’s next big endeavour?”


ultimateRichard Gage replies:



“Well, I’m prompted to comment on your statements about that because I also believe there were planes that hit the towers and there’s proof of that – some kind of plane – there is not proof that it is a commercial jet liner – there’s plenty of research that shows otherwise, which is fascinating.  There’s also clarity about the capability of planes to push in one of these prefabricated wall units of the perimeter – that have three verticals, three horizontals that are only bolted to each other with four bolts. So all those planes had to do was push those units with the incredible mass and speed that they had, and breaking those four bolts at the top and bottom of each of the 30 foot long columns. And if you watch the actual outline – it’s not a clean airplane cookie cutter outline, as some say, but a very highly orthogonal structured series of breakpoints around the main – the larger portion of the wings where the fuel was and the fuselage, whereas the tail and the wings clearly were sliced by the steel at the ends and the top – like an egg through an egg slicer – the structural steel columns being the egg slicer, the planes lighter wings and tail being a lighter egg – so there’s a combination of things going there – it’s kind of complex . But regarding where we are heading  – we have the most significant study of Building 7 ever done – we’ve hired Leroy Hulsey – Professor Chairman of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Alaska to do a two year, three-hundred-thousand dollar computer study which NIST was tasked to do by congress but which they did not do – it’s all closed – you can’t access it, they wont release the computer input data – they say it might jeopardise public safety if we were to do this but Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are tasked with ensuring – and Architects and Engineers in general – are tasked with ensuring public safety, so we’re doing this on our own and we do need the support to finish it – but it comes out in August and this is the report that already preliminary confirmed that office fires could not have brought this building down – which is fascinating and sure to do some damage to the mainstream narrative out there as it gains some publicity through academic and professional circles. 




supereggThe above video interview claims to help the “Next Generation” of people to better understand 9/11 truth.  The following video analysis is the Next Generation’s verdict of the above video:



Why does Josh (Gage’s interviewer) say that he is absolutely certain – “as a fact” – that planes were used – but then he says planes may also be referred to as missiles?   Does he not know the major difference between a jet plane and a missile – if not, then he can’t be as 100% certain that jet planes were used as he claims to be.  He appears to be reading from a script and more concerned with selling the public a biased narrative of what happened on 9/11 – rather than being an open-minded researcher.  Dr. David Griscom says that the planes were reinforced to cause shockwaves to bring down the towers.  However, his shockwave theory seems to rest on the eye-witness testimony of one British Naval officer – who no-one seems to know anything about –Tony Rooke can’t even find him to save Britain’s revolutionary spirit.  Contrary to Josh’s radical view – that eyewitnesses can’t ever lie, many people are now aware of the role of “crisis actors” whose very job it is to lie in false-flag events, so Steve De’ak has very good reason to question the truth-telling of David’s British Naval officer’s evidence, and other so-called 9/11 plane eye-witnesses.  Therefore, the Next Generation can’t believe everything a so-called “eye-witness” has to say – so Richard and Josh have not made a strong argument to support their views regarding this.


Is there any scientific backing to Josh’s claim that an explosion can happen within a millisecond beforehand – before any plane even touches a building – due to some sort of “force of nature”?  This idea seems nonsensical to the Next Generation layperson.  Can Josh’s “millisecond explosion prior impact” hypothesis on be replicated in a scientific study – such as Steve De’ak’s proposed 9/11 Crash Test project?  


Super Egg      Analysis of Richard Gage’s view:


66_RoadrunnerContrary to Gage’s view that the plane impact is “not a clean airplane cookie cutter outline”, Dr. Morgan Reynolds says that the plane impact outline is so ridiculously cookie-cutter-like – that it’s almost cartoonish – like the crash impacts of the “Roadrunner” cartoons. 




Richard Gage EggCan Gage’s view – that the planes had their wings and tails sliced by the steel columns – like how a boiled egg gets sliced through an egg cutter, be replicated in a scientific study?  Scientists like Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds assume that the plane wings and tail are so fragile and light that they’re certain to snap off outside of the building – rather than make any significant impact at all into the building – after all the steel columns are encased in thick concrete, and a plane’s wings are not made of soft pliable egg-like material – which, even if they were, would still likely fly away from any impact into thick concrete-reinforced steel – common sense alone tells us this! Therefore, Richard Gage’s egg-cutter theory is eggsraordinary eggsaggeration to say the least, and so can only ever be believed by the Next Generation with solid eggsample scientific demonstration – like in Steve De’ak’s 9/11 Crash Test perhaps?



Next Generation’s video analysis conclusion:


super eggsThe A&E for 9/11 Truth money currently being spent on researching Building 7, would be better spent researching the “smoking gun” evidence of the plane or missile’s initial impact.   Richard Gage and Josh have failed to convince the public that any plane, or missile was used to bring down the towers – because they’ve said that it could’ve been anything really – like a commercial jet plane, or a military plane, or even a missile.  It’s bizarre that they don’t seem to care about the significance of knowing exactly what indeed did hit the towers – so their ambiguous, highly dismissive attitude towards this crucial evidence suggests that they’re not serious open-minded researchers, but rather they’re likely reading from a script to sell a certain narrative to the Next Generation – as shills, or crisis actors often do.  Therefore, the Next Generation of people are not buying it!  The Next Generation would like Richard Gage and Josh to be aware that “in the age of information ignorance is a choice”, and so they should stop treating them like total morons!

ignorance ischoice


7 thoughts on “Richard Gage’s “egg-cutter theory” for the Next Generation!

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  3. “When it comes towards the building at that speed and it comes this close, and it ends up causing, you know, a minor explosion before it hits a millisecond beforehand,”


    I can’t stream or download anything at the moment thanks to tapping-out my monthly data allowance with my recent posts, so I’m taking your word for it that someone actually said that out loud. I’m surprised because when last I checked Newton’s laws of motion, the equal and opposite reaction part of the collision occurs instantaneously on impact. Was the “millisecond beforehand” somewhere in the fine print? My vision is crap so I might have missed it.


    • Yes, indeed, Richard Gage let himself be interviewed by a total idiot. But what Gage then replied about the material of a plane’s wings on the concrete reinforced steel – behaving like an egg would behave passing through an egg cutter was even more bizarre.


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