Important MIB message to World Citizens!


Dear World Citizens,

Is there anybody here who is not an alien?!!

This is Steve De’ak again – sending you yet another urgent alert notice from MIB (Men In Black) Headquarters – Division 5. 


Neuralizer MIB


Unfortunately, one of our rogue alien bugs has managed to get hold of one of our memory wipe thingies – or what we in the MIB call “the Neuralizer”.  The alien bug has escaped our containment facility, and is now roaming the streets and making everyone forget things – with our very own MIB Neuralizer invention!  Consequently, people (from all over the world) are now forgetting such important things as: “God exists”, “people should hold their governments accountable”, “9/11 was an inside job”, and “aluminium planes don’t cut steel like a hot knife through butter” – in serious violation of Newton’s laws of motion and basic common sense! Therefore, I’ve painstakingly detailed all the elementary-level Science knowledge you may have thus forgotten, in the following important article:

Taboo Truths: The Missiles of 9/11:

mj remember the time

Neuralyzer MIBDo you remember the time – when you used to actually read – instead of acting like a mind-controlled alien slave!  

Just read the friggin’ article – for heaven’s sake!!



Unfortunately, no-one seems to be listening anymore, and I fear the overgrown alien bug must be working overtime – with their evil act of wiping people’s memories out with our Neuralizer!  I’m beginning to feel like Will Smith did (in the MIB movie) – yelling at train passengers that “we have a bug in the electrical system!! YO, PEOPLE! WE GOT A BUG! IN THE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM!!  – But no-one bothers to move until the ‘bug’ is eating their big fat butts:



MIBI’m not trying to be an unsung hero, shouting: “Who’s the man, who’s the man!! – Like Will Smith does whenever he kicks alien butt in the movies.  I’m just doing my job as a real senior MIB agent “Galaxy Defender”, that’s all. Contrary to Hollywood’s MIB disinformation, the real MIB “will let you remember” – our Neuralizer thingy was originally invented to counteract the hypnotic effects of the alien bug Master Hypnotist from Planet “Evil Can-evil”.


Ever since the bug aliens from the rogue planet (code-named “Evil Can-evil” – from alien George Bush’s “Axis of Evil” galaxy) landed here on Earth, they’ve been causing us nothing but trouble.  The 9/11 event is just one example of this. We’ve got cockroach-silversteinall sorts of mo-foe, bitch-ass, scum aliens on this planet now – and we’re not just talking about the sort that Donald Trump is currently trying to contain with his “huuuuuge wall” – bizarrely built with many doors every few meters – because the type of aliens he’s trying to contain can easily burrow underground anyway.  Actually, the real reason Trump’s wall is built with many open doors, is because he knows that the U.S. is soon going to be invaded by gigantic bug aliens from outer-space (much like the giant cockroach alien Silverstein bug), and Americans are going to be running for their lives to escape into Mexico, and so it would be cruel to shut them out with a huge wall built with their very own tax money – but I digress.


alien miniHere’s the main issue now: Our MIB-contained outer-space aliens come in many different shapes and sizes, and with all kinds of malevolent intentions. Despite our containment efforts, some do manage to escape. Right now, we’re desperately trying to figure out a way of removing the tiny miniature-sized alien currently controlling Dr. Richard Gage’s brain.  If mini MIB alienenough of those tiny critters get into more people’s brains, then we’re gonna have a serious problem on our hands!  ‘cause they’re gonna make everyone believe that aluminium planes can easily cut through concrete reinforced steel, and ‘Black is White’, ‘Freedom is Slavery’, ‘War is Orwellian Peace’, and 2 + 2 = 5!  If enough people start to believe that crap, then the Master Hypnotist mini alien(from Planet Evil Can-evil) will hypnotise many more freedom loving Americans – primarily into having their friggin’ heads chopped off!  Right now his evil alien forces have gathered thousands of guillotines under FEMA giant bug alien command:…/deep-state-fema-camps-will-become-decapitation- centers-30000-stored-guillotines-2481814.html

Why Did the U.S. Government Purchase 30,000 Guillotines? Revelation 20:4-6.: I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God.


NeuralizerNeuralyzer MIB

Our big-butt alien bug is then gonna use our Neuralizer thingy for evil means – to convince ya all that the steel blade of a guillotine will not harm you in any way at all – just like how Dr. Richard Gage now believes that an egg cannot be harmed by an egg cutter – because he’s now convinced that the egg material is much stronger than the steel blade – in much the same way that he now compares eggs to jet planes, and thinks that jet planes can easily bend concrete reinforced steel!  Our MIB agents have written numerous letters to Dr. Gage (and his fellow science colleagues at the University of Alaska) to try to de-hypnotise them from their bizarre science beliefs – due to their mind control by bug aliens from outer-space.  However, all our attempts have thus far been unsuccessful – the best response we ever got from them was a weird screechy “primordial scream” – much like the famous gut-wrenching scream coming from that alien-invested man from the “Body Snatchers” movie:

Invasion of the Body Snatchers (12/12) Movie CLIP – The Scream :



The Scream


‘The Scream’ is one of the most iconic paintings in the world, but what is it all about? A friggin’ alien invasion that’s what! Norwegian expressionist Edvard Munch’s The Scream has become the most expensive artwork sold at auction, after it fetched $119.9m (£74m). The 1895 pastel was bought by an anonymous green alien buyer at Sotheby’s in New York. Bidding lasted a mere 12 minutes – until the friggin’ scum aliens got their hands on it!




Please don’t leave it too late to take action and run for your lives, now!!  Everybody panic!!!  I don’t want to have to say to ya all (as Will Smith did in that MIB movie bug-eating train scene): “Oh, now ya all be movin’ your asses!!” – When it’s far too late, ‘cause the alien bug is already right behind ya all, eatin’ your big fat butts!


alien wormsI know some of you (like Dr. David Griscom) may wrongly assume that “I’ve gone to the dark side” – perhaps because of my MIB dark attire, but let me assure you, the good guys really are “dressed in black” – even if their name happens tostar wars darth vader be De’ak – pronounced “Day-ark”, which coincidently also sounds a lot like “Darth” – like Star War’s villain Darth Vader.  Contrary to Hollywood propaganda, Darth Vader is actually one of the good MIB guys, and Oz’s so-called “Wicked Witch of the West” is actually the really ‘good’ smart witch – as more accurately portrayed in the musical “Wicked”.  Ya all know Hollywood is controlled by aliens from outer space, don’t you?  So don’t ya all be believin’ everythin’ they say.  One of the things alien wormthey did accurately portray in their movie, is that the “outer space alien worms” really are on our side.  

The alien worms are friends of humanity – because during the “End Times”, they’ll help to rid the world of the Gog and Magog alien clone army – as prophesised in Islamic scripture – when Jesus comes back to Earth and prays for their mib wormdestruction, and God then empowers the good alien worms to bite the necks of the Gog and Magog clones – until they all die, and then God washes their rotten stench with from the face of the Earth with His merciful rain.  


You may have read recently (in all of the mainstream media newspapers) that some monkeys have just been cloned, and that this now “paves the way for human cloning”.  Well that’s just your usual “fake news” – to acclimatise you to the notion of human cloning.  However, cloning of humans has already been going on for a very, very long time now – in rogue alien-dominated DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases).  Their cloning of robotic humanoids is almost perfect now (nothing like that A.I. doll they recently showed us on the news – as being the first robotic A.I. Saudi citizen). However, we’ve discovered that the DUMBs clones have one serious glitch – they don’t understand human satire at all – because of their robotic literal interpretation of human language.  So whenever we think we may have come face-to-face with a humanoid clone, one way that we test to see if they’re really human or not, is to check their understanding of satire.  Recently, a so-called ‘truther’ by the name of Brian Staveley seriously failed our “satire test”.  When we e-mailed him an obviously satirical letter: Gordon Duff Writes To Brian S. Staveley – allegedly coming from Gordon Duff (of “Veterans Today”), Brian was unable to compute that it was obviously satirical and he, in all seriousness, replied back to Gordon Duff – thinking it was a genuine letter coming from him, stating in his reply e-mails:

On Nov 11, 2017 21:05, “Brian Staveley”  wrote:

Gordon i will send u a better response once home but after my 3 shows w fetzer i no longer feel the way i did dude. That post i made is 6 years old.i reposted cuz it was deleted…

….And i called out judy on air twice i called her also called jim out for his blind support in her fabricated evidence. Skype me sometime id like to chat


StarTrek-GornThus, Brian Staveley proved (beyond all doubt) that he was indeed a robotic clone – and especially so when he endorsed the “Flat Earth” illuminati psy-op nonsense.  When challenged with the knowledge that even the ancient Sumerian alien visitors  documented the Earth as being “egg-shaped” – i.e. not a perfect sphere, Brain did what most cry baby robotics do – he remained in total silent denial, and probably also ran crying to Gordon Duff – the V.T. Senior Editor who has long been under the mind control of The Gorn aliens (from Star Trek) for many, many years now. 



aliens laughingYou citizens of the world are lucky you got me protecting ya all – ‘cause I make this alien-butt kicking business look good!  Now ya all best be remembering what I’ve just been sayin’.  I don’t like repeating myself!



I’ve done my best to convey this urgent MIB alert message to ya all – so now it’s up to you – over and out!




Steve De’ak

MIB Galaxy Defender (Division 5) –

Defending Earth from the alien scum of the Universe!




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