Dr. Griscom desperately seeks British Naval Officer!

navy shipsDr. David Griscom:

Desperately seeking British Naval Officer – 9/11 plane eyewitness:




british navyDavid Griscom is a top physicist who has done some extensive 9/11 research.  However, his research relies on the eye-witness testimony of one very important British Naval Officer – who, unfortunately, now seems to have gone AWOL and can’t be found anywhere!  Where has he/she gone?  Did the officer need a bigger boat on 9/11 – perhaps because Jawswhite shark just happened to attack at the same time as the planes hitting the Twin Towers?   Has anyone seen this British Naval Officer?  If so, then please comment below to tell us where he/she can be found, or anything at all about him/her – even a frickin’ name will do right now, because David can’t remember anything at all about him, or her. Jeez!




64_cookieHole_dsnc1775ADavid Griscom states the following regarding his VIP British Naval officer – who was “ruling the waves” – as the British Navy allegedly often do – on 9/11, when according to David Griscom, the officer witnessed a jet plane hit the Twin Tower.  David Griscom states the following in an e-mail to various Truthers:



There was a British Naval officer who tracked the plane attacking the South Tower to be moving at 575 mph near the ground, proving that it must have had steel reinforcement in order to fly that fast without disintegrating.  Moreover, it was found that the plane entered the building with the parts still outside not slowing down one iota …which is expected for anything moving slower than the speed of sound when hitting an immovable object.  (Shock Waves that could destroy a plane on contact would require the plane to be moving ~6000 miles per second.)

So on 9/11/01 the whole plane entered the building …and once inside there was no debris below the point of entry (proving that it could not have been faked).  Therefore, all the external damage to the building was due to the force of the plane that hit it at 575 mph.  And no one could imagine (much less prove) that damage to have been caused by something else.


I’ve been talking physics, you are talking imagination.  And if you continue to ignore “the words of the wise”, you may not hear from me ever again.

N.B. Shanksville and the Pentagon are very different.




royal navyWhen Dr. David Griscom was asked to name his key eyewitness – the alleged British Naval officer who saw his reinforced jet plane, David replied as follows:



Dear J.T.

Regarding the Brit guy who noted the speed of the plane that struck the south tower, I got that from things I found back in 2004 when I began to study how the perps caused 9/11.  I have never forgotten that …but I never thought to write it down somewhere, so now 14 years later I cannot tell you his name.

Surely you know by now that the perps and their friends are going about dashing all data that could possibly help someone who truly wants to know the truth.  Surely the perps have buried things that would help honest folks to find the truth.  So stop blaming me.  How much do you remember from 14 years ago?

However, 14 years ago was when I began to develop my understanding of how the perps did it.  I put together four PowerPoints my models of how the attacks were carried out.  You must have read them by now, but like me may have forgotten my work, so I will re-attach them now.  When you are finished, you can challenge me on what I have deduced.

The first one (PowerPoint document) was solely the Pentagon Attack, which was easy because we lived only 9 miles from the Pentagon …and I always went to work late (and worked 9 hours each time) and so I was able to see two trial air attacks ~12 and 7 years before the attacks.  After you read it tell me what you think of my deduction of how they faked the large plane that was supposed to have hit the Pentagon but slipped out.

My second one (PowerPoint document) was about the aerial attacks on the Twin Towers and their air spaces thereabout, where there were many strange manoeuvres. It has no pictures.  But the third one provided the photos and maps at or near the attack.

And finally, the last was my shock wave method to bring down the twin towers.  I know that Steve De’ak has other ideas, and so he has ignored my well-proven model of how they were brought down…

…  It’s not my academic credentials that get me anywhere …its my many advances in real-world of research.  It took me ten years to learn the work of many top physicists and then branch out into new arias of research.  And back then used what I had learned to discover new things as researcher in the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC.  And publishing technical papers were my job.  Cognitive dissonance would ruin everything.  I published 182 papers while there and 20 more since then.

The quality of one’s papers is determined by how many times a given paper was cited by someone else in that field.  And one’s importance is determined by the h index …and mine is currently 58, which is pretty high. You may find out how high I have reached by playing this below:

David L Griscom – Google Scholar Citations

This work won me 10 professional honors and awards, one of which was the Otto Schott Research Award 1995. Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung (Germany) “for the application of concepts of lattice defects in crystals to the glassy state, where their production by radiation and the understanding thereof has led to useful alterations of the magnetic and optical properties of vitreous materials”.  And came with 50.000 Deutschmarks!

David L. Griscom

Blog (Politics, Economy): http://impactglassman.blogspot.com/

Bio: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidgriscom

royal navyThere is a BIG REWARD for anyone who can provide any information at all about this British Naval officer. 

Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves.  Britain never, never, never shall be slaves! – That’s unless you’re a British Naval officer gone AWOL hiding from 9/11 truth!  Come out, come out wherever you are. You can run, but you can’t hide!


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