An open letter to Don Fox and fellow truthers




An open letter to Don Fox and fellow truthers:



Dear Don Fox and fellow truthers,

Steve De’ak has recently been informed of his true identity as the real Darth Vader from Star Wars.  The name Darth is derived from Da’at aka De’ak – meaning “hidden knowledge” or wisdom.  Please console him now in this difficult time of great self-awareness for him, as he comes to terms with his true identity – as the personification of dark hidden esoteric occult knowledge. Despite his “dark side”, and his alleged faults, which you and other ‘truthers’ often like to highlight, Steve De’ak is still able to shine the light of truth within the 9/11 truth movement. So one should not readily throw out the baby with the bathwater, but rather give credit where credit is due.  It seems that you Mr Fox (with your sly foxy intent) have greatly underestimated the genius of Steve’s thinking –  which stems from his deep inbred esoteric/out-of-the-box thinking, that only a man with a name that derives from the Hebrew word Da’at (meaning “knowledge”) can adequately achieve.  


In your recent e-mail you belittle Steve’s “9/11 Crash Test project” idea by stating the following:

 “…As to what hocus pocus was used for the “plane impacts” I’m not really sure. We know that no commercial plane crashed anywhere on 9/11. It appears a missile or something similar actually hit the buildings, but that’s just window dressing as far as I’m concerned. It’s sort of like going over Lee Oswald’s elementary school attendance records in regards to the JFK assassination since Oswald had nothing to do with assassinating JFK. Whatever hit the buildings – hologram, missile etc – had nothing to do with what caused them to be vaporized. It was just scenery for the public.”


scientific methodContrary to your above assertion, Steve’s serious investigative research isn’t just futile activity concerning “hocus pocus”, or “window dressing” criminal evidence – which you readily dismiss as inconsequential to understanding the bigger picture.  Such research, i.e. Steve’s 9/11 Crash Test Project – which uses the “Scientific Method “for research, is the only antidote to the delusional cognitive dissonance/mind-control that is keeping the masses hypnotised – via all the unscientific lies being sold to them. The “plane impacts” evidence shouldn’t be quickly dismissed as mere “hocus pocus”, as you seem to suggest, as this is the “smoking gun” evidence that, when fully analysed, will prove to the world that the entire government narrative of what happened on 9/11 is fundamentally false – so all the false-flag dominoes will collapse, each in turn, once this “plane impact” front domino falls.  As long as people continue to believe in “phantom planes”, the U.S. government can continue to point the finger of blame on outsiders – to scapegoat them in order to continue their unending wars abroad.  Why are all the truthers in the so-called “truth movement” ignoring, or belittling this extremely important evidence?  Dr. Richard Gage readily dismisses this evidence too, and makes absurd analogies about how the jet plane wings were cut by the Twin Tower steel – in much the same way that the flesh of a boiled egg is easily sliced by an egg-cutter!  Dr. Gage promised Steve De’ak that he would explain his view about the “plane impacts” in more detail, but Steve is still waiting to hear from him about this very important issue.  Dr. David Griscom, is still looking for the one British Naval Officer who allegedly witnessed the plane impact – this important witness is nowhere to be found and, unfortunately, Dr. Griscom can’t even remember his name now!


66_RoadrunnerDon Fox you are completely wrong to state that the “plane impacts” were “just scenery for the public”  The “hocus pocus” you mention was actually the Master Hypnotist’s spell for decieving the masses – the spell only works if the masses fully accept the unscientific government fairytale concerning the plane impacts. You, clearly, are only at an elementary level of understanding concerning the dark forces behind the blatant/ in-your-face 9/11 psy-op.   Your friend Joe Olson perhaps has a much better idea of such “dark forces”, when he states:

“It took thousands of demonic technicians to develop the 9/11 SURPRISE….no one of us will solve this crime by ourselves….”

When Joe Olson says “demonic technicians”, he must realise that they literally are under the influence of Satan’s demonic influence.  Such demons are very real and have been corrupting the minds of the masses for millennia – as explained in this recent article:


Those who may have watched the movie “Re-possessed” – a parody of the infamous “The Exorcist” horror movie, may’ve laughed at the ‘joke’ of the demon stating that he is only really ever afraid of one thing – namely, “rock music”.  However, there is much truth in this seemingly ridiculous assertion.

repossessedRepossessed (film)‎
Repossessed is a 1990 American comedy film that parodies the 1973 horror film, The Exorcist. It was written and directed by Bob Logan. The film features the original star of The Exorcist, Linda Blair, as well as Leslie Nielsen and Anthony Starke. Many gags parodied events in The Exorcist, such as the green-vomit.


Like with anything else, Music is a tool that can be used for ‘good’ or for ‘evil’ purposes. Demons (or unseen forces such as ETs, Jinns, phantoms, ghosts etc.) work primarily through the Music industry to subliminally plant the seeds of corruption in the hearts and minds of the masses.  They use the seductive allure of music to hypnotise people with subliminal messages, so people readily accept more evil within society. 

katie perryOur pop stars are mere pawns, or “players” who’ve sold their souls for fame and fortune, in exchange for their demonically inspired so-called “talent”.  Sometimes, the audience is made aware of such demonic possession when the pop star suddenly starts singing gibberish and collapses on the stage floor – such as Katie Perry’s recent stage collapse

Beyonce’s demonic possession on stage is infamously obvious – like the time when she sang at the Super Bowl and her eyes turned pitch black, as her neck expanded to an enormous size and her tongue turned all shrivelled and demonic-like:

beyonce…/beyonce-rocks-fierce-super-bowl-halftime- show
3 Feb 2013 … A fierce and clearly possessed Beyonce emerged from a cloud of smoke and lingering suspicion about her live-singing capabilities – during her Super Bowl XLVII halftime show performance.



Some speculate that Beyonce is possessed by the demon Kali – hence her “7/11” Kali inspired music video.   Beyounce openly talks about her demonic possession and she names her demon Sasha Fierce. The singer Nicki Minaj openly calls her demon by the name Roman.  So musicians aren’t even trying to hide their demonic possession any more. 


Robbie WilliamsAnother example of demonic possession concerns Robbie Williams.  

In his song “Rock D.J.” the demon speaking through him sings: “I don’t want to Rock D.J.” – With this song, Robbie is giving credence to the “Re-possessed” movie statement that demons really hate rock music, but such music is still used to serve their evil purpose.  The possessing demon reveals its true intentions with ‘rock music’ when it sings:

“Babylon back in business – can I get a witness (ever girl, ever man) – Huston do you hear me?  Crowd control can you feel me? Need permission to land…”


What the demon (through Robbie Williams) is singing is that evil ET spirits need permission to land on Earth (by their demonic NASA minions in Huston, and also permission from crowds of people) in order to seduce human beings – by bringing back into business the great Whore of Babylon, but they can only do so with the willing permission of the masses. Such demons are much like vampires – they can only come in to steal your soul if you willingly allow them in. 



robbie 3Most demonic camera technicians at music concerts now know not to zoom in on the eyes of their demonically-possessed pop star minions (especially after Beyonce’s infamous Super Bowl demon-possessed black eyes – seen in camera close-up video footage), as “eyes are windows to the soul”. Nevertheless, Robbie Williams’s entire body and face scream “demonic possession”.  For example, at his Manchester concert (2000) performance when he sang the song “Karma Killer”, his contorted face and wide bulging mad eyes just spelled “I’m a frickin’ host for a robbie 7legion of demons”, and then at the end of the song he suddenly collapses on the stage floor – in a totally unnatural demonically possessed way.  His head falls right back as his body goes limp before he collapses to the ground face-down (just like how Katie Perry recently did and thus needed to be carried off stage by the stage help) – like a puppet who has just had its strings suddenly pulled off.  You just can’t fake that sort of a traumatic hard fall – it is a genuine demonically inspired collapse.  It’s as if the demons want the audience to know that it really is them running the show, and pulling the stings behind the scenes.


When Robbie Williams sings “Let me entertain you!” he is begging the masses for their willing acceptance of demonic ‘entertaining’ hypnotic forces.  Humans don’t need to be packed into huge music stadiums (like sardines in a tin can), just to hear perverted music lyrics infused with demonic subliminal messages, such as :  “We’ve got stars directing our fate (astro-theology), ‘cause we know we’re falling from grace (as fallen angels)…” – (“Millennium” song), or the lyrics: “Come and hold my hand, I (a demon) wanna contact the living, not sure I understand this role I’ve been giving, I sit and talk to God, but he just laughs at my plans, my head speaks a [demonic] language I don’t understand… I’ve got too much (demonic) life running through my veins, going to waste” (“Feel” song). Then Robbie’s demon directly tells the audience what he truly feels about them: “Needless to say, I guess you know I hate you, you’re so full of $hit, even the devil hates you, I hope you choke, I am a body echo (i.e. a body snatcher demon echoing evil subliminal messages through Robbie Williams’s song) …” (Song “Karma Killer”).

Some lyrics from his song “Trippin'”:

You’ve been mixing with some very heavy faces
The boys have done a bit of bird
They don’t kill their own and they all love their mothers
But you’re out of your depth, son, have a word

Robbie birds


Robbie William’s song “Trippin” is really about the 9/11 “plane impacts”, for example, when he sings the lyrics: “The boys have done a bit of bird” – this line of the song actually references the alleged planes impacting the Twin Towers, and the musician is subliminally telling the audience that “bad boys” pulled off that bird-like flight psy-op, and the guys are content to have others killed abroad (i.e. in Muslim countries) with their false-flag event, but they “don’t kill their own” U.S. people – perhaps knowing that its all just “war for profit”– for the military-industrial complex, and killing others abroad doesn’t play on their conscience as much as killing those in their own homeland would do. The lyrics “But you’re out of your depth, son, have a word” means to plant the suggestion in people’s minds that it’s futile to try to investigate the “plane impacts”. 


Robbie birdsIf demons (working through their demonically-possessed musicians) can get the masses to boogie-on-down to such evil subliminal suggestions, then when their demonic technicians do the actual evil deed for real, then people will already be pacified against resisting such evil.  They will have been acclimatized into thinking “that’s just the way it is”.  The illuminati often mark their demonically possessed musicians with tattoos – which signify past, or up-coming false-flag events.  For example, Robbie Williams has two birds tattooed on his stomach – to represent the “bit of bird” (aka alleged plane flight terror attack) on 9/11.

Other illuminati minions support Robbie Williams’s false-flag subliminal messages – i.e. for his “Me & My Monkey” song to depict the Las Vegas false-flag event. For example, see the following YouTube video:

“Illuminati” Card Game PREDICTS Las Vegas Mandalay Bay:

Oct 2017 – 2 min – Uploaded by bloodfiredeath87 – A video detailing the very sinister coincidence involving the 1995 “Illuminati” card game


Everyone now knows that Robbie Williams is an illuminati demonically-possessed minion/puppet, especially after the Las Vegas Country Music Festival false-flag event:  



It was me and my monkey
Him with his dungarees and roller blades
Smoking filter tips reclining in the passenger seat of my supercharged jet black Chevrolet
He had the soft top down
He liked the wind in his face
He said “Son, you ever been to Vegas?’
I said “No” he said “That’s where we’re gonna go, you need a change of place”
…. Me and monkey
With a dream and a gun
Hoping my monkey
Don’t point that gun at anyone
Me and monkey
Like Butch and the Sundance Kid
Trying to understand
Why he did what he did
Why he did what he did…

And at the elevator I hit the 33rd floor (33rd Degree of Freemasonry?)
He had a room up top with a panoramic view it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before (Two rooms used in Mandalay Bay Hotel)…

robbie 1


Many now speculate that our so- called “pop stars” might not actually even be human – but rather clones or synthetic robots, considering their increasingly bizarre, superhuman/demonic antics on stage.

One investigative journalist writes the following about the Las Vegas false-flag event:


“Where do we start with this one? Go with See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and we have to stop right now. But we can’t do that with a cryptic corker like this to be decoded and you just can’t make this up, the decode I mean, not the shootings in Vegas, which was just role play theatre designed to influence emotional control and push political agendas leading to more laws for the perpetrators of the attacks and less freedom for us the people. This is a classical False Flag event with every possible outcome being combed over by sharp eye investigative journalists and collective truth seekers as we begin to tear apart the lies we see on television after the events in Las Vegas last night.

Mainstream news outlets like to make stories up. My truth stranger than fiction version of events is that Mike Cronk and his Monkey friend Rob (who is alleged to be dead) were possibly the two men spotted on the rooftops and stage at the shootings in Las Vegas. This is why Mike was interviewed with no top on and his mate Rob said to be dead. Mike Cronk who is pictured on social media with his girlfriend, C Jill Meszaros, had to change out of his camouflage attack gear into his Coconuts jumper before doing news reports in the typical sense that the killer always returns to the scene of the crime.

This was one of the script writers movie cliché tricks played on the public on October 1….”



Joe Olson naïvely states: “It took thousands of demonic technicians to develop the 9/11 SURPRISE….no one of us will solve this crime by ourselves….” However, what he and other truthers must now begin to understand, is as follows:


  • The 9/11 False-Flag event was no “surprise” for the masses – it was an event that the masses had been acclimatised to readily accept by demonic forces – mainly through their Hollywood music and film’s hypnotic subliminal messages – as suggested to the masses (over a long period of time) by the Master Hypnotist (Satan) himself, and his willing minion human hosts.
  • The blatant 9/11 false-flag crime was never meant to be “solved”.  It was specifically designed and planned to be an “elephant in the room”, or an “in-your-face” blatant false-flag event, because the Master Hypnotist (Satan) wants to take as many people to hell with him as possible, and the only way he can do that is to get people to willingly accept such evil – by remaining apathetic and complicit with it.  This is what the “Revelation of the Method”, or Hegelian Dialectic: “Problem-Reaction-Solution” subliminal message technique is primarily all about.

64_cookieHole_dsnc1775ATherefore, the only antidote for such demonic hypnotic suggestion, is for the masses to be awoken to the cold-hard reality of real Science (i.e. through the “Scientific Method” via Steve De’ak’s 9/11 Crash Test Project) in understanding the Twin Tower’s main “smoking gun” evidence – namely, the specific “plane impacts” evidence.  The more such evidence is ignored, the stronger the delusion and resulting mass hypnosis will become.  Steve De’ak knows that 9/11 can never really ultimately be “solved” in this Earthly realm – as the false-flag criminals made sure of that when they got rid of all the evidence – by shipping the Twin Tower rubble to China, or by dumping it at the “Fresh Kills” U.S. rubbish dump site, or by manipulating, or deleting crucial video/picture/audio evidence of the false-flag event, and by infiltration the truth movement with all its psy-op/cointelpro spook minions to further distort and distract the masses from the truth. 


fire_flamesOur choice now (as God-fearing human beings), is really quite a simple one: We can continue to allow demonic entities to seduce us with their war propaganda, or blatant false-flag events, which can only lead us all into hell fire, or we can arm ourselves with real knowledge and put a stop to their evil demonic plans immediately!  Despite the fierce hypnotic influence of parasitic demons residing within certain human host bodies, this choice isn’t totally beyond our collective control.  We still have the power to collectively do what is right.  Are we going to let our demonic leaders dictate our every thought and action, or let mere talentless musicians channel demons – like Robbie Williams, aka Rob Will often likes to do – just to rob us of our own freewill? 

It’s time to draw the line: Men or mice, demonically possessed moron minions; or God-fearing human beings – now what will it be?

The power really is within you. So resist!

Kind regards,





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