A Call for a Truther Truce!

pope doves attackedDear Truthers,


Dr. Judy Wood’s followers are currently engaged in “phantom warfare” with our dearly beloved “concerned grandpa” 9/11 truther Steve De’ak.  A grandpa such as Steve should be enjoying his early retirement from work by now.  But instead, he is forced to work his butt off – just to raise enough money to enable him to challenge his opponents in Truthing, and make his “9/11 Crash Test project” dream come true. Thomas Potter (a Dr. Judy Wood follower) challenges Steve De’ak and other truthers in a recent e-mail by stating the following:


“Name the three branches of government: 1) Military,  2) Corporations, 3) Hollywood – When you are all so busy marginalizing and demeaning the research and evidence presented by Dr. Judy Wood…”


Contrary to Thomas Potter’s prejudiced view, Steve isn’t a lover of the military-industrial complex, corporations, or even of Hollywood for that matter – as the “Phantom of the Psy-Opera movie” trailer shows.


casper the ghostPlease don’t be scared of Steve De’ak because of his Phantom-like persona. If you look beyond all the dark deakness, there really is just a friendly, vulnerable good ‘ole spook deep down inside – he’s a bit like “Casper the friendly ghost”, as I discussed before in a more detailed news article about his alleged phantomness.  So isn’t it about time that you too started steppin’ to the De’ak side?


Many moons ago, I too was forced to go to the “dark side” – into the dark ‘n’ dangerous world of Corporate madness – like how the guy on Star Trek once stated:  “I will journey to a place where no-one has ever dared go before: into the heart of a black hole!” Thus he causes his fellow trekkers to exclaim in horror: “Why, that’s crazy!  Those who journey there, never come out! Stretching you from head to toe; death by black hole!”


heart of stoneContacting the corporate elite is a bit like journeying into a cosmic black hole – because their hearts are made pure black with sin and never-ending stone-cold ruthlessness. Even Dr. Evil (from the “Austin Powers” movie) is scared of them – when he finally awakens from his frozen sleep to be told by his one-eyed friend that: “There’s no “world” anymore – just corporations!”  For example, the “Red Bull” drinks corporation replied to my e-mail with a very ‘black-hole’ type of mentality.   They basically said that it would be “a cold day in hell” before they ever allowed Steve De’ak to have a jet wing for his 9/11 Crash Test project – in blatant disregard for their very own renowned corporate slogan: “Red Bull gives you wings”.  They say, by “wings” they really mean the red hot fiery Planet X dragon – soon to arrive from outer space, as all the Corporate elite rush to hide in their secret underground bunkers.  They also say that they’ll continue to dumb-down the population into total “full idiocracy” – by loading the Red Bull drink with evermore “aspartame that eats your brain” (so much so that the people in the “Idiocracy” movie will seem like absolute geniuses by comparison), at least until the Cosmic Red Bull eventually arrives to get rid of all the “useless eaters/drinkers” in society – as only the ‘strong’ elitist scum survive!



I never wanted to journey into the dark seedy world of corporate corruption (not even for a moment via e-mail) – just to beg them for a helping hand for Steve De’ak’s 9/11 Crash Test Project, but now and then, a truther simply has gotta do what a truther’s gotta do. 


RamadanKareemToday, in this holy peaceful month of Ramadan, I call for a “Truther Truce”!  Let us all now unite, once and for all, against all the corporate madness. As there really is nothing to fear but fear itself – and black-holes of course – as, according to many leading scientists, “nothing is more scarier or destructive than a cosmic black hole”, and also those of the ‘9/ 11 Truth’  movement kind too, obviously!


All those in favour of such a “Truther Truce”, please respond to this message, perhaps with the statement: “I’m in! Enough of the bull-crap already!” Let’s get the 9/11 Crash Test Project started now!”


We look forward to hearing from you soon,


Kind regards,


“A truce, a truce, my kingdom for a truce!”







9/11 Phantom Warfarehttp://yankee451.com/?p=4507

Movie Trailer: The Phantom of the Psy-Opera: https://youtu.be/anJt4s4rLdQ

Phantom Film Extras 1: https://youtu.be/4UoE05ME1

War sheep: https://youtu.be/ViVnZbImkIc


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