Michael Curry’s censored “fiery love” speech

crazy-love-imageThe Real Michael Curry’s speech:

I must emphasize from the start that the Bishop Michael Curry that you all thought you saw at the ‘royal’ wedding was not the real bishop.  He was indeed an imposter lookalike sent to replace me – the REAL Michael Curry!   I am currently imprisoned in a dungeon somewhere within the Tower of London, for my political views and because I recently reverted to Islam – much to the annoyance and hatred of the so-called ‘royal’ family, particularly Princess Diana’s racist mother who disowned her very own daughter – just because she thought her playboy boyfriend Dodi was a Muslim, and who openly spewed racist islamophobic hatred at Diana over the phone. The royals may now like to rebrand themselves as being lovers of black people, but what they’ll never be able to bring themselves to do, is declare any ‘love’ towards Muslims. Thus, I am compelled to get this message out to you all now.  Particularly as I was further angered by a recent news article written by a V.T. journalist named Michael Shrimpton on May 19th – the day of the ‘royal’ wedding in Windsor.  At first I thought that Michael Shrimpton was being obviously ridiculously sarcastic, until I realised (to my utter horror) that he was, indeed, actually really believing his own pro-royal propaganda bullcrap! He is surely living up to his bottom-feeder shrimpy name – by acting as a “groom of the stool” ass-whip for the elite.  Even the King Henry VIII lookalike named Ian Greenhalgh was disgusted by Shrimpy’s article, by commenting as follows:

“…yet again Shrimpton makes me want to vomit with his ludicrous nonsense… the Saxe-Coburg Gothas have expanded vast resources and wealth on PR so the plebs don’t realise what a bunch of evil, inbred scum they really are.”


Ian Greenhalgh has got nothing to worry about, because no-one, absolutely no-one, believes all the PR nonsense, other than little princess shrimpy-brained morons, suffering extreme cognitive dissonance, as they’re truly “gone with the fairies” in la-la land at Duffster’s “Veterans Today”.

Michael Shrimpton insults the intelligence of “little girls” everywhere when he writes: “How many millions of little girls will be going to bed tonight dreaming that they too could become a princess?”


malcolm xNo Shrimpy, “little girls” don’t ever aspire to become vampiric, reptilian satanic blasphemous elitist scum, as you obviously seek to become.  Malcolm X and Martin Luther King are surely rolling in their graves at the mere thought of becoming such an odious being – especially as promoted by the fake bishop “house negro” at the recent phoney ‘royal’ wedding.



fire_flamesWhen the fake Bishop Michael Curry speaks about the “fire of love”, he should be careful of what he wishes for.  Because God’s fiery ‘love’ isn’t all warm, soft and sweet, but can be very painful indeed – especially when experienced as the fires of hell!   So I’m not delivering this message to you now as a Republican, nor as a Democrat; not as a Mason, nor as an Elk; not as a Protestant, nor a Catholic; a Methodist, or even as a Christian Baptist, in fact, not even as an American, because if I was an American, the problem that confronts our people today wouldn’t even exist.

So I have to stand here today as what I was when I was born: a Muslim monotheist!

Before there was any such thing as reptilian royals, we were monotheist.

Before there was any such thing as a Republican or a Democrat, we were monotheist.

Before there was any such thing as a Mason or an Elk, we were monotheist.

Before there was any such thing as a Jew or a Christian, we were monotheist.

In fact, before there was any such place as America, we were monotheistic.

And after America has long passed from the scene, there will still be monotheists.


doncharisma-org-heart_in_water_and_fireI’m gonna tell you like it really is. Every year, these so-called “royals” are sent up here to pacify us, with their extravagant display of riches, and promotion of fake fiery ‘love’.  Now that kinda ‘love’ ain’t the fiery love of Jesus Christ (as that fake Bishop would falsely have you believe) – that’s hellfire for sure!  

The phoney ‘royals’ will lead you all into the fires of hell. That is what they do! 


They send Meghan Markle down here to pacify us!

They send Michael Shrimpton down here to pacify us!

They send blasphemy and materialism down here to pacify us!       


Before there was any such thing as a ‘royal’ slave society, there needed to be a ‘royal’ slave mentality willing to acquiesce with evil and blaspheme against the Most High, with the blasphemous false doctrine of the “Trinity”.  In the past, many true Christians fought fiercely against that satanic false trinity doctrine, which is now being promoted by the fake satanic so-called “royals” – seeking to win the love of the public by promoting their reptilian evil with the blasphemous false “Trinity” dogma, disguised as true Christianity!

You can’t get blasphemy against the Most High without the royal’s permission!

Why you can’t even get extravagant materialism and persecution of the poor and homeless without the royal’s permission – as David Icke rightfully points out.

Every time you break the seal of prophethood and trample upon the true Muslim monotheistic religion of God, that’s a fake ‘royal’ satanic seal you’re approving of!

That’s why I’ve decided to become a Muslim, because the Holy Quran speaks the truth when it rebukes the snake-like trinity doctrine of the fake Christian bishops, as follows:


O FOLLOWERS of the Gospel! Do not overstep the bounds [of truth] in your religious beliefs, and do not say of God anything but the truth. The Christ Jesus, son of Mary, was but God’s Apostle – [the fulfilment of] His promise which He had conveyed unto Mary – and a soul created by Him. Believe, then, in God and His apostles, and do not say, “[God is] a trinity”. Desist [from this assertion] for your own good. God is but One God; utterly remote is He, in His glory, from having a son: unto Him belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is on earth; and none is as worthy of trust as God.


Never did the Christ feel too proud to be God’s servant, nor do the angels who are near unto Him. And those who feel too proud to serve Him and glory in their arrogance [should know that on Judgment Day] He will gather them all unto Himself: (4:173) whereupon unto those who attained to faith and did good deeds He will grant their just rewards, and give them yet more out of His bounty; whereas those who felt too proud and gloried in their arrogance He will chastise with grievous suffering: and they shall find none to protect them from God, and none to bring them succour.


Indeed, the truth deny they who say, “Behold, God is the Christ, son of Mary” – seeing that the Christ [himself] said, “O children of Israel! Worship God [alone], who is my Sustainer as well as your Sustainer.” Behold, whoever ascribes divinity to any being beside God, unto him will God deny paradise, and his goal shall be the fire: and such evildoers will have none to succour them!


Indeed, the truth deny they who say, “Behold, God is the third of a trinity” – seeing that there is no deity whatever save the One God. And unless they desist from this their assertion, grievous suffering is bound to befall such of them as are bent on denying the truth. (5:74) Will they not, then, turn towards God in repentance, and ask His forgiveness? For God is much forgiving, a dispenser of grace.


The Christ, son of Mary, was but an apostle: all [other] apostles had passed away before him; and his mother was one who never deviated from the truth; and they both ate food [like other mortals].

Behold how clear We make these messages unto them: and then behold how perverted are their minds!

(5:76) Say: “Would you worship, beside God, aught that has no power either to harm or to benefit you – when God alone is all-hearing, all-knowing?”


Say: “O followers of the Gospel! Do not overstep the bounds [of truth] in your religious beliefs; and do not follow the errant views of people who have gone astray aforetime, and have led many [others] astray, and are still straying from the right path.”


As it is, some assert, “The Most Gracious has taken unto Himself a son!


Indeed, [by this assertion] you have brought forth something monstrous, (19:90) whereat the heavens might well-nigh be rent into fragments, and the earth be split asunder, and the mountains fall down in ruins! (19:91) That men. should ascribe a son to the Most Gracious, (19:92) although it is inconceivable that the Most Gracious should take unto Himself a son!


Not one of all [the beings] that are in the heavens or on earth appears before the Most Gracious other than as a servant: (19:94) indeed, He has full cognizance of them, and has numbered them with [unfailing] numbering; (19:95) and every one of them will appear before Him on Resurrection Day in a lonely state.

the quran



animated-candle-gif-28Now THAT’s fire!

Oh, I say and I say it again, ya been had!

Ya been took!

Ya been hoodwinked!


Led astray!

Run amok!




This is what fake ‘royalty’ does…. But most of all you phoney ‘truthers’ are living in cognitive dissonance and wilful ignorance. But you don’t play with such satanic ‘fire’ and not expect to get burnt by it in return.  Yes, I too believe in the ‘fire of love’, but not as the fake bishops know of it, but rather as the Qur’an instructs us to fear:


If they but knew – they who are bent on denying the truth – [that there will come] a time when they will not be able to ward off the fire from their faces, nor from their backs, and will not find any succour! (21:40) Nay, but [the Last Hour] will come upon them of a sudden, and will stupefy them: and they will be unable to avert it, and neither will they be allowed any respite.


Say: “The truth has now come [to light, and falsehood is bound to wither away]: for, falsehood cannot bring forth anything new, nor can it bring back [what has passed away].”

(34:50) Say: “Were I to go astray, I would but go astray [due to my own self, and] to the hurt of myself; but if I am on the right path, it is but by virtue of what my Sustainer reveals unto me: for, verily, He is all-hearing, ever-near!”


IF THOU couldst but see [how the deniers of the truth will fare on Resurrection Day,] when they will shrink in terror, with nowhere to escape since they will have been seized from so close nearby  – (34:52) and will cry, “We do (now] believe in it!”

But how can they [hope to] attain [to salvation] from so far away, (34:53) seeing that aforetime they had been bent on denying the truth, and had been wont to cast scorn, from far away, on something that was beyond the reach of human perception?



candle-animated-gif-4Therefore I plead that you all shun the false “Trinity” doctrine of the false royals and enter into the true religion of God as Muslims, as I do now.

Yours truly,

Muslim Michael Curry (former Christian bishop)



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