Trinity is “The Matrix”!


Have you ever had a close friend, or a family member who you believed was your most loyal supporter, in the whole-wide-world, but then eventually realised that that person was actually the biggest traitor Judas that could possibly ever exist? Well if so, then welcome to the club! 


Many of us today experience that sort of betrayal almost on a regular basis, as more and more of our fellow human beings sell-out to “The Powers That Be”. For example, many ex-Duffsters like Dr. Jim Fetzer or Ann Diener may now know what it feels like to be betrayed by someone they once thought of as a friend. 


matrix phoneIt’s amazing that even after the blockbuster movie “The Matrix” and its sequel films; many are still asking themselves the question, “What is The Matrix?”  It’s ridiculous really, because the answer has been starring us in the face this whole frickin’ time!  Neo or “The One” in “The Matrix” movie must be the biggest idiot that ever walked the face of the Earth.  The evil source of “The Matrix” was always right there beside him, but he never once realised.  Yes, you’ve guessed it; the personification of the oppressive matrix system was indeed his so-called lady friend named Trinity.  Trinity represents the ultimate betrayer Judas in The Matrix.  Someone who acts like they’re there to help you, but in actual fact is the biggest snake-like betrayer that ever crawled the good Earth. Doesn’t the bible say that even the devil can disguise him/herself as an angel of light?  There can be no better way to infiltrate and destroy ones enemy than disguising oneself as a trusted friend.  But if Neo had at least two brain cells to rub together, he would’ve realised that the clue of her betrayal was written clearly in the meaning of her name “Trinity”.   Whereas Neo represents the human need to acknowledge the Oneness of God with monotheistic religion, Trinity represents the absolute opposite of that.  By accepting Trinity as a friend, Neo gave up rational thought altogether and became hypnotised by her snake eyes.  Trinity polluted his strength – as gained from his acknowledgement of God’s true Oneness, and made him think that one plus one plus one equals one!  Who would’ve thought that a grown man like Neo axis of evilcould ever be made to believe such a preposterous thing?  Of course 1+ 1+ 1= 3 and can never be 1.  Not even in a million-billion-trillion years, not now or ever! Not even in Michael Shrimpton’s princess fairy La-La Land! Only in the kingdom of the oppressed and downtrodden can such a concept ever flourish, such as in that infamous zionist place called the United Kingdom. 


red blue pillsIf you can get the people to believe that 1+1+1= 1, then you can bet your bottom dollar, that you can eventually get them to believe anything you want them to believe, as they’ve already swallowed the blue pill.  Before there was any such thing as an Orwellian 2+2 = 5, there needed to be taught the Trinity concept of 1+1+1 = 1.  It is the very foundation of “doublethink” of which all other “doublethink” crazy thought stems. Quite frankly, to make oneself believe in the Trinity dogma, or that 2+2 = 5 is to fall into doing evil, as nothing good can ever come from such irrational, illogical thought.  The truth is the truth regardless of pill red bluehow one seeks to distort it for ones own perverse purposes.  Once people accept the false dogma of the “Trinity”, then it’s a “piece of cake” to make them believe that jet planes can slice into Twin Towers like a hot knife slices through butter. Newton’s laws of motion don’t then mean a thing.


robbie2But the one thing that the Devil hates more than anything else in the world, allegedly even more so than rock music, is the unyielding scientific laws of the Universe, otherwise known as “Karma”.  That’s the reason why popstar Robbie Williams sings “even the devil hates you” for his song “Karma Killer”, for indeed Karma really is a kick-ass bitch when it comes to destroying evil. You ain’t never had a friend like Karma, as she will kick Neo’s Traitorous Trinity punk-ass bitch back into that hell-hole from which she came!  Bishop Michael Curry should take note of that whenever he is asked to give another sermon for any future royal wedding – because he may have “thought that it was an April fool’s joke” to be given such an opportunity, but Karma ain’t no April fool’s joke that’s for sure! She simply will not tolerate his “Trinity” dogma any longer!  If he really loved the royals with the “fiery love” that he proclaims he feels for them, then he shouldn’t be so keen to see them burn in karmas fiery hell for all of eternity. Similarly, Michael Shrimpton at king with no clothes“Veterans Today” should stop promoting Meghan Markle’s ridiculously expensive wedding dress, like he’s auditioning for the role as the Traitorous Tailor for the next “The Emperor’s New Clothes” movie.  Why can’t such people ever speak truth to authority for a change?!  Don’t they realise that in this 21st Century people haven’t just realised that the emperor is walking around stark naked, but that he can’t even friggin’ well count simple sums like 1+1+1, or 2+2 in this Orwellian society.


Muslims should speak out for truth, and thus allow Trinitarians the chance of entering eternal paradise – perhaps they may seek to listen and revert from their evil ways:

Qur’an 5:72:

Behold, whoever ascribes divinity to any being beside God, unto him will God deny paradise, and his goal shall be the fire: and such evildoers will have none to succour them!


wolf in sheepSatan the Master Hypnotist, in all his disguises, seeks to keep you from entering paradise, and he spends a great deal of money to keep you under his hypnotic spell, as Ian Greenhalgh points out when it comes to “The Royals”:

“… the Saxe-Coburg Gothas have expanded vast resources and wealth on PR so the plebs don’t realise what a bunch of evil, inbred scum they really are.”


Matrix tankSatan wants to keep you trapped in Trinity’s conventional matrix:

“Since the day we were born, our modern society has conditioned us to think within the conventional matrix. As a result, our minds have been caged into a small box, preventing our minds from maturing properly. This is why most of us have such a hard time becoming independent thinkers. One of the popular methods that our society use for conditioning our minds is subliminal message.

Subliminal messages are designed to target our minds, especially our subconscious minds, because our minds control our actions. Once our society uses subliminal messages to influence our minds to a certain point, it can control our thought patterns to a certain degree without our knowledge. If subliminal messages did not work, do you think companies and our government would spend millions of dollars per year on them?

…To free your mind, you will need to learn how to think beyond the conventional matrix. To do this, you will need to become aware of the tricks that companies and your government use to manipulate your mind.”

[How to Free Your Mind from the Conventional Matrix, by Pao L. Chang, Guest Writer Waking Times]


There can be no greater mind trick than to convince the people that 1+1+1= 1, and then blasphemously call it “Holy God”!  Every cell within ones body screams: “No!  That simply can’t be true!” But it takes the likes of Michael Shrimpton of “Veterans Today” to sell you the idea with royal pomp – in an article on V.T. about the royal wedding (published on 19th May 2018), with his admiration of British royal riches and Trinity religion, because he says he hasn’t had a decent tailored suit for decades, and wishes he was a princess that could wear beautiful dresses like Meghan Markle, or perhaps act as a dodgy tailor for “The Emperor’s New Clothes” movie?


Matrix battery city podsThe Matrix seeks to pull the wool over your eyes.  So don’t fall for its tricks.  It wants you to remain in “doublethink” mode until Karma finally comes and wakes you up with some cold-hard reality (or some red-hot reality, whatever the case may be).  


fire_flamesFor example:  Act as a blasphemous “intellectual whore” in this life, and the force of that behaviour is going to come back to you as the force of the fiery flames of hell in the hereafter. Dr. Morgan Reynolds gives further examples of such Karmic laws of retribution, when he speaks about “doublethink” or “roadrunner reasoning”, as follows:


66_Roadrunner“…According to Newton, whenever objects A and B interact with each other, they exert forces upon each other. A force may be defined here as a push or pull upon an object which results from its interaction with another object. Newton stated his third law of motion exactly as: “To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction: or, the mutual actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal, and directed to contrary parts.”


To restate it, “For every action, there is an equal (in size) and opposite (in direction) reaction.”  To nail this concept down, consider classroom example 1:


Q: An unfortunate bug strikes the windshield of a bus moving down the road. Quite obviously, this is a case of Newton’s third law of motion. The bug hit the windshield and the windshield hit the bug. Which of the two forces is greater: the force on the bug or the force on the bus windshield?


A: Each force is the same size. For every action, there is an equal … (equal!). The fact that the bug splatters only means that with its smaller mass and strength, it is less able to withstand the force resulting from the interaction.


64_cookieHole_dsnc1775ANow consider example 2:


Q: A speeding plane strikes the wall of a (“motionless”) Tower. Obviously this contact between objects is a case of Newton’s third law of motion. An aluminum plane hits the steel building and the building hits the plane. Which of the two forces is greater: the force on the plane or the force on the building?


A: Each force is the same size. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The fact that the steel beams, spandrel belts, and steel-reinforced concrete floors of 5-6 stories shatter, fragment and form an airplane-shaped gash…OOPS…you’re kidding! This correction just in: the fact that an aluminum plane crumples, shatters and leaves no “airplane-shaped silhouette of passage” in a collision against massive quantities of structural steel only means that with its lower mass, density and strength relative to the building, the plane is far less able to withstand the equal force exerted on both bodies.


We can check our understanding with a few calculations. Each WTC Tower weighed approximately 500,000 tons. As a first approximation, if a plane hit the upper five floors, these floors would weigh approximately 22,727 tons (5 floors divided by 110 floors = 4.5 percent of 500,000 tons). A Boeing 767 would weigh approximately 140 tons flying as described by government and media. The mass of such a plane would be 0.6 percent of the mass of five floors in a Tower (140/22,757). Therefore, the aluminum plane would be less than one percent of the mass of the section of the steel/concrete building it allegedly hit. The plane’s material density and strength (resistance to forces like bending, etc.) would also be vastly inferior to those of a Tower.


Conclusion: bye-bye airplane.


Critics may object that the steel beams in upper stories were thinner than those in lower floors (less building mass to support with nothing else lighter on upper stories), so generously shrink the estimated weight of the upper five stories by one-third, yielding 15,152 tons. The mass of a 767 would be 0.9 percent of the mass of five floors it theoretically hit. To restate it: the mass of the building section allegedly hit by the hollow aluminum tube with engines and wings and no crash rating is 100 times that of the plane.


Result: bye-bye airplane.


And what if the mass of the plane were even smaller?

Same answer: bye-bye airplane.


What if a plane flew faster into the steel tower? Impact force increases but remains equal for plane and tower at any speed. The tower is immensely stronger and harder than the plane.

Upshot: bye-bye airplane.


65_CoyotePlateWhat about the belief that fragile objects with sufficient speed penetrate massive, hard objects, e.g., tornadoes allegedly driving straws into trees? According to a government source, this can happen because “intense winds can bend a tree or other objects, creating cracks in which debris (e.g., hay straw) becomes lodged before the tree straightens and the crack tightens shut again.”


[Source: About Newton’s Third Law by Morgan Reynolds, Ph.D. (excerpt from June 20, 2007 article)         for more information, see]


A further example:


AllahIf we are shamed by our “roadrunner reasoning” in this life, then imagine facing the mighty force of The Almighty Creator on the Day of Judgement, with the blasphemous Trinity force of “intellectual whoredom” which states 1+1+1 = 1! 

Conclusion: Bye Bye Trinity Traitor! 


Quran 5:73:

Indeed, the truth deny they who say, “Behold, God is the third of a trinity” – seeing that there is no deity whatever save the One God. And unless they desist from this their assertion, grievous suffering is bound to befall such of them as are bent on denying the truth. (5:74) Will they not, then, turn towards God in repentance, and ask His forgiveness? For God is much forgiving, a dispenser of grace.


fake jet planeWe should seek God’s merciful grace and repent now before it’s too late!  Poor “concerned Grandpa” Steve De’ak: if he’s not battling the gremlins currently eating up his computer, he’s still got a most monumental battle ahead of him.  Before he can ever hope to get his “9/11 Crash Test” project off the ground, he must first seek to convince an Orwellian society that 2+2 doesn’t equal 5, and more importantly he must try to convince entire Christendom that their much loved “Trinity” dogma, is nothing but blasphemous dogma for sure – and no match to that “dogma” bitch named Karma – who forcefully pays you back in the hereafter, for being such a blasphemous “intellectual whore” in this life, and thinking you can easily get away with it!  Yes, Karma can indeed be a bitch, but wouldn’t you rather she were your close friend instead, rather than that toothless old matrix witch named Trinity?

matix phone box


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