Meghan’s Truther Cookbook Recipe


Meghan Markle (a possible clone of Prince Harry) launched her first solo project as a royal – a cookbook in support of Grenfell families and others. The book, called ‘Together: Our Community Cookbook’, includes 50 recipes by women whose community was affected by the tower block fire in June 2017, which killed 72 people.

It is understandable that the community women of Grenfell would seek to get together and do what they do best, i.e. cook food, but does nobody realize what a horribly bad idea it is to compile their recipes in a book the media now calls the “Grenfell Cookbook” – considering the victims of the Grenfell Tower inferno were basically cooked alive in their own homes? Meghan should have promoted the work of the “Hubb Community” in general – not just focused on their cooking with a book to raise money for charity. The cookbook idea screams of a lack of emotional intelligence and empathy. A “Grenfell Cookbook” is perhaps the sort of thing that fake self-centered truthers with bad taste would approve of. The following recipe should therefore be included in Meghan’s book:

Meghan’s Grenfell Cookbook recipe:

A royal reptilian specialty!

Kitchen utensils needed:

1 giant black witches cauldron

1 large devil’s pitchfork – for stirring food in cauldron

Fires from hell – for heating food


Preheat the cauldron with hellfire

Boil ten pints of black goo from Trump’s swamp, simmer and add other ingredients as follows:

> 1 large cloned ginger nut ripened in the war-torn Afghan sun and poppy fields

> Bottled stench of human apathy, complacency and wilful ignorance

> Tablespoon of traitor truther troll’s gunk

> Dr Judy Wood’s bottled Directed Energy Weapon

> Dr. Richard Gage’s nanothermite – 200 grams, straight from box

> Dr. Richard Gage’s eggs – that are like jet wings that can melt concrete-reinforced steel

> Gordon Duff’s nukes that are radiation-free and safe for human consumption but can bring down Twin Towers in a freefall collapse.

Bring all ingredients to the boil, add salt, pepper, frogs legs and snail sauce.

Serve immediately whilst still boiling hot – fake truthers and royal reptilians love it that way!


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