A Message to French Truthers

  Dear François Sebesi and François Roby,   I understand that you’re seeking to organise a 9/11 truth conference in France in the near future. Your enthusiasm for the truth is very much appreciated – especially now that it’s abundantly clear that the silence of our so-called fellow truther ‘friends’, is none other than pure […]

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The Muslim Miracle Fig Tree

In The Name of God, The Most Gracious, The Dispenser of Grace: Quran Chapter: 95:1   CONSIDER the fig and the olive, and Mount Sinai, and this land secure! Verily, We create man in the best conformation; and thereafter We reduce him to the lowest of Low, excepting only such as attain to faith and […]

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Meghan’s Truther Cookbook Recipe

  Meghan Markle (a possible clone of Prince Harry) launched her first solo project as a royal – a cookbook in support of Grenfell families and others. The book, called ‘Together: Our Community Cookbook’, includes 50 recipes by women whose community was affected by the tower block fire in June 2017, which killed 72 people. […]

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A letter to potential Arabian corporate sponsors of the 9/11 Crash Test Project

********************* A letter to potential Arabian corporate sponsors of the 9/11 Crash Test Project: *********************   Dear Etihad/Etisalat/Abu Dhabi,   As an alleged closet luciferian, Dr. Kevin Barrett is allegedly delighted with your apparent pseudo-Muslim luciferianism too.  We all know that Dr. Kevin Barrett exposed his true luciferian colours when he wrote V.T. news articles […]

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Trump’s 9/11 Fist Pump

Trump’s 9/11 Fist Pump Poem: On 9/11 I decided to do a fist pump But fake news didn’t like me bein’ the usual Trump Wanting me to cry with a slump But I also did a wee skip ‘n’ jump ‘Cause all the 9/11 steel evidence is in a China dump Now I can spend […]

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Black magic religion on 9/11

Dear Lawyers’ Committee for 911 Inquiry / c/o Executive Director Mick Harrison, and fellow truthers: https://www.lawyerscommitteefor9-11inquiry.org Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry – Integrity … http://www.lawyerscommitteefor9-11inquiry.org “Thanks to all for spreading the word about our April 10th Grand Jury Petition which was filed with the U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York.” How do […]

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Selfish Selfridges says “derelick my balls” to customers!

Nightmare “derelicte” fashion inspired by the movie “Zoolander”   Selfridges and Balenciaga have apologised following a backlash over a window display for designer clothes that critics branded “homeless chic”. The department store and luxury fashion brand were accused of “trivialising” rough sleeping with the window display which included hooded mannequins in slumped positions. The display at the Oxford Street store […]

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Musical Dance Battle Video Competition!!

**************** Truther Musical Dance Battle Video Competition Many Big Prizes to be won!!!! *************** Submit your YouTube video web link entries to e-mail: truthermusical@outlook.com And/or within the comment section below. ************ It’s high time that you put your musical talent to the test! Music Dance Battle? Let’s do this!  

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“America” Means The Land Of Lucifer

“America” The Land Of Lucifer; The Real Story Behind The Name Article written by: http://www.facebook.com/people/@/michael.clinton.148 When I was in school, American History usually began with Christopher Columbus. Later I began to wonder just who  the people were who lived here when Columbus “discovered” America. There were, what appeared to be, Masonic Lodges set up by […]

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Dr. Evil & The Green Horny Nit

  A message from Dr. Evil:   This is Dr.Evil aka Donald Trump. I see Duffster from your recent V.T article entitled “Press and the Militarization of Fakery” published on August 19th 2018, that you no longer wish to be a Deep State “player”. You no longer wish to abide by the “might is always […]

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Trump’s Triumphant Truth

             Trump’s Triumphant Truth: My precious ex-CIA Robert Steele Your 9/11 memo has helped me to feel Of course planes can’t melt into Twin-Tower steel So, like an NFL player, I too shall kneel Against the Deep State’s lies aimed to steal ‘Cause truth is better than a rich veal […]

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Boris-the-Animal’s Letterbox Lament

  Boris-the-Animal’s Letterbox Lament: (Boris the Animal – AKA Boris Johnson) When Royal Mail sucks at letters to be sent A Burka Lady’s Letterbox is how my letters went Twas not Islamophobia that I meant Because I’m just a rich paper-bitch that never pays rent As the homeless lay dying in their tent From Scotland […]

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Photo forensic proof: Meghan is Harry!

It seems that in this celebrity-obsessed culture, all people ever want to know is whether or not celebrities have been cloned – even when the answer is so frickin’ in-your-face obvious! Never in the history of cloned human beings has there been a more obvious clone than Meghan Markle.  Yes, her handlers have tried very […]

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Sheikh Steve De’ak’s promise to Truthers

    A Truther asks Steve De’ak:  “Promise me you’ll overturn the chessboard?”   Steve De’ak (aka The Phantom) replies:  “Yes, I will! With my “9/11 Crash Test Project”, the illuminati’s chessboard power-play war games will soon finally be over!       Steve’s “9/11 Crash Test Project idea” is like Black Gold still waiting to be […]

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That ole black magick called ‘love’ at “Veterans Today”

An open letter to Ann Diener – former journalist at “Veterans Today”:   Dear Ann Diener,   We are sorry to learn that you (as an ex-“Veterans Today” journalist) have been targeted, and have become an unwilling victim of what is increasingly now known as the phenomena of  “Targeted Individuals”.  You would think that “the […]

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Is this the real “Phantom of the Ummah”?

For millennia many humans have been asking themselves the question: “Are we alone in the Universe?” That really is quite a dumb question to ask, considering all the movies out these days about “Aliens” (i.e. the “Men in Black” movies and all its sequels), and the fact that mass UFO sightings are seen frequently around […]

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Trinity is “The Matrix”!

Have you ever had a close friend, or a family member who you believed was your most loyal supporter, in the whole-wide-world, but then eventually realised that that person was actually the biggest traitor Judas that could possibly ever exist? Well if so, then welcome to the club!    Many of us today experience that […]

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Michael Curry’s censored “fiery love” speech

The Real Michael Curry’s speech: I must emphasize from the start that the Bishop Michael Curry that you all thought you saw at the ‘royal’ wedding was not the real bishop.  He was indeed an imposter lookalike sent to replace me – the REAL Michael Curry!   I am currently imprisoned in a dungeon somewhere within […]

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A Call for a Truther Truce!

Dear Truthers,   Dr. Judy Wood’s followers are currently engaged in “phantom warfare” with our dearly beloved “concerned grandpa” 9/11 truther Steve De’ak.  A grandpa such as Steve should be enjoying his early retirement from work by now.  But instead, he is forced to work his butt off – just to raise enough money to […]

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Movie Trailer: The Phantom of the Psy-Opera

      Movie Trailer: The Phantom of the Psy-Opera:     This film is based upon a true story: only the facts have been changed 🙂   More information: https://truthermusical.wordpress.com/2018/04/02/the-phantom-of-the-psy-opera/ 9/11 Phantom Warfare – http://yankee451.com/?p=4507 Psy-Opera Phantom film trailer Youtube link: https://youtu.be/anJt4s4rLdQ Phantom Film Extras 1:  https://youtu.be/4UoE05ME1

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An open letter to Don Fox and fellow truthers

    An open letter to Don Fox and fellow truthers:     Dear Don Fox and fellow truthers, Steve De’ak has recently been informed of his true identity as the real Darth Vader from Star Wars.  The name Darth is derived from Da’at aka De’ak – meaning “hidden knowledge” or wisdom.  Please console him […]

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The Phantom of the Psy-Opera

      In Professor Doom’s above YouTube video entitled “Reupload Owls Vs Spiders: Real Meaning of Bohemian Grove“, he tries to connect the dots of seemingly random, coincidental events concerning the Sandy Hook false-flag event.  He says: “There are at least two distinct separate factions of the Illuminati: the Owls and the Spiders. Both […]

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Steve De’ak’s Tripping

*************   Tripping Robbie Williams Produced by Robbie Williams & Stephen Duffy Tripping Lyrics [Verse 1] First they ignore you Then laugh at you and hate you Then they fight you, then you win When the truth dies very bad things happen They’re being heartless again [Chorus] I know it’s coming, there’s gonna be violence […]

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Dr. Judy Wood’s “Fifty Shades De’aker”

    A love letter from Dr. Judy Wood to Steve De’ak:     Dear Steve, I thought that Dr. Jim Fetzer was my one and only “unrequited truther lover”, but it seems I may have been blinded by foolish love, as my true love really is YOU! I was the one that sent my […]

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Dr. Griscom desperately seeks British Naval Officer!

Dr. David Griscom: Desperately seeking British Naval Officer – 9/11 plane eyewitness:       David Griscom is a top physicist who has done some extensive 9/11 research.  However, his research relies on the eye-witness testimony of one very important British Naval Officer – who, unfortunately, now seems to have gone AWOL and can’t be […]

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Raven Night Tales (Part 2): House of the Dead

  In his seminal 1862 work House of the Dead, Fyodor Dostoyevsky suggested one could judge a society by how it treats its prisoners.  However, what he really should have said, more significantly, was: “One can judge a society by how it treats its dead!” The link below explains why this is so – from […]

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Raven Night Tales (Part 1): Cain’s Unrequited Truther Lover

The biblical story of Cain and Abel is a tragic, heart-rending tale with themes of: passion, obsession, faith, pride, prejudice, but above all that of “forbidden love”.  Before there was any such thing as 9/11 “unrequited truther lovers”, there was Cain’s alleged forbidden love to his beautiful distant relative.  Legend has it that Cain and […]

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Golden Mean Ratio of Kaaba

  The above YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5w3c3dLk7sE tells us: 9/11 was planned for 4 main reasons: As a challenge to God and all the spiritual forces serving His path, by the forces of Satan and all those serving his path. To signify the destruction of the Kaaba, since the main design was planned to mimic and signify […]

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