Musical Dance Battle Video Competition!!

**************** Truther Musical Dance Battle Video Competition Many Big Prizes to be won!!!! *************** Submit your YouTube video web link entries to e-mail: And/or within the comment section below. ************ It’s high time that you put your musical talent to the test! Music Dance Battle? Let’s do this!   Advertisements

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Movie Trailer: The Phantom of the Psy-Opera

      Movie Trailer: The Phantom of the Psy-Opera:     This film is based upon a true story: only the facts have been changed 🙂   More information: 9/11 Phantom Warfare – Psy-Opera Phantom film trailer Youtube link: Phantom Film Extras 1:

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Tony Rooke’s M.J. musical extravaganza!

Dear Tony Rooke: Michael Jackson’s estate managers are delighted with your statement (below) that Michael Jackson’s music may help to inspire Truthers to revolutionary activism – you say:   “Do I view most of the ‘9/11 Truth Movement’ as desk bound weirdos? Yes I do. JT (aka “Truther Musical”) being a classic example. Richard and Gordon […]

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Steve De’ak’s “School of Rock” Parody

Dear Steve,   Thank you for your recent e-mail to Jim Fetzer (and copied to various truthers) stating:   Jim, The 12×60-inch dense-metal, penetrating warheads would account for the progressively worse-damaged steel.  At a shallow, oblique angle the wing of a JASSAM would impact the columns first.  The wing is very small and not very dense so it would […]

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New musical film: “The Grey Land of the Lost”

Dear Truthers,   Thanks for your recent e-mails, especially the reply from Mark R. Elsis – the Grandfather of 9/11 truth regarding his 9/11 Trials: It’s good to see Mark Elsis (aka Lawrence of Arabia) back on the scene like a truther machine. Thank goodness there’s still some ‘truther’ life out there! Unfortunately, it seems, the younger generation isn’t interested […]

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A “Soul Train” T.V. Truther Music Show!

  Dear Truthers,     To help continue the debate regarding the difference between a “House Muslim” and a “Field Muslim”, the following “Soul Train” T.V. music show was recently aired in another parallel world within our Universe (please feel free to provide any feedback in the “comments” section below – it’s most welcome):       “Soul Train” […]

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The esoteric significance of Disney’s “Let It Go” song

Disney’s Frozen “Let It Go” Song – Sequence Performed by Idina Menzel – YouTube:   This article examines the esoteric significance of the Disney song “Let It Go” – from the Disney film animation “Frozen” (as in the above video). The Disney organisation is at the top New World Order control structure. Disney and Hollywood seek […]

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When Doves Cry …

When Doves Cry … A dove which was freed by children flanked by Pope Francis during the Angelus prayer, is chased by a black crow in St. Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014   .…Pay attention to the “signs of the times”!   There was an attack by a seagull and a crow […]

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Symphony of Science – ‘The Big Beginning’

Symphony of Science – ‘The Big Beginning’ (ft. Hawking, Sagan, Dawkins, Shears, Tyson) ****************   “The Big Beginning” is the eighth instalment in the Symphony of Science music video series. It deals with the origins of our universe, covering the Big Bang theory, expansion and cooling of the universe, formation of galaxies, the interplay […]

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Steve De’ak officially endorses “Truther Musicals”!!

Special Announcement: Steve De’ak officially endorses “Truther Musicals”!!   Steve De’ak has posted a new page on his website to say that he supports this “Truther Musical”  epic music production. He has finally got over his fear of freemasonic Baphomet butt worshippers, to come out of the woodwork and dance the dance of freedom:   Steve’s […]

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The Gaza “Wall of Shame”

“Wall of Shame”   We’re standing in the Wall of Shame ‘Cause Zionists have gone insane They’ve totally lost their brain Getting weapons from Barack Hussein A pseudo Muslim with a fake name He makes Hitler look really tame When will his tyranny ever wane? ‘cause we’re standing in the Wall of Shame Zionists will […]

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9/11 Science Competition

Science Competition – helping to raise awareness of 9/11 Truth   Dear Truther,   In order to help desperately raise money for the 9/11 Truth Movement’s worthy cause (specifically Steve De’ak’s “9/11 Crash Test” Project:, please help us to produce an animated fictional spoof movie of our musical: “The Sound of Muslims – with Zombies!”: […]

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Dr. Kevin Barrett’s Dark Side

Dr. Kevin Barrett’s Dark Side Dr. Kevin Barrett seeks psychological counselling – because he was told by Gordon Duff (aka Dr. Evil) that he isn’t ‘evil’ enough to continue working for “Veterans Today”.   Kevin tries to convince Gordon that he has the confidence to impress and be a role model for other V.T. workers. He […]

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Kevin Barrett sings “The Duff and I”

Dr. Kevin Barrett sings “The Duff and I” about Gordon Duff (aka The Wizard) of “Veterans Today”: “The Duff and I” MADAME MORRIBLE (spoken) Oh, Dr. Kevin Barrett: (sung) Many years I have waited For a gift like yours to appear Why, I predict Gordon Duff Could make you his Magic grand vizier! My dear, my […]

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Kevin Barrett and Gordon Duff sing “For Good”

Dr. Kevin Barrett and Gordon Duff sing “For Good”   All over the world Zionists and Muslims have fought fiercely. There is only one place on Earth where Zionists and Muslims can apparently live together in complete harmony, and put aside their major differences for “the greater good” – that place is at Gordon Duff’s […]

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Who is Gordon Duff?

  Dear Gordon Duff, For the purpose of developing this musical production:, please would you take part in this short interview/questionnaire?: You once said on radio that you liked George Soros, do you still think he’s a good man and how do you reconcile his Zionistic/anti-human beliefs with those of your close Muslim colleague Dr. […]

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Musical Synopsis

  “The Sound of Muslims – with Zombies!”   Dr. Kevin Barrett is a devout Muslim who seeks sanctuary at the Ground Zero mosque – during the era immediately preceding a Donald Trump U.S. presidency. Donald Trump has managed to stroke fear into the hearts of all Americans – particularly concerning all the devote Muslims living […]

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