Musical Script

“The Sound of Muslims – with Zombies!”


Dr. Kevin Barrett is a devout Muslim who seeks sanctuary at the Ground Zero mosque – during the era immediately preceding a Donald Trump U.S. presidency. Donald Trump has managed to stroke fear into the hearts of all Americans – particularly concerning all the devote Muslims living amongst them. Consequently, Muslims are forced into exile and must head to the hills for their own safety. In the confined space of the mosque, Kevin often annoys his fellow worshippers by always humming a jolly tune out loud – trying to keep his spirits up. Some strict Muslims warn him that all his music and singing is “haram” (forbidden), and so he must cease doing it immediately. However, Kevin loves playing his guitar and doesn’t want to totally give up his love of music. He often carries his guitar around with him, but clumsily keeps bumping into people with it. His fellow Muslims are increasingly annoyed because they want him to stay more low-key – so as not to attract the attention of radical Donald Trump zombie fanatics. Kevin’s eccentricities are tolerated because his fellow Muslims admire his courage in speaking up for 9/11 truth. They also feel that they must give him extra protection – because he is a devout Muslim revert. However, Americans are becoming increasingly zombiefied and are turned into Trump’s mindless followers. More and more Americans are being radicalized by the latest Nazi Trump philosophy – of banning all Muslims from entering America. Americans are no longer tolerant of Muslims or, indeed, of any brown-skinned thinking person, that isn’t as milky-white, or as dumb as Donald Trump (i.e. Trump would seek to ban: Mexicans, Native-American Indians, or African-Americans, including any disabled people who defend Muslims against false 9/11 terror accusations). wtff


wolf in sheepMuslims are becoming increasingly concerned for Kevin’s safety, and advise him to head for the hills like all the other Muslim refugees. They fear that he may be targeted by some Donald Trump ‘lone wolf’ fanatic, who may seek to shoot him with a silver bullet soaked in pig’s blood. Considering the fact that werewolves hate silver bullets, Muslims lament at the irony of a ‘lone wolf’ hunting them with pig’s blood soaked silver bullets – but Donald Trump was very specific about how Muslims should be gunned down. Silver bulleted pig’s blood was his key weapon of choice – to strike fear into every Halal meat eating/pig shunning American-Muslim that ever lived. Trump sought to offend as many Muslims as possible – in order to appease his increasingly fanatical wolfish white followers – for he too happened to be a werewolf. He wanted his security guards to perform in an “Epic Wolf” T.V. commercial for his next election campaign. In the commercial, they were to perform highly provocative M.J. inspired crotch grabbing animalistic dance moves – whilst breakdancing to the “Big Bad Wolf” song with techno music. Donald Trump had ambitions to become not just the U.S. President, but also a “Big Bad Wolf” U.S. Supreme Court Judge too. Trump strongly believed in the “do what thou wilt” Satanic philosophy, and hated anything that was even remotely God-fearing. He even reasoned that atheists were technically Muslim too – because they believed in the first half of the Muslim’s declaration of faith: “There is no god…” (The second half of the Muslim declaration of faith is “…but God, and Mohammed is the messenger of God”). Trump was, therefore, advocating that atheists were technically half-Muslim, and so should (at the very least) be banned from entry to half of America. No God-fearing Muslim would be spared his wrath – including famous American-Muslim reverts like pop stars Jermaine and Janet Jackson, and former boxers Mike Tyson and Mohammed Ali. wtff icon_exclaim


Things may have turned out quite differently for America – had Donald Trump won a childhood audition for a T.V. chocolate commercial. Donald’s childhood dream was to play the role of “The Milky Bar Kid”. As a child, he had practiced for the audition for many years. He knew all the words to the song: “The Milky Bar Kid is strong and tough, there’s only one thing that’s good enough… Good ole Milky Bar!” Donald Trump dreamt of being famous and boasted to everyone that he was “gonna be huuuuuge!!” Unfortunately, having failed the singing audition, something inside of his head just totally flipped. He went absolutely berserk and was never quite the same again. When he was offered the chance to audition with another chocolate company – but, one that promoted brown-coloured chocolates instead, Trump just totally lost it again. Tearing the place down, he screamed: “Do I even RESEMBLE brown chocolates!!! I’m a Milky Bar Kid!!! I’m pure! I’m white! Rich and graceful like a porcelain ballerina doll! How could you do this to me!! How could you!! How could you! How could you…The nerve of it!!”


phant-aniNo-one ever heard from Donald Trump ever since that unfortunate episode in ghosthis childhood – the time when his home town was suddenly burned down (allegedly by some mysterious KKK arsonist, disguised wearing an oversized yellow bird-like hair wig, and covered head to toe with ghostly white bed sheets). As Trump got older and more mature, he managed to seduce the American people with extravagant tales of his riches. Ian Greenhalgh (a Veterans Today journalist) noticed that Donald Trump strongly resembled his U.S. military war hero George S. Patton. Ian then suggested to the American people that Trump may have Patton’s courage with “balls the size of Texas”, and that he was (at the very least) Patton’s cloned dummy. This (inadvertently) increased Trump’s popularity. Ian was calling for a new American revolution – “A Call to Arms”, but little did he know that Trump had other, more sinister, plans in mind. Trump had listened to the Pink Floyd song “Another Brick in the Wall” one too many times, and was now obsessed with building walls. He boasted that he was going to build America’s version of The Great Wall of China, stating that it was “gonna be huuuuuge”! Dr. Kevin Barrett felt that it was only a matter of time before Trump would personally build a wall around him. Kevin cherished his personal private space, and didn’t want to be anywhere near Trump – like two claustrophobic peas stuck together in a pod.icon_surprised


mountain2Kevin Barrett manages to escape to the hills with his fellow devote Muslim followers. Every day he gets out his guitar (whenever he thinks that Trump is not around spying on him). He skips and dances on the grassy hills in ecstatic dervish-like fashion – in pure ecstasy and delight at being able to (at least) be free enough to smell the putrid, smog, nuke radiation dust fuelled air of post 9/11 New York. He then sings his favourite song:


Sound of Muslims

My days in the hills has come to an end I know
A star has come out to tell me it’s time to go
But deep in the dark green shadows
Are voices that urge me to stay…

The hills are alive
With the sound of Muslims
With songs they have sung
For a thousand years…



Unfortunately, Kevin’s singing was destined to attract the unwelcome attention of a phony Muslim admirer – who happened to be walking by at the time – A man by the dodgy name of Gordon Duff, or Bob Foote (no-one knew his real name for sure because he was a master of disguise). Some speculated that he really was just another Khazar/Zionist Jew, a lover of George Soros, or an ex Monsanto/ Du Pont employee, with a strange penchant for guns and for keeping helpless guinea pigs alive in cages. Some even believed that he may well have fought in the U.S./Vietnam war too, but (in this day and age of disinformation) nothing could be certain. However, his sadistic desire to cage guinea pigs, compartmentalise them, fatten them up and then compare them to humans, was eventually confirmed when he uploaded a YouTube video of himself doing such a cruel deed.icon_exclaim icon_twisted icon_cry


Gordon Duff had established himself as a decorated U.S. war hero, and had amassed great wealth with his “Veterans Today” news empire. He also had some dodgy dealings going on in selling guns all over the world, and was well-known infamously as a “Lord of War”. After meeting Kevin Barrett – dancing and singing on the hills with his guitar, Gordon is instantly smitten by him. He explains that he doesn’t care that Kevin is a Muslim, and immediately offers him a job as a journalist with “Veterans Today” – [Truth be told, Gordon was actually having some trouble controlling his unruly, childish V.T. employees – who were all threatening to defect and join the new “Veterans Truth Network” rival news group]. No-matter how hard Gordon blew his whistle and ordered them about – to march in line to the tune of his military dictatorship, they strongly resisted and were determined to do their own thing. They needed Nanny State policing and (in Gordon’s eyes) Kevin Barrett was obviously the only man for the job. However, no-one was more angry at being ordered about and whistled at than Jim Fetzer. He was tired of Gordon always treating him likebbc disinfo a dog with his dog whistle. Gordon often whistled for his staff to come to his office for meetings. Duff strongly disapproved of Jim’s highly political truthful articles – Gordon was angry that such articles didn’t proclaim his love for Jade Helm military dictatorship, nor abide by his 40-60 % disinformation quota, or promote propaganda for George Soros. He considered Jim to be a “loose cannon” and offered him little encouragement with his work – often censoring and deleting his published articles on a whim. wtff


One fateful day, Jim Fetzer stood up in the “Veterans Today” newsroom and loudly proclaimed to all present: “I’m not a paper bitch!! O.K.! I’m a man!! Not a creepy furry guinea pig, or a dog! I’m a human being!!! I need freedom to fly and to spread my wings like a peacock! I can’t take it anymore!!!” He then runs out of the V.T. office in tears, never to return again. Kevin Barrett (the shrewd opportunist that he is) then takes this opportunity to suck up to Gordon Duff some more – in order to get on his good side and to be treated as his master’s new top underdog, willing to obey his every command. Like all other V.T. journalists, he was all too keen to do Gordon’s bidding and work totally for free without pay. Kevin often romantically imagined Duff’s dog whistle to be a musical instrument (The Pide Piper of Hamelin’s flute), and he told everyone that he truly loved hearing it. However, other V.T. employees were not as keen as Kevin to be ordered about by Gordon’s use of a whistle. Nevertheless, in order to keep their jobs, they always slavishly did what they were told, and willingly went back to their “paper bitching” desk jobs. Gordon was impressed with Kevin’s slavish adherence to everything he told him to do. One day he told Kevin that he had gained enough confidence in him to leave him in charge of his entire V.T. news crew – as Gordon was needed abroad to sell more guns to some impoverished war-torn African country. icon_twisted


Kevin was delighted to finally be free of Gordon’s micro-management, and, once again, felt as free as the day when he first danced on the grassy hills – overlooking the polluted New York skyline. However, in Gordon’s absence, and to the dismay of his fellow V.T. workers, he would constantly sing songs with his guitar. Unable to control himself, he repeatedly sings the song “I Have Confidence” – to instil into his colleagues the belief that he’s now in charge of them all, and that he is confident that Gordon will be pleased with him for his outstanding leadership upon his return. He begins by teaching his fellow V.T. journalists the following song :



Let’s start at the very beginning
A very good place to start
When you read you begin with ABC
When you sing you begin with Do Re Mi
Do Re Mi
  The first three notes just happen to be
Do Re Mi, Do Re Mi

Do Re Mi Fa So La Te
Do – a Donald, a Dodo Donald
Re – a drop of golden sun
Mi – a name I call myself
Fa – a long, long way to run
So – a Silverstein ‘pulling’ Towers
La – a note to follow so
Te – a tenacious Zionist and traitor
That will bring us back to
  Do oh oh oh


Kevin and V.T. staff also sing the following song together – in the V.T. newsroom – as they laze about and forget about doing any work at all icon_lol:


How Do You Solve A Problem like…?

How do you solve a problem like Al-Qaeda?
How do you catch a terrorist and pin him down?
How do you find a word that means Al Qaeda?
  Al-CIA-da! Daesh! ISIS! A clown!

Many a thing you know you’d like to tell them
Many a thing they ought to understand
But how do you make them go away and listen to all you say
How do you keep a wave upon the sand
Oh, how do you solve a problem like Al-Qaeda?
How do you hold a monster in your hand?
When I’m with it I’m confused
Out of focus and bemused
And I never know exactly where I am
Unpredictable as weather
It’s as flighty as a feather
It’s a dervish! It’s a demon! It’s Islam!
It’ll outpester any pest
Drive a hornet from its nest
It could throw a whirling dervish out of whirl
It is gigantic! It is wild!
It’s a riddle! It’s a child!
It’s a headache! It’s a hag!
  A presstitute!
A slag!
Or (most likely) a FALSE-FLAG!!


pathAs Muslims are forced to hide within every nook and cranny of America to escape Donald Trump’s persecution, Kevin remains in high spirits. Gordon’s trust in him has rescued Kevin from a life of living ‘off the grid’ in some woody mountainous cave habitat somewhere, carving wooden spoons for a living. However, Kevin is warned by some of his close colleagues that “the hills have eyes” and everything he says and does may indeed be watched by the N.S.A. – because those National Security Agency guys are indoctrinated to always “See Something, Say Something”, no matter how minuscule a thing may be – in order to win Trump’s coveted luxurious Milky Bar chocolate buttons. Americans are now too frightened to go out in their once friendly Muslim neighbourhoods. icon_rolleyes


ironyDespite increasing paranoia and fear within the Trump dominated community, the brotherly love between Kevin and Gordon blossoms further. Gordon feels sorry for Kevin. He remembers what it must have been like for his Jewish brethren to feel persecuted – all those many years ago in Nazi occupied Germany. In order to cheer Kevin up and to show-off his own musical skills, Gordon dances like Dr. Evil speaking tunefully to Kevin: “Come to daddy! I’m hip [breakdancing]. Chukka, chukka, chukka… Donald the elephant came to town and said good-bye to the circus, off he went with a Trumpety Trump. Trump. Trump. Trump…” Unfortunately, this song and dance has the opposite intended effect upon Kevin, and he screams at Duff: “Get away from me! You lazy-eyed freak!! You leave V.T. for weeks on end and suddenly come back and just expect me to still be here for you! I hate you!!” Kevin then (theatrically) runs out of the V.T. office, yelling to Gordon: “Chase me, chase me, chase me…” icon_rolleyes


After chasing each other around the V.T. offices all day long (like the Tom & Jerry cartoon chase), Gordon and Kevin finally rest to admire the sunset outside on the grassy lawn. As they look into each others eyes, holding hands in a purely platonic way, they marvel at the sheer miracle of their brotherly love. A Muslim and an atheist/Khazar/Zionist Jew shouldn’t normally see eye to eye and get along. It’s not often that such people can keep up a pretence of deeply caring for each other, whilst simultaneously still hating each other’s guts. Whenever Kevin meets Gordon, he thanks the heavens above that Gordon is not (in anyway) like Trump. In Kevin’s eyes, Gordon can do no wrong – despite all Gordon’s obvious gun selling, globe trotting Zionistic criminal ways (for his infamous role as a “Lord of War”). Likewise, Gordon is blind to Kevin’s misdeeds. He tries hard to forget all those gross mind images he frequently gets – of Kevin dressed up as an oversized furry guinea pig in a cage.


At last, Kevin Barrett has found the life-long friend that he’d always hoped for. He’d previously experienced far too many unfortunate encounters with “bombastic assholes”, and was thus shy of meeting new people. He believed that only Gordon could look beyond his oversized guinea-pig like features, and see the man he truly was inside – a true musical genius, a 9/11 Truther and an anti-Zionist, Jihadist Muslim leader (who, incidentally, could also overlook ALL the faults of such obviously hardened anti-Muslim war endorsing Zionists as Gordon Duff – due to his extreme cognitive dissonance). Kevin and Gordon sing the following song together – whilst admiring the sunset outside of the V.T. building:


Something Good

Perhaps I had a wicked childhood
Perhaps I had a miserable youth
But somewhere in my wicked miserable past
  I must have had a moment of truth
For here you are
Standing there
Beside me
Whether or not you should
So somewhere in my youth
Or childhood
I must have done something good

Nothing comes from nothing
Nothing ever could
So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good

Here you are standing here
Beside me
Whether or not you should

So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good


Meanwhile, Jim Fetzer has taken to spying on Gordon and Kevin’s activity. He seeks to win back Gordon’s favour, and to rejoin the V.T. news team. He hopes to one day pull Gordon away from Kevin (at least long enough to convince him to worship at the shrine of Trump). Jim doesn’t think Donald Trump is as bad as his so-called Muslim friends make out. In his view, banning all Muslims from America is a small price to pay if it means he doesn’t have to do anymore endless “Dynamic Duo”, or “False-flag Weekly News” radio shows with Kevin Barrett. Jim Fetzer notices Gordon’s increasing close ties with Kevin and tries to hide his jealousy. He tries to convince Kevin to leave his V.T. job, and return to his safe shelter within the Ground Zero mosque. Kevin then sings the song “My Favourite Things” to get over his disappointment at Jim Fetzer’s suspicious conduct towards him, and the fact that he is now living in exile as an American Muslim in fascist/zombiefied Trump Land: “… I simply remember my favourite things, and then I don’t feel so bad.” icon_sad icon_cry icon_confused


Jim Fetzer still hopes to gain the job promotion at V.T. that Gordon had always promised hm. In such hard times, Jim believes that Gordon Duff should try to compromise more of his moral principles. He seeks to convince him to not only openly work and praise such criminal Zionists as George Soros, but also to associate with loud-mouthed obnoxious white supremacists too (like Donald Trump) – all for the “greater good” of course. However, Gordon secretly can’t stand anyone at all. All humans remind him of his scary, fattened/furry guinea pigs – which he is forced to cage and look after for his psychological therapy – to overcome his extreme phobia of them. There are only three things in the entire world that truly frighten him: Fat furry guinea pigs, humans and smelly midget circus folk with small hands!


Gordon’s brotherly friendship with Kevin has mellowed his hardened Zionistic ways. One day he gathers all his V.T. staff together to show them how Kevin has taught him to play the guitar. He sings the following propaganda endorsing song to them (whilst contemplating the possibility of giving up all his evil ways to become a Muslim – due to his sudden ‘identity crisis’ panic attack):


Idle Lies

(Gordon Duff):

Idle lies, Idle lies
Every morning you greet me
Small and white
Dull or bright
You’ll be published on V.T.
News so low
May you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever
Idle lies, idle lies
Bless my propaganda forever

(Gordon, Kevin and V.T. staff):
Small and white
Dull or bright
You’ll be published on V.T.
News so low
May you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever
Idle lies, idle lies
Bless my propaganda forever




Gordon’s solo guitar playing and singing inspires the rest of the V.T. news team to sing along too. Two V.T. staff members then sing the following song:


Silverstein ‘Pulling’ Building Seven

You wait little traitor
In an empty jail cell
For fate to turn the light on
Your life little cockroach
Is an empty page
To be tossed in the fires of hell!

You are Silverstein ‘pulling’ Building 7
Traitor it’s time to think
Better beware
Be canny and careful
Traitor you’re on the brink

You are Silverstein ‘pulling’ Building 7
Buildings will fall in time
Eager young lads
  And Zionists and cads
Will offer you food and wine

Totally unprepared are you
To face a world of men
Traitorous and evil and sadistic are you
Of things beyond your kin
  You need to be jailed
You scum-sucking pig
With police telling you what to do!

Building 7

icon_exclaim wtff icon_question


After many peaceful days working within the V.T. building and providing the American public with their daily dose of Zionist propaganda, Kevin notices a change in the mood of the zombified American public. They are no longer interested in worshipping Donald Trump, but have instead taken an unhealthy interest in the Freemasonic Luciferian New World Order philosophy. Unfortunately for America, and for the entire world, Freemasonic Baphomet butt kissing eventually becomes as trendy as twerking is now. Trump is also an extreme fan of it and proclaims that it’s “totally YouTubeable!!” Even within many small villages and towns, the horned goat Baphomet is idolized and people sing daily songs of praise to him, such as:

The Lonely Baphomet Goat Herd

High on a hill was a lonely goat herd
  Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo
  Loud was the voice of the lonely goat herd
  Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo
Folks in a town that was quite remote heard
  Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo
Lusty and clear with Baphomet fear
  Lay ee odl lay ee ogl-oo

(V.T. Staff and all 9/11 Truthers together):
  o ho lay dee odl lee o, o ho lay dee odl ay
  o ho lay dee odl lee o, lay dee odl lee o lay



In the end, Kevin Barrett finally realises that the entire world has gone totally mad – worshipping evil horned goat Baphomet gods, and are in fact all zombiefied too! His cherished “9/11 truth movement” is obviously dominated by fake Jewish Khazar /Zionist /NeoCons seeking world domination. If only he had realised it before, he could have saved himself much needless trouble, and wasted energy climbing steep hills. Kevin can’t believe that Gordon Duff – his admired V.T. manager is also an open Zionist, and he screams at him: “Fake Jewish-Khazar-Zionists are everywhere around here!! What next – Zionists fallin’ from the sky?!” At which point, Jim Fetzer accidently falls from the ceiling as he attempts to spy on them from above. Kevin then yells at him: “Oh my goodness! Not YOU TOO!! How could you! How could you keep your evil ways secret from me? From Me!!” icon_exclaim icon_cry


Sadly, Kevin must now make the final decision to leave his V.T. colleagues for good, to once again head for the hills. As everyone in the V.T. office is totally zionified and zombified, he sings his farewell song to them:


So Long, Farewell

(All V.T. Staff):
There’s a sad sort of clanging
From the clock in the hall
  And the bells on the sheeple, too
And up in the newsroom
An absurd little nerd
Is popping out to say “You-too?!”
(“You too!”, “You Too!”)

You-too!/ Regretfully he tells us
You-too!/ But firmly he compels us
  To say good bye

  To you (V.T. staff and 9/11 truthers)
So long, farewell
All Zionists, goodnight
I hope to go and leave this evil sight
So long, farewell
A Khazar pseudo Jew
Fake Jew, Fake Jew
Is you and you and you!
(You-too, You-too)

(V.T. staff and 9/11 Truthers)
So long, farewell
  Au revoir, Auf Weidersehen, Shalom!

I’m glad to go
I cannot tell a lie
I flit, I float
  I fleetly flee, I fly

Kevin Barrett then runs to the hills in the distance, singing his final song to the audience:

Climb Every Mountain

Climb every mountain,
Search high and low,
Follow every byway,
Every path you know.
Climb every mountain,
Through every stream,
Follow every rainbow,
‘Till you find your dream….



[Theatre curtain falls]

[All actors and musicians take a bow]

peace The End! peace



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