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The ‘Men Who Stare At Goats’ – in the CIA’s psychic warfare department, have published a top secret/ highly classified report concerning the private thoughts of certain members of the 9/11 Truth Movement.  Sections of this report have leaked to the public, as follows:



CIA Top Secret Report:  Psychic Warfare

Results of Psychic Monkey’s Mind Reading Experiment:




A team of trained monkeys (trained by the ‘Men Who Stare At Goats’ – in the CIA’s psychic warfare division) have used some telepathic skills to try to understand why famous so-called ‘truthers’ have allowed internal division and strife to destroy the 9/11 Truth Movement.  Here are some of the innermost hidden thoughts gathered by such trained monkeys – who were able to tap into their brains telepathically:


Stephen Phillips:  [Thinking] “I’m a musician, and an Aussie – so how on earth can I alone change the world and discover 9/11 truth.  There is only so much me ‘n’ me fiddle can take!  What if a sting ray comes and gets me for speaking the truth? I don’t want to end up like our national hero – the crocodile hunter!  Better just hit ‘n’ run.”  icon_wink


Sheikh Hamza Yusuf:  “I’m Hamza! Muslim lion of the desert!  I like the song of the lion in the film “The Wizard of Oz”.  I do have courage, I do, I do, I do…If only I could just stop kissing George W. Bush’s butt!  Oh the shame, oh the humiliation!  Muslims will never let me live that one down, even if I try to redeem myself by speaking some 9/11 truth – Surely if Donald Trump can attempt it, then so can I?  I might even win favour with the Pope and so become a world leader of all religions…  What a world, what a world, who would have thought that a good little sheikh like me could destroy my own beautiful beautifulness.  I do so love how I’m so ridiculously beautiful and a Johnny Depp lookalike.  Perhaps my outer beauty will help disguise my lack of courage in the eyes of my Muslim followers.  If not, I’ll just bore them to death in lectures like Abdal Hakim Murad does.” icon_sad


Dr. Jim Fetzer: “I so wish I could retire now.  There is no point in living anymore.  There’s no life, without V.T.  Without Duff!!  Without my old mate Kevin Barrett.  I regret falling out with them.  Now I’m like a fish out of water.  If only I could let Kevin know that I don’t really endorse sodomy.  I know that the Biblical story of Lot is true and that it is scientifically proven to be so – due to the evidence of an asteroid impact at the time.  I was just angry because he called me a “bombastic asshole” and it’s all over YouTube now.  I’m so ashamed of being angry at him.  He was my soul mate.  I shouldn’t let his love of Jade Helm military dictatorship and Duff disinformation get in the way of our life-long friendship.  Should I make the first move at reconciliation or should he?  Lets do it for our country, our country wants us to…for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and for all times sake.  Oh Kevin, my mate, where for art thou Kevin.  I miss you!!!” icon_cry


Simon Shack: “I’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy it hurts.  I’m a musician.  You know what I mean and I do my little Tavistock David Bowie impressions…Cha-cha-changes… I’m too sexy to debate 9/11 Truth on live T.V.  Too bad I’m just a Tavistock sock-puppet.  There’s been a change in my brain.  Not a change for the better…Cha, cha, cha changes…” icon_cool


Dennis Cimino: “What’s the point of debating 9/11 Truth?  The world is like going to end like YESTERDAY with FUK-U-Shima nuke radiation everywhere!!  I can’t take it any more!!!  How dare Simon Shack say nukes don’t exist! Just ‘cause he don’t really exist that don’t mean stuff like nukes and satellites don’t really exist. The nerve!  Does no-one ever notice these things!  I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!!” icon_confused


Dr Kevin Barrett: “If I interview as many people as possible, maybe someone will eventually love me for who I truly am inside.  I don’t care if Jim isn’t my friend anymore.  Who needs a bombastic asshole for a friend anyway?!  At least I have Gordon Duff.  Who cares if Duff is a khazar Zionist Jew atheist, who only pretends to like Muslims.  At least he is honest about being a disinformation shill/troll and a George Soros lover.  Better an honest Zionist, than a life-long friend who endorses sodomy! False in sodomy, false in all!  I bet ya didn’t know about that legal term Jim, did ya, well did ya! Punk!  I better not reply to Steve’s emails in case Duff doesn’t approve.  He’s all I’ve got in the world right now.  I can’t afford to lose his friendship too.  I know he really, really loves me in a brotherly way.  I wish I could hold his hand and walk through the streets of Marrakesh with him – like I used to do with my uncle.  I bet that would make Jim Fetzer jealous!  We could even send him some selfie pic’s of us walking hand in hand together on the beach.  I bet that would well and truly piss him off for good. Hee hee.”  icon_lol


Gordon Duff:  “Why are humans like my pet guinea pigs?  I wonder if I let them taste freedom (by letting them out of their cages) what would happen?  Will they try to revolt and control me.  I’m scared of them.  There is only one thing that truly frightens me.  Those midget guinea pigs escaping from their cage and growing really big and throwing me into a hot oven – like how Hansel and Gretel got rid of the Wicked Witch who tried to fatten them up.  I’m going to put up more YouTube videos of my fat guinea pigs.  People will then think that I’m a real humanitarian when they see how well I feed them in their cages.  I could feed U.S. veterans in much the same way and turn them into Henry Kissinger’s ideal “dumb stupid animals”.  Humans are animals.  In fact they are worse than that.  They are creepy little fat guinea pigs!!”  icon_surprised


Ace Baker: “Jim Fetzer is the only one who truly loves me.  He was so concerned about me when he thought I was going to shoot myself.  How many people would care so deeply about me, not that many I tell you.  I wish Jim could work with me more.  I only pretended to shoot myself on his radio show to gain his attention.  But he only has eyes for Kevin Barrett. Woe’s me, woe’s me…” icon_rolleyes


Dr. Richard Gage: “Na-nu, Na-nu!   Earthlings!  Mork calling Mindy.  Na-nu, Na-nu!   Nanothermite… Nanothermite..  I love me some nanothermite.  Nothing else in the world matters but my pet nanothermite theory.  I’m going to feed my nanothermite theory to the masses like Gordon feeds his fat guinea pigs; until the cows come home, until chickens come home to roost, until the fat lady sings, until…” icon_wink


Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad: [Lecturer at Cambridge Muslim College]  “ If I speak in a really, really monotonous tone of voice and lecture people to death, and then say that I’m not a scholar, perhaps  Muslims wont ask me any more complicated questions about 9/11 truth.  If I lose my job at Cambridge Muslim College, at least the BBC will employ me if I write more articles that label 9/11 truthers as nutty moon-landing sceptic “conspiracy theorists”.  If anyone ever asks, I shall pretend that I didn’t know the term “conspiracy theorist” was created by the CIA for naughty reasons.  I’m a good lad – much better looking than Hamza Yusuf.  With my Sean Penn movie star lookalike features, I could easily get a job in Hollywood as Sean’s double if and when SHTF.” icon_wink


John Robert Friend:  “Nobody wants to be my friend.  Not even Winnie the Pooh!  What’s the friggin’ point of having a name that means “friend”, if no-one wants to be your friggin’ friend!!  I shall not reply to Steve De’ak’s e-mails, ‘cause he might only think that I’m desperate for a friend.  I’m not sure Steve would make good friend material anyway.  What if he drops me like a hot potato – in much the same way he did to his so-called friend Pablo Novi?  I would never recover from the trauma if he ever did that to me.  Best to be on the safe side and contact NOBODY.  Unless, that is, they truly prove their loyalty to me – friends forever!!!” icon_rolleyes


Christopher Bollyn:  “If I marry enough Israelis, I might gain more inside info’ to prove that Israel did 9/11.  I’m the only truther with balls big enough to honestly say so, and also do a whole multi-media presentation on it and put it on You Tube.  In hindsight, I really should have given some credit to all those Israeli wives of mine, but who cares!  I’m the best. The world’s greatest – like Mohammed Ali, I float like a butterfly but sting like a bee. Put ‘em up Duff, put ‘em up!! I’ll fight ya with one hand, I’ll fight ya with me eyes closed…” icon_mad


Dr. Judy Wood:  “I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too!  Mama knows best.  Directed Energy Weapons [DEW’s] are to blame for 9/11  for sure – if only I could get my hands on those ruby slippers, the world would believe me.  But until then, it’s hocus-pocus time!!” icon_twisted


Fred .K. Smart:  “I’m so smart!  Too bad no-one knows it yet.  I can count. 2 and 2 doesn’t equal 5. I love numbers. One day I will prove to the world that God is Number 1. Until then, I shall daydream some more and try to interview people noone knows anything about.” icon_redface  bar18

Steve De’ak : Unfortunately, our team of psychic monkeys were unable to publish Steve’s private thoughts – because they said that his brain contained too much highly classified information, ‘X’ rated material! With lots of swear words too!  But he keeps rambling in his sleep about zombies in the 9/11 Truth Movement and the need for ‘9/11 Crash Test’ project funding.icon_idea   icon_exclaimicon_question


Internet monkey




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