A letter from Mama

Dear Allen,
You say:  “The long sought for Unified Field is a psychic energy field of love and soul consciousness”.  Happy Days!!!  I have managed to find this “psychic energy field” you speak of – by way of Psychic Monkey!  Psychic Monkey cares for you – much more than Kevin Barrett does – Kevin wants you to continue to believe in the false light of Lucifer (otherwise why would he continue to endorse your false theory of ‘love’?), whereas your true friend aka Psychic Monkey, aka Monkey Magic only wants the best for you – just like how your real mother always wished the best for you. 
The image of your mum that once said to you “I know, I know” wasn’t your real mum, but a demon pretending to be your mother.  The real message of your mum is now being delivered to you via Psychic Monkey – as in letter below.  Please feel free to ask any questions about this.  Further information about your ‘love’ theory can be read here: 
Internet monkeyA letter from Mama
Dear Allen Roland,
This is the spirit of your mama speaking. I’ve just read your recent article on Veterans Today, and I thought I’d write to you – to clarify your major misunderstanding of my words. You write:
“My own mother appeared to me the night she suddenly and unexpectedly died in 1987 ~ some 3000 miles away. Not only did she tell me how deeply she loved me but she also said that she knew of this Unified Field of love and soul consciousness that I know and live  ~ Allen, I Know, Allen, I Know ..”       http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/04/20/jesus-the-lonely-rebel/
Allen, when I said to you in a dream, “I know, I know”. I obviously didn’t mean that I know about the ‘Unified Field’ theory.   What on earth ever made you think that! What I meant to convey to you, was that I know that you are a complete idiot.   I was just trying to be as gentle and sensitive as possible, so as not to hurt your feelings, but you have always been such a head-strong naughty child.   You always don’t listen to people, but always avoid what they have to say or misconstrue it to your liking.   Like when my favourite news site “Jahilliya Times” contacts Jim Dean (Veterans Today Senor Editor) by e-mail, you try to bulldozer your way between their conversations and brainwash Jim Dean not to listen to wise opinion.   You know you really should try to develop better listening skills and encourage others to do so too – not engage in censorship and cognitive dissonance!
Allen, as a mother, I have only your best interests at heart. What kind of mother would I be if I let you do whatever you like and never reprimanded your naughty ways? Now I will be conveying some truth to you – which I know you will detest, but it is the best medicine for you right now. As I hope you will eventually see reason and, for once in your life, listen to what I have to say.   Your ‘Unified Field’ theory is not entirely accurate.   Yes, your concept of ‘love’ is important so don’t get me wrong. But we all have our own interpretation of what love is, and as you’re my child I do love you in the best way that I can.   But the universe isn’t just governed by this totally unconditional ‘love’ of yours. Our Universe is an impartial one – it does not favour you or I for our own subjective interpretation of what ‘love’ may or may not be.   It rules by the ultimate justice as decreed by our Almighty Creator.     God’s mercy is greater than His wrath, but punishment is also very, very real too – just as real as when I first spanked you when you were a child for being very, very naughty.   This is because sometimes punishment is the only way people ever end up learning – especially when they are on a downward spiral to self-destruction and continually refuse to listen to good advice.  
Take the evil Egyptian pharaoh, for example; he continually refused to listen to the Prophet Moses. That evil, stupid pharaoh was a stubborn little git I tell you. Always thinking himself in the right. Thinking he was a God. Thinking he was merging into a God and becoming a divine being.   Moses kept telling him, “No you’re not God!” Then Pharaoh would reply, “Yes I am!” This argument went on and on, forever and ever, and was getting really, really boring. Until, finally, the Pharaoh decided to go “full retard” and he drowned himself at sea. But as he was drowning, he had a sudden change of heart and openly declared, “Ok, so I’m not God after all. God is God not me”.   But unfortunately it was too late for him because he was already drowning at sea, and no-one could stop his self-destruction because he had written his own destiny to be so.    
Allen, if it is true that you are taking an interest in Islam, then I strongly encourage you to read the story of prophet Moses as written in the Holy Qur’an. Perhaps you could then warn your military friends about the dangers of going “full retard” and believing yourself to be a God.   The danger in your ‘Unified Field’ theory is that people may begin to mistakenly think that they ARE the universe, that they too are Gods – Like Alan Watts says: “You yourself are the eternal energy which appears as this Universe” – Associating others with the one true God is the greatest sin in Islam, and a sin which is the hardest to forgive because it is born from arrogance.
Allen, as your mother, I would like to forgive you, and I hope that you too will forgive me for any wrong I may have done to you. You see, I always wanted you to be a perfect God-fearing individual, and at times I failed to hide my disappointment when you did not meet my expectations.   I hated the way you had eye-brows just like George W. Bush. It has always been my contention that men with eye-brows like George W. Bush have a genetic propensity for doing evil.   I also hated the way you grew up to look like Worzel Gommidge, and how you even started to behave like a scarecrow by sucking up to the military-industrial-complex. I’m sorry that they brainwashed you into thinking that you were a hero – by getting you to fly in their mass murdering fighter jets as a Navy Pilot.   Why couldn’t you be a simple carpenter (like Jesus allegedly was) or a wholesome earth-loving farmer instead? Some-one engaged in a life-giving profession – not one that revels in death and destruction! Should you have done that, then you would have been the apple of my eye.
It saddens me that you are now living with a deep-seated regret at having chosen such an evil military profession.   Had you listened to my words as a teenager, you would be in a better position right now.   I know that you are trying to overcome your cognitive dissonance but your ‘Unified Field’ theory is not the solution.   It is a fairy-tale escapist theory – born from your need to feel loved again, after you have now realised the error of your evil military career ways. You now feel great fear at being punished for your crimes, and so you dream up a Universe which is entirely one of ‘love’.   Well I hate to burst your bubble son, but hell is very, very real too.     So don’t brainwash any more of your military peers into thinking that it’s ok to continue to do what they do (like supporting a fake ‘war on terror’), because karma is a bitch and she don’t care about your newly discovered idea of ‘love’.   It’s best that you leave the evil military life completely.   I hope that you’ll be able to ‘live off the grid’ and learn to be truly human – not the idea of ‘truly human’ as proposed by luciferians, but truly, truly human. You know what I mean. The sort of human that only a mother would love and adore, because I’m sure you know, deep down inside, that mother knows best.  
Farewell now my child. Perhaps we’ll meet in the hereafter; but I can’t tell you now for sure. That all depends on whether or not you continue to love the Jesuit, Marxist, luciferian, eugenicist, UN-loving freak named Teilhard de Chardin more than me – because you always quote him in your articles and it’s really beginning to piss me off! That guy is anything but the symbol of love.   What more nonsense are you going to write in the name love?   You’re cruising for a bruising!
I should leave you now. Farewell Allen, farewell. Remember to be good, be good….
Your Mama

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