Dennis Cimino’s true feelings

This is a telepathic message from Dennis Cimino – to express his true feelings about Gordon Duff and Jim Fetzer et al, it was delivered via Psychic Monkey recently, as follows:


Gordon and Jim,


You were both my comrades at V.T.   I trusted you both like I trusted my very own mother.  Then you both turned like spineless turncoats and failed me Big Time!  I was then left with no one to turn to in my grief and misery at your behaviour.  When I wrote a goodbye letter to you Gordon, I honestly didn’t mean my goodbyes, ‘cause I actually resented you from the bottom of my soul.  You were the architect and engineer of the greatest presstitute spook house ever known to exist, and your open public love of George Soros was no secret.  Why did I ever allow your YouTube video – of you ‘caring’ for pet guinea pigs, ever cloud my judgement of who you really were deep down inside?  I should’ve read the writing on the wall and the writing plastered all over the internet – which warned every sane person on the planet to avoid you like the plague. Yes YOU Duff/Bob Foote, or whoever you really are.  It has just dawned on me that I’ve never really, really, truly known you.  For all I know you could be a shape-shifting reptile or something.  But I guess I was rather star-struck by your fame with the increased popularity of your Soros sponsored co-intel-pro spook house aka V.T.


They say a person is the average of the 5 people they hang around with the most.  So if I’ve hung around with you Gordon, and Jim Fetzer, Kevin Barrett, Ian G. and one other V.T. spook, then what does that make me?  I guess the average of a handful of presstitute brainless spooks is a delusional moron, but I was never good at maths.   But I just want you guys to know that although my true feelings about you are now well known – because this J.T. entity has decided to e-mail you guys my true thoughts about you, which I’m really pissed off about  -‘cause I wanted you guys to still believe that I still loved you guys, even though secretly it was the total opposite.  I am a product of the military-industrial complex, and one can never bite the hand that feeds it.  I may wish to bite ‘n’ chew every last inch of you, and spit you out, but rest assured, at least your hands won’t be bitten if they still feed me well.  I could never do such a thing to comrades who provided me with a steady pay cheque via V.T. presstitution for many, many long and wonderful years. 


One day, when we meet again in another life-time perhaps, I may finally have the guts to tell you in person what I secretly feel about you both, but until then you may continue to learn about my true feelings only via strange anonymous entities on the internet – who I tell all my deepest darkest secrets to – even though I strongly suspect that they may be secret Israeli agents by the name of Kathy Mayes who I absolutely hate – but who cares anyway what I really truly think about ya all, ‘cause you guys have always ignored me and have never really, really loved me like a real truther should be loved.  I may support your nuke theory but only because I don’t want to be a lone wolf in this crazy illuminati game, but rest assured; I really, really, really hate you guys ‘cause you never really understood who I really was deep down inside.  Perhaps Christopher Bollyn may love me more.  Perhaps Steve De’ak may love me even better, but I’d never let him anyway! ‘cause I’m really jealous of his e-mail exchanges with this J.T. entity – when I was the one who had first invented pouring out ones heart and deepest darkest secrets to a strange entity, to begin with.  Steve is just trying to steal my thunder – more so than Paul Salo is trying to steal his.  I hope Paul Salo uses Steve De’ak as a Wicker Man sacrificial lamb in his 9/11 Crash Test.  Steve De’ak thinks he’s so pure, but I think he smells of poo and would make a lousy job of being even a frickin’ pagan’s Wicker Man.   He’d just go puff like a frickin’ wet squid, and burn out faster than Ian Greenhalgh burns out his hatred for George Soros for a V.T. few pennies more. 


In short, I’d just like you to all know that I secretly hate all your guts – every single last one of you.  But of course I won’t tell it to your face because spooks are by their very nature spineless twats – as otherwise we wouldn’t be spooks then would we – duh! 


Goodbye paper-bitches – it was great whilst it lasted, and believe me, it only lasted no more than a tiny fraction of a second – at most!





The following is a statement by Dennis Cimino as he admits to having worked in the biggest presstitute spook-house to ever to have existed – aka – “Veterans Today” – these are Dennis’s words:


“…well we have a lot of intelligence operators professing to be valid alternative media outlets, and though I had no dog in the fight to harass Duff, I had over time, over and over again, espoused my ‘unease’ with him hanging my work out on the V.T. shingle, because in a way, some of the more legitimate people out there read my stuff and said; “look at this…but gawd look at where the f*ck it’s published at!!” meaning, rough translation; “yeah, this is good stuff BUT it’s being aired out at a known spook house!!”

well, yeah.  my point exactly.  it took a long time to get some of my colleagues to see Foote as a Foote in Mouth disease when he so adroitly stated that the ‘nuns’ from Greenwich Village had been the hit team tracked by Russian spy sats to their lair in Greenwich Village after the murdering of children at Sandy Hooker, a Barry Soetoro production and Capstone event.

needless to say, that was a honey trap for Jim F. who then wrote it into a supposition that mossad hit team actually killed people at this hoax in Connecticut, which was on it’s face a very very unsubstantiable event for damned sure.

later Foote used this ‘sloppy reporting’ to legitimize the ouster of Jim Fetzer, when in fact it was a setup from the word ‘go’ for sure.

then in recent dialogues, Foote then portends to be the arbiter of good knowledge and espouses a debate between our good friend; “REINFORCED AIRPLANES” himself, David Griscone as I call him, and Jim Fetzer.  Hell, I think he should have inducted someone like, oh, that gas bag mouthpiece who used to be on The View, Hoda Kotb, as the referee in the event.  Maybe James Janus aka as Jesse Ventura as the emcee of the event! 🙂

a pay per porn event for shoah!!! 🙂 

if the crap didn’t already sound ridiculous the only thing missing was someone from the S.N.L. crew involved in this happy horse shit at V.T. :)”


Sunday, 28 August, 2016



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