Hill Sermon


Steve De’ak’s “Sermon on the Hill”
(to 9/11 Truthers & Zombies!)




Fellow Truthers and Zombies! 

Our ‘truth movement’ has been torn apart by internal strife.  We must put an end to the endless backstabbing, cursing, and pure hatred that we have allowed to fester and to destroy our number one goal – that is, to bring to light the truth of what really happened on 9/11 – The day that birthed endless wars in the Middle East and that has cost millions upon millions of innocent lives.   Let us be clear.  What is at stake here is not just one Great Satan, Donald Trump extremist white supremacist country -dominated by mindless zombies who think that the world owes them everything.  What is at stake is the future of humanity itself!  One day those CIA trained psychic monkeys (who are able to read our minds) will gain enough power to publish our innermost thoughts on YouTube, and who knows they may even Auto-Tune us! We cannot, I repeat CANNOT let primitive primates get the better of us, whilst laughing their asses off at us.  Are we not human?  Are we not thinking, moral and God conscious human beings with a strong will to live and to do what’s right?  We are not animals!  We are not apes, or monkeys or Gordon Duff’s creepy little furry fat guinea pigs!  We are human!! NOT ZOMBIES!!!                     


Right now, top U.S. Military Generals are working covertly to bring the real 9/11 criminals to justice, so hopefully at least Obama and Bush will be sent to prison:



But it is our job now (as theologians, musicians, ex U.S. veterans, brave men and women everywhere, including zombies) to battle for the hearts and minds of humans everywhere – no matter where they live in the world, regardless of religion, nationality, social class, or sexual orientation.  We must stand up for our right to be human.  It’s time to draw the line: Men or mice (or furry little fat guinea pigs) – now what will it be?  We must follow God’s law, not the law of the jungle. Not the ruthless N.W.O. law of the mindless, demon possessed zombie – former U.S. president George Bush. All that is needed for evil to progress is for good people to do nothing.


When we are successful (at being human), and we will be, we will have a real chance at preventing CIA trained psychic monkeys from being able to read our innermost private thoughts.  Our humanity will shine through like a thousand points of light.  My approach (to defeating all the evil in the world) is to utilise our knowledge of science to bring light into the world.  Science has always been neutral and a benefit to the entire human race.  Scientists have always sought to be objective and not let their personal prejudices, or perverted sexual indulgencies get in the way of truth (let’s forget about Sigmund Freud for a moment – we all know what was on his sexually perverted mind, which, unfortunately, inspired our Tavistock sock puppets*). We must reach out to our mainstream scientists and debate once and for all the truth of what really happened on 9/11.  Some of you may think that a 9/11 Crash Test project is a waste of money – because even a brain dead Zombie should realise that planes cannot cut through concrete reinforced steel, but there are still some NASA scientists (like David Griscom) who say that it is indeed possible due to shockwaves.  Only by replicating what really happened on 9/11 (in small-scale scientific experiments) will we be able to educate the masses about what is scientifically possible and what is not.  Let us not let the real evil criminal perpetrators of 9/11 get away with mass murder.  Let us not let them destroy our humanity, or our collective Truther consciousness.  Science shows no mercy to them and neither do I! If any of you out there are in favour of such a 9/11 Crash Test experiment, then now is the time to let your voices be heard.   If I don’t get a great response from you, then I will be forced to put my Crash Test project proposal to those mainstream scientists who did a plane crash test for Channel 4:



I shall reach out to such mainstream T.V. international scientists (because evidently reaching out to you guys is like flogging a dead horse). Psychic monkeys have obviously turned your brains to mush.  Come on guys, let’s do this thing!!  Let’s do it for humanity!!! We are Truthers and Truthers forever we’ll be. So let’s make this day a day that will go down in history; as the day that we zombies got off our big fat butts and actually did something right for a change. Today is our Independence Day!!   

    Science shows no mercy to war criminals and neither do I!

science better place


Please don’t walk away just yet Zombies!!! I’m not done with my speech just yet! I will now address the more intelligent Zombies amongst you, so listen carefully: 


elephant 911Can we all just talk about the elephant in the room? Controlled opposition? You know, the best way to control the opposition is to lead it, and all that. The reason I bring this up is that I can’t help but notice that this group contains most of the leaders in what is known as the 9/11 Truth Movement. Call me naïve but I can’t help but wonder why after 15 years there is still so much discord – it’s almost as if you don’t want to come to a consensus, that 15 years is too long to try to keep the genie in the bottle, but not long enough for the non-leaders of the truth movement to lose interest in conducting their own, independent investigations or their own demonstrations.  


Now I’ve told Stephen this before, that the only person I can be sure of is ME – I KNOW I’m not on the payroll, and I know that my research has led me to completely different conclusions than you folks have reached – even though we all have access to the same information.   I may not be on someone’s payroll but that doesn’t mean I can’t be duped, so many years ago I discarded everything I thought I knew, learned mostly from the leaders of the movement, and started again from scratch. Most of what I discovered since then had already been discovered by others just like me, but some of it was new. Often new evidence would force me to head back to the drawing board and I have had to correct the record and make public apologies for my mistakes several times, something I don’t often see many of you folks do – only Jim, actually.   As I formed and discarded my hypotheses I eventually was able to reach one that fits all the available evidence. At about the same time I stumbled on an idea that could help rocket 9/11 Truth into the mainstream in the form of the 9/11 Crash Test project.   I knew that if the leaders of the movement were indeed controlled opposition, then they would reject the 9/11 Crash Test project so I wasn’t surprised by most of the responses, being rejected by the AE911T folks and Judy Wood with vehemence. However it was Jim Fetzer who embraced the project immediately, along with Morgan Reynolds, which put me in an awkward position because he was and remains so enamored with Judy Wood’s DEWs. Later Ace Baker and Rosalee Grabel endorsed the project too, but at the beginning most of the responses were negative. Since then Jim has been incensed about my stance on Israel and nuclear weapons and has turned to silence, but if the 9/11 Crash test is a good barometer for who’s a true-truther and who is leading the opposition off a cliff, I would say Jim and Morgan are okay by me, Jim’s silence notwithstanding. I assume Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson have pressured Morgan into ignoring me too, but you can’t blame them. They were put between a rock and a hard place with the 9/11 Crash Test. It is a demonstration that the mainstream media would find impossible to ignore and it would prove for once and for all whether a plane’s wing could slice through the steel of the WTC. Either way the wing slices it would be a boon for truth – if the wing doesn’t get shredded, all the no-planers could go home and Richard Gage would be a rock star to a UNITED truth movement but if the wing gets shredded, all the Troops can come home – a win-win for all, because no one wants to send their sons and daughters to fight a war on false pretenses, right? AE911T could fund the whole project with just one year of their annual budget of a half-million dollars so you’d think that if they honestly believe their rhetoric that a plane was responsible they would have joined forces with the Pilots for 9/11 Truth, and all the other 9/11 Truth plane-hugging groups to shut the no-planers up for good.


But they didn’t do that. In the four years since launching the project I have continued with my research, forcing more and more evidence in front of the faces of an ever more silent truth movement. What I get out of all this is that because I am not ‘controlled opposition’ there was no way for the puppet-masters to have planned for a 9/11 Crash Test project, which by the way has been endorsed by the rank and file everywhere I go, whether plane-hugging truther, or brainwashed true-believer, or militant no-planer – everyone without a dog in the fight wants to see this test.

So why are you people still standing like Zombies so quiet?!! wtff

Steve De’ak peace 






Tavistock puppets are influenced by Sigmund Freud:

According to a former British Intelligence agent John Coleman, Tavistock became known as the focal point in Britain for psychoanalysis and the psychodynamic theories of Sigmund Freud and his followers. Its clients are chiefly public sector organizations, including the European Union, several British government departments, and some private clients. Its network now extends from the University of Sussex to the US through the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), Esalen Institute, MIT, Hudson Institute, Brookings Institution, Aspen Institute, Heritage Foundation, the Center of Strategic and International Studies at Georgetown, US Air Force Intelligence, and the RAND Corporation. [Source; http://www.terrorism-illuminati.com/blog/sufi-conspiracy]


Oh what a tangled web we weave; when we practice to deceive!

tangled webs to decieve 





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