Epic Truther Rap Battle: Dr. David Griscom vs. Professor Jim Al-Khalili

Epic Truther Rap Battle: Dr. David Griscom vs. Professor Jim Al-Khalili   Rap D.J.: “O.K. everyone, this Epic Truther Rap Battle Competition is now getting serious. We’ve just had Steve De’ak verses Channel 4. Very nice, very nice. Pretty good, pretty good. Hip hop 101. Hey David Griscom! It’s your turn. Do ya thing! Yo, […]

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The US Military’s Anti-Illegal War Theme Song

 The US Military’s Anti-Illegal War Theme Song: ********************** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MN1vXO5JeI   Ever since General Wesley Clark openly confessed on YouTube that NeoCons planned to illegally “invade 7 Muslim countries in 5 years” [U.S. War Crimes], veterans in the U.S. Army have become obsessed with the following song (the lyrics below are a revised version of the […]

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