Musical Dance Battle Video Competition!!

**************** Truther Musical Dance Battle Video Competition Many Big Prizes to be won!!!! *************** Submit your YouTube video web link entries to e-mail: And/or within the comment section below. ************ It’s high time that you put your musical talent to the test! Music Dance Battle? Let’s do this!   Advertisements

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The Anti-Christ Spirit of “Veterans Today”

Dear Gordon Duff,   With reference to the following statement:   “…This was called the Middle East Intelligence Project. One of his editors contacted us and said ‘Gordon, I’m a good Muslim, but this guy is asking us to lie’; Duff replied ‘how much are they paying you?’ Farouq answered ‘30,000 dollars’ to which Duff […]

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The One-Eyed Beast

  The one-eyed beast is not my Lord He just makes me really bored Sitting on top of the N.W.O Pyramid Who the hell is he trying to kid?   With one eye, he can’t see nothin’ Like Lady Gaga, he’s  just “bluffin with his muffin” Engrossed in evil and sin, A one-eyed monster is […]

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T Mark Hightower - Truth Seeking Pluralist

Christian Universalism, Flat Earth Debunking, Spherical Earth Affirming

The Truth Hurts

Truther Musical

A '9/11 Truther' Musical Production


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