Jim Fetzer versus Judy Wood (aka “Wonder Woman”)

Dr. Jim Fetzer versus Dr. Judy Wood (aka “Wonder Woman”) Ever since Ann Diener published her recent psychic news report on “Veterans Today” – about the Alien Agenda to turn Earthly men gay and against their female counterparts, many in the so-called “9/11 Truth Movement” have been seeking to get to the bottom of this […]

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A statement from Albert Pike from beyond the grave!

A STATEMENT FROM ALBET PIKE FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE:   “Forces of darkness! I call upon you as Vlad The Impaler once called upon Dracula, as Donald Trump calls upon Jared Kushner, as Satan calls upon his legion of demons. Today I have received some monstrous news indeed! It tells of the possible merging of […]

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MOAB – Murder Of All Beings!

Women of the world totally reject the association of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) with motherhood. Mothers bring life and nurture it into fruition into this world, whereas it is male pussy grabbing chauvinistic pigs like Donald Trump that rain terror on nations with their cowardly weapons of mass destruction.  The so-called “Mother Of All Bombs” (MOAB), should […]

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Typo-Trump: Make America Spell Again

  https://uk.news.yahoo.com/obvious-typo-donald-trumps-official-093919466.html   Trump’s “war on typos” is the new “war on terror” :    “All I ask is for one frickin’ poster with frickin’ correct spelling in it! Throw me a frickin’ bone here! I’m the boss. Stop with the frickin’ typos already! You typo tranny twat pussies! – Before I throw you all in a river […]

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Media Propaganda

  “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”― Malcolm X on the media   Director of the CIA, William Casey made two telling remarks he thought were confidential: “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the […]

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Crises actors never die!

Crises actors never die When they are needed… ****   Before It’s News article:   (N.Morgan) We have been being bombarded with False Flags, police brutality, shootings, racial tensions, and ongoing political corruption. With all  of this fakery, the Elite’s agenda has spawned mass civil unrest and strife among the people. To add to this […]

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Simon Shack’s “Super Truther” Song

Simon Shack is a Super Truther “Master of Disguise” – as he can speak and sing English in a heavy Italian accent and also sing in a pure, perfect English accent whenever he wants to. Amazing!!  He is such a good “Master of Disguise”, that many people are now beginning to wonder if he really is just an internet sockpuppet  (Tavistock Institute) influenced […]

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Kevin Barrett’s “28 Page Load”

Kevin Barrett sings a new version of the Eminem rap song “8 Mile”. Kevin’s song is entitled “28 Pile”, or “28 Page Load” – after a number of US lawmakers called on the White House to declassify documents that shed light on Saudi Arabia’s possible complicity in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Kevin realizes that […]

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Poem: “28 Pages”

“28 Pages”   28 Pages is all we need ‘Till now it’s like we’ve been smokin’ weed With Trump afraid of women who bleed The Don will finally take the lead He’ll open the “28 Pages” for truth to heed Then reveal: “It’s the Saudis – yes indeed!” Anti-Saudi propaganda is now the news’s feed […]

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The Real Life of Pi

The Real Life of Pi – A true story!     My name is Richard Parker.  I’m a U.S. Navy SEAL.  What I’m about to impart to you now is the true story of the life of Pi (forget about all that disinformation in the award-winning Oscar film: “Life of Pi” – because that story […]

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Don’t be a Shill!

Don’t be a Shill!   Hey! Quit being a shill! Stop swallowing the matrix blue pill Until you’ve had your fill ‘Cause I’m just gonna be here still For falsehood to kill And to tell you truth’s will    Why do you hate the truth? By being a propaganda sleuth Your news is but spoof […]

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Who Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex?

Who Owns and Controls the Military-Industrial Complex?   By Anonymous Patriots We are not only incensed that our elected officials are turning a blind eye to the transnational enemy within our country and around the world, we are disgusted with these warlords, both military and corporate, that send our sons and daughters to wars-for-profit to […]

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Donald Trump is a Super Zionist!

  Article: Bombshell revelation! Original draft of Trump’s speech to AIPAC http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/03/24/trump-aipac/   He didn’t come to pander … but then his advisors re-wrote his speech By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor As everyone knows, Donald Trump occasionally suffers from a tendency to blurt out unspeakable truths. That was what he was planning to do in […]

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The Real Iron Man

The Real Iron Man Hollywood’s so-called “Iron Man” is nothing but a womanizing, pervert, egotistical drunken maniac dressed in a nice iron suit, whereas the REAL “Iron Man” is empowered by the Word of Allah – especially when he reads Chapter “Iron” of the Holy Quran. If you happen to be a man who once worked for […]

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The Gaza “Wall of Shame”

“Wall of Shame”   We’re standing in the Wall of Shame ‘Cause Zionists have gone insane They’ve totally lost their brain Getting weapons from Barack Hussein A pseudo Muslim with a fake name He makes Hitler look really tame When will his tyranny ever wane? ‘cause we’re standing in the Wall of Shame Zionists will […]

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Kevin Barrett sings “I Am Confident”

  Kevin Barrett is confident that he can work with extreme, hardcore, warmongering Zionists at “Veterans Today”. He hopes to eventually convince them of the beauty of Islam so that they will eventually revert back to the true religion of Islam. He often sings the song “I have Confidence” – taken from the musical “The […]

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Titanium Truthers

“Titanium”  You shout it out  But I can’t hear a word you say  I’m talking loud not saying much  I’m criticized  But all your bullets ricochet  Shoot me down, but I get up  I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose  Fire away, fire away  Ricochet, you take your aim  Fire away, fire away  You shoot me down […]

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