A statement from Albert Pike from beyond the grave!

A STATEMENT FROM ALBET PIKE FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE:   “Forces of darkness! I call upon you as Vlad The Impaler once called upon Dracula, as Donald Trump calls upon Jared Kushner, as Satan calls upon his legion of demons. Today I have received some monstrous news indeed! It tells of the possible merging of […]

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Changed for good with WordPress

WordPress says:  Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com! You registered on WordPress.com one year ago. Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.   ***************     I SiaItt will indeed keep up the “good” bogging WordPress, if you promise to stop all the “bad” censorship.  How come only all the mindless brain-dead bloggers get their […]

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Can a ‘Kermit the Frog’ ever be trusted?

  An open letter to ‘The Last Great Stand.com’ contact@thelastgreatstand.com   Hi ‘Voice of Reason’,   Your recent YouTube video entitled: “Some people just can’t be trusted?” brings to mind the old saying: “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.   In order for people to know if YOU can be trusted, please […]

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Harrowing photos from inside Filipino jail!

Sia’s music videos are notorious for their creepy, dark atmosphere – like the one Maddie dances to for Sia’s song “The Greatest” – Sia’s official music video for this song seems to depict the horrible living conditions of inmates in jail – much like the current horrendous jail conditions of drug addicts in the Philippines (see news […]

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Truther “Independence Day” Speech

************* Truther “Independence Day” Speech   The President: Good morning. By their Brexit vote, the British people have paved the way for people everywhere to muster enough courage, to take that first bold step of standing up against global tyranny (aka The New World Order). And anything the British people can do, we “truthers” can do much, much […]

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Shirk in the First Degree!

An open letter to Dr. Kevin Barrett   Dear Kevin Barrett,   Your fellow Muslims are calling you out!  Come out, come out wherever you are?  Don’t play innocent hide ‘n’ seek games with us.  Stop hiding behind Gordon Duff’s skirt and be a man and explain your statement:   “Muslims are undoubtedly going to […]

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“Independence Day – Not Again!!” – Spoof Movie

Dear Allen Roland,   We are the producers of the famous American movie “Independence Day”. We would like to make a spoof sequel of the movie entitled “Independence Day – Not Again!!” We would like you to play the role of the drunken fighter ex-pilot hero who saves the day in the end – by […]

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The esoteric significance of Disney’s “Let It Go” song

Disney’s Frozen “Let It Go” Song – Sequence Performed by Idina Menzel – YouTube:   This article examines the esoteric significance of the Disney song “Let It Go” – from the Disney film animation “Frozen” (as in the above video). The Disney organisation is at the top New World Order control structure. Disney and Hollywood seek […]

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The ‘Unified Field’ Theory

The ‘Unified Field’ Theory **************  The Unified Field theory Is really rather dreary It’s making me very weary And makes me want to flee   When it’s the UN’s unity I know it won’t set me free If it’s run by the luciferian illuminati – Out on a human killing spree With their eugenics policy […]

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Luciferians are Lunatics!

  Luciferians are complete raving lunatics. They believe that our God is unjust, and that God’s creation “Lucifer” somehow managed to outsmart the Real God to save humanity from God’s injustice. They believe that with Lucifer’s help they will eventually be able to become Gods themselves. But any thinking, objective person can easily see the blatant flaws […]

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