Sia-Itt’s Halo

Sia-Itt is a cross between the famous Australian musician Sia and the creature Itt (from “The Addams Family” movie).  She is also a Muslim but not Sunni or Shia – just a very good person with a massive halo and a ridiculous amount of hair on, with a tenacious tendency to seek real truth 🙂 However, many in […]

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Can a ‘Kermit the Frog’ ever be trusted?

  An open letter to ‘The Last Great’   Hi ‘Voice of Reason’,   Your recent YouTube video entitled: “Some people just can’t be trusted?” brings to mind the old saying: “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.   In order for people to know if YOU can be trusted, please […]

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Donald Trump is a Maniac!

  President-elect Donald Trump is now behaving like an absolute maniac, and is totally selling-out to the hard-core, neo-con, CFR globalists – thus shocking his American supporters as he goes back on his word – on absolutely every election promise he has ever made:  Jail Hillary Clinton – rubbished! Support “We The People” – rubbished! Create more […]

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Americans – Please vote for Peace for a change!

The “Right Wing Conspirator” channel on YouTube is telling Americans to vote for Donald Trump because Hillary is promoting war with Russia: U.N security Council Accuses Obama of War Crimes; media silent   The “Right Wing Conspirator” says that it doesn’t matter if Trump is calling women “bitches” or “ho’s” and that people should just […]

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Rita Hayworth: Put The Blame On Mame

****** When Mrs. O’Leary’s cow Kicked the lantern in Chicago town They say that started the fire That burned Chicago down That’s the story that went around But here’s the real low-down Put the blame on Mame, boys Put the blame on Mame Mame kissed a buyer from out of town That kiss burned Chicago […]

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Media Propaganda

  “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”― Malcolm X on the media   Director of the CIA, William Casey made two telling remarks he thought were confidential: “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the […]

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Wicker Man

********************* “Wicker Man” He’s a real Wicker Man Sitting in his pagan land Making all his nowhere plans for nobody Doesn’t have a point of view Knows not where he’s going to Isn’t he a bit like a sacrificial lamb? Wicker Man, please listen  You don’t know what they’re wishin’ Wicker Man, the pagans just don’t understand Their as […]

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Free airline tickets for all American Muslims!

Jahilliya Times – News Flash: Free airline tickets for all American Muslims!     Dajjal Donkey Airways are currently giving away free airline tickets to all American Muslims!! All American Muslims who are fearful of Donald Trump becoming the next American president, will be entitled to the free one-way airline tickets out of America. Dajjal Donkey airline pilots will […]

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My Ruby Slippers!

My Ruby Slippers!   I’ll get you my pretty and your little dog too I’ll get you my pretty and every other Zionist Jew My jihad Muslims are flying to get you So now let’s see who it is that’s really true – Islamic green or the Zionist blue?   Those ruby slippers are mine […]

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The science and freakiness of black-hearted trolls in the 9/11 “Truth Movement”

The science and freakiness of black-hearted trolls in the 9/11 “Truth Movement”   “The essential element in the black art of obscurantism is not that it wants to darken individual understanding but that it wants to blacken our picture of the world, and darken our idea of existence.” Friedrich Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human   […]

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Donald Trump is controlled by aliens!!

Donald Trump is controlled by aliens!!   Can you spot the alien beside Trump in this CNN news footage picture?   Here’s the highlighted alien to help you see it more clearly:   “Alien Brain” A grey alien is controlling my brain That’s why I look totally insane My powers are starting to wane Quick! […]

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Muslim Beauty and the Zionist Beast

*************** Gordon Duff’s lament – a poem: “Muslim Beauty and the Zionist Beast”   I’d sooner be turned into a frog Than be anything like the Gog and Magog ‘cause I’m on my way to heaven With the help of my Jihadi Kevin We’ll expose the real perpetrators of 9/11 Including Larry Silverstein ‘pulling’ Building […]

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The Enemy Within

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through…all the alleys, heard in the very […]

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Donald Trump is a Super Zionist!

  Article: Bombshell revelation! Original draft of Trump’s speech to AIPAC   He didn’t come to pander … but then his advisors re-wrote his speech By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor As everyone knows, Donald Trump occasionally suffers from a tendency to blurt out unspeakable truths. That was what he was planning to do in […]

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The Star-crossed Dizzy Duffs of “Veterans Today”

The Star-crossed Dizzy Duffs of “Veterans Today”   Dear Dr. Barrett, Dr. Fetzer and Gordon Duff,   Here are the letters that have recently been exchanged between your selves – via the CIA’s psychic trained monkeys:   We all know that you each love being stuck in a love-feud triangle relationship […]

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The Gaza “Wall of Shame”

“Wall of Shame”   We’re standing in the Wall of Shame ‘Cause Zionists have gone insane They’ve totally lost their brain Getting weapons from Barack Hussein A pseudo Muslim with a fake name He makes Hitler look really tame When will his tyranny ever wane? ‘cause we’re standing in the Wall of Shame Zionists will […]

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Kevin Barrett sings “I Am Confident”

  Kevin Barrett is confident that he can work with extreme, hardcore, warmongering Zionists at “Veterans Today”. He hopes to eventually convince them of the beauty of Islam so that they will eventually revert back to the true religion of Islam. He often sings the song “I have Confidence” – taken from the musical “The […]

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Kevin Barrett sings “The Duff and I”

Dr. Kevin Barrett sings “The Duff and I” about Gordon Duff (aka The Wizard) of “Veterans Today”: “The Duff and I” MADAME MORRIBLE (spoken) Oh, Dr. Kevin Barrett: (sung) Many years I have waited For a gift like yours to appear Why, I predict Gordon Duff Could make you his Magic grand vizier! My dear, my […]

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Who is Gordon Duff?

  Dear Gordon Duff, For the purpose of developing this musical production:, please would you take part in this short interview/questionnaire?: You once said on radio that you liked George Soros, do you still think he’s a good man and how do you reconcile his Zionistic/anti-human beliefs with those of your close Muslim colleague Dr. […]

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Muslim verses N.W.O. Zombie thinking

N.W.O. Zombies – such as NeoCons and Zionists think like this:   “To achieve world peace for future generations (the so-called peace of  “A New World Order” – or as George H.W. Bush says “not the law of the jungle”) we must first create a climate conducive to peace – by first using such methods as: […]

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